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Zinus Fiberglass

Zinus Fiberglass: What’s The Deal?

Do Zinus mattresses contain fiberglass? The short answer is yes. Zinus mattresses contain fiberglass. When I asked them directly about it, they described it as “silicon fiber”, which is the same thing. If you’ve read any Amazon reviews of Zinus mattresses, you’ll find the one star reviews full of comments and images of it: Zinus Fiberglass is a real hot topic.

So just how much of a problem is it, and can you actually buy a Zinus mattress and enjoy it? Read on for all the answers about your Zinus Fiberglass concerns.

  • Why Do Beds Have Fiberglass?
  • Where Is The Fiberglass Inside The Mattress?
  • Is Fiberglass In A Mattress Safe?
  • How To Spot A Mattress That Has Fiberglass
  • What Mattresses Have No Fiberglass
  • Is It Alright To Buy Zinus?

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Why Do Beds Have Fiberglass?

All mattresses sold in the United States are required to contain a fire retardant under Federal Law. Fiberglass is used inside of mattresses as a cheap solution to providing a fire barrier without the use of harmful chemicals.

Chemical fire retardants were sometimes used in mattresses until it was discovered that some of them were harmful to human health, and are no longer used (look for Certi-PUR US or similar certifications for reassurance your mattress does not contain these chemicals).

Zinus Fiberglass - Photo Of Mattress Label

If your mattress ended up on fire, the idea of the fiberglass is that it melts in on itself without burning, forming a protective layer or “sock” around the mattress. Memory foam mattresses are made using chemical foaming processes, so without any fire barriers, they’d be infernos of flame within one second so a fire barrier is really important.

Where Is The Fiberglass Inside The Mattress?

The fire retardant layer of a mattress needs to surround the foam to protect it from being engulfed in a catastrophic wave of flame.

If you’re buying a mattress that has fiberglass in it, you’ll find it woven into an internal cover layer. This is exactly where you find it inside a Zinus mattress.

  • Zinus has its stretch knit cover, which is the surface you lie on, then a thinner, internal fabric layer that encases the mattress foams
  • There is no fiberglass in the outer stretch knit cover, so you you’re not sleeping directly on it
  • The fiberglass is woven into the thin layer encasing the foams

It’s absolutely critical you DO NOT remove ANY cover from a mattress that uses fiberglass in the internal cover, more on that further down the article.

Is Fiberglass In A Mattress Safe?

The answer here is yes and no. Let’s look at it from both perspectives.

YES: Fiberglass makes for a great fire retardant. It’s a budget friendly option that allows companies to produce cheap, fire safe mattresses without using toxic chemicals in their fire barriers.

NO: If the fiberglass gets out of the mattress, you’re going to end up with the fine strands of it all through your bed, your bedroom, your house. This can cause itching, irritation, and even small cuts. The fibers are so fine it will be nearly impossible to fully clean them up once they escape.

This means that if you do buy a mattress with fiberglass, you can be assured you’re getting a good fire barrier, but you’re going to have to be VERY CAREFUL to remember to never remove the cover.

Further to that, since fiberglass is usually found in the cheaper mattresses, you need to think about how durable the cover is. If the cover rips or breaks down, you will end up with fiberglass contamination despite your best efforts. Your best safeguard against this issue is to use a mattress protector on top of the mattress (which you will want to do anyway).

How To Spot A Mattress That Has Fiberglass

There are two basic ways to spot a mattress that has fiberglass inside it:

  1. It has a non-removable cover
  2. It is a budget priced mattress (I’d say around up to $600 for a King. When you start getting towards $1000 for your mattress, that’s when I would require them to use something else as their fire shield)

You’ll notice that many of the budget mattresses on Amazon have non removable covers. This, combined with their price point, is a dead giveaway that there is fiberglass inside as the fire barrier. If you see a mattress that has a removable cover, you can relax a little.

What Mattresses Have No Fiberglass?

There are many mattresses out there that don’t use fiberglass OR toxic chemicals in their fire barriers. They often come at a higher price point, but you can still get a great mattress without fiberglass for around $1000. These mattresses tend to use materials such as organic cotton or organic wool as their fire retardant: these are known for their slow burning properties (and are great at regulating your body temperature when you lie on them). Here are my picks:

Is It Alright To Buy Zinus?

So that brings us back to Zinus. It’s constantly at the top of Amazon’s top seller list so it’s a popular budget mattress that suits many people. I think it’s a good budget option if you want something for a spare room or for a couple of years. I don’t think you’ll find a similar mattress at this price point that doesn’t have fiberglass to be completely honest with you!

If you buy it knowing it contains fiberglass and do not remove the cover, you should have no problem. Even better if you cover the mattress with a protector, which you should do anyway.

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