PolySleep Mattress Review Canada – Innovative Antimicrobial Techology + Great Support = Awesome Mattress

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PolySleep Mattress Review Canada – this is a mattress designed and manufactured in Canada and by a Canadian company.

For one thing, PolySleep is a socially and environmentally conscious company that understands the Canadian consumer and designs a mattress that reflects this deep understanding of the Canadian market. The mattress is antimicrobial, has a proprietary built-in support frame, and resists liquid spills. It’s the kind of mattress that stays clean and dry during those long winter months. And since it takes your need for support and softness into consideration, the PolySleep mattress is not only popular among Canadians but in the American market as well.

If you like a bed in a box, the PolySleep has wonderful features that can transform your sleeping experience for the better. This article covers the following topics:

  • All PolySleep Mattresses
  • PolySleep Mattress Overview.
  • PolySleep Mattress Features.
  • What Customers Think About PolySleep Mattress.
  • Alternatives to the PolySleep Mattress.
  • Final Thoughts.

All PolySleep Mattresses

Polysleep is a Canadian mattress in a box brand. Although PolySleep Mattress is the flagship product of the company, it’s by no means the only one. Other mattresses target specific niches in the market and have excellent features of their own. Here’s the rundown of the top three PolySleep mattresses.

  • The Origin Mattress: As the name implies this was the first mattress the company rolled out. The all-foam mattress has the same antimicrobial hybrid foam that made all Polysleep mattresses so popular. The Origin focuses on comfort and durability and sells at a discounted price of $800 for a queen-size mattress. This mattress is one of my top picks for memory foam mattresses in Canada.
  • The Zephyr Mattress: This mattress represents the ultimate advances in proprietary technology and is the result of years of research and development. Using Nanobionic technology built on top of the antimicrobial foam and advanced memory foam, the mattress offers a luxurious sleep experience with comfort at the heart of that experience. The queen-size mattress sells for $2,140 at a discounted price.
  • The PolySleep Mattress: The most popular mattress that the PolySleep company rolls out which explains why it carries the company’s name. It stands somewhere in the middle between the Origin and Zephyr mattress. The proprietary foam and antimicrobial qualities provide a comfortable and healthy mattress at an affordable price. The PolySleep Mattress is the subject of this review.

PolySleep Mattress Canada Overview

  • Price: $980 a discounted price that saves you $245 for a queen-size mattress.
  • Ships for free across Canada with risk-free returns. Both delivery and returns are handled by the company to and from your doorstep.
  • 100-night free sleep trial.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Designed by Canadian minds for the Canadian market.
  • The breathable cover repels liquids and stains. You’ll always have a dry and clean bed thanks to the washable cover.
  • The 10-inch high mattress has the following comfort layers:
    • Hybrid Foam: This top layer regulates body temperature, relieves pressure points, and conforms to the body so that you find your comfortable positions quickly.
    • Support Frame: A proprietary layer that reinforces the mattress edge and prevents it from flattening out. The built-in frame is both responsive and supportive.
    • Transitional Layer: This layer insulates the top comfort layers from the base layer below. It helps with motion isolation and provides an extra layer of comfort as you shift your position on the mattress.

The 10-year warranty and 100-night free trial period should give the customer peace of mind when choosing the PolySleep mattress, like most mattress in a box options. If you’re not happy with the mattress within those 100 nights, you can return it without any risk. Both the delivery and return policies are handled by the company right at your doorstep.

But looking at the many comfort layers on the mattress, one thing becomes clear: this is a mattress that puts the sleeper’s comfort front and center. Of all the three PolySleep mattresses, this is the one that gives you a good value for your money. The extra edge support is a welcome feature in an all-foam mattress.

Analysis Of The Materials Inside The PolySleep Mattress


One of the first features that get your attention about the PolySleep is its ability to repel liquids and stains. That’s because the cover not only resists spills but it is also quite breathable and promotes better airflow. It’s one thing to prevent liquids and stains from infiltrating the texture, but to also provide excellent breathability, which puts the PolySleep cover above other mattress covers.

Instead of making the mattress wet and uncomfortable, the spills and liquids pool on top of the mattress cover until you dry it off with a towel and go back to sleep on a perfectly dry mattress. And to keep the cover fresh and clean, you can remove it, drop it in the washing machine, then put it back on the mattress.

Comfort Layer

Comfort is the PolySleep Mattress’s claim to fame and the secret behind its popularity not just among Canadians but American customers as well. And to find out why the mattress is so comfortable, we have to dig deeper under the liquid-repellent cover.

The comfort layer in the PolySleep is actually three layers on top of each other. The top layer is made of proprietary hybrid foam that is both antimicrobial and extra soft. It conforms to the body of the sleeper and quickly identifies the pressure points to provide expedient relief. The breathable top layer works in tandem with the breathable cover to wick temperature and keeps the top surface of the mattress cool and comfortable.

The second comfort layer is the proprietary built-in frame. This frame goes around the edges of the mattress like a wall that bolsters the edge and adds excellent support. All-foam mattresses suffer from weak edges. But the built-in frame prevents the mattress from caving in or sagging when you sit on the edge and reinforces the overall structure.

The last layer is more of a transition layer. It insulates the top two layers from the base layer below. This layer also plays a signification role in another distinguishing feature which is motion isolation. Along with the base layer, the transition layer isolates the movement of the sleepers on the mattress to keep sensitive couples from disturbing each other.

Support/Base Layer

The base layer is responsible for providing the excellent support and firmness levels the PolySleep Mattress is known for. Made of high-density foam, the base layer does the same job as a box spring without all the coils and coil pockets. Surprisingly this foam layer gives the mattress its medium-firm feel measuring 6 on the firmness scale.

The support and firmness of this base layer are uniform and cover every inch of the mattress. This is in contrast to hybrid mattresses with their targeted zones. As a result, you can sleep on any part of the mattress and you’ll get the even support you need. Both side sleepers and back sleepers would find this level of firmness quite adequate. For stomach sleepers, the mattress might be too soft and might lead to neck-craning or sagging of the mid-section.

PolySleep Mattress Reviews From Real Customers

Finding reviews from real customers on the PolySleep website wasn’t as easy or straightforward as it was on other websites. For one thing, the website seems to be broken, and navigating the different sections of the same page requires constant refreshing. Moreover, the website seems to present 5-star ratings and comments by default. Looking for negative reviews requires some fiddling with the unresponsive buttons. Here’s what I came up with.

  • The mattress scored 4.8 out of 5 stars from 1,363 users as of this writing.
  • About 94 percent of users gave the mattress 4 or 5 stars.
  • Users were quick to praise the comfort levels of the medium-firm mattress. They pointed out that they no longer woke up with numb limbs from sleeping on the wrong mattress.
  • Allergies and back pain were some of the complaints users had about their old mattresses. The antimicrobial foam meant that all of these complaints disappeared when they tried the PolySleep for a few nights in a row.
  • The liquid-repellent cover had its fair share of mentions as users liked how the mattress stayed dry and clean even after spilling liquids or food on it. Although the bedsheet got stained and wet, it was always easier to change the bedsheet and go back to sleep.
  • Side sleepers and back sleepers found the medium-firm mattress to their liking. Even sleepers below 130 pounds were more than happy with the comfortable mattress and the support it provided.
  • Many couples pointed to the motion isolation of the mattress as the best feature they enjoyed. The PolySleep has a zero motion transfer policy and couples could shift and change position as they liked without disturbing each other.
  • There were negative reviews as to be expected. Granted they weren’t easy to find on the website, but they can be summed as follows.
    • Some users were happy with the support level of the mattress but didn’t find it as comfortable as they’d expected. The “cloud-vibe” was missing.
    • Others found the mattress too firm for their needs.

“We used to have a 15+ years old mattress. Waking up every morning with back pain and allergies. This came SUPER fast and feels like a cloud. We also love that it’s a local company.”

PolySleep Mattress Canada Review Verdict

The PolySleep Mattress deserves to carry the company’s name as its signature model. It offers good value for your money considering all the features and proprietary technology that work together to give you an exceptional sleep experience.

I liked the liquid-repellent cover, breathable antimicrobial comfort layers, and the excellent support the medium-firm mattress has. Even sleepers under 130 pounds found the mattress quite comfortable to sleep on. For all of that, I recommend this mattress as a great bed for side and back sleepers.

Antimicrobial Tech + Great Support
PolySleep Mattress Canada
  • Unique Foam Support Frame Offers Better Edge  Support Than Other Foam Mattresses
  • Excellent Prices, Under $1000
  • Exclusive Antimicrobial Foam To Keep Your Mattress Healthy
  • Made In Canada (Montreal, To Be Precise)
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial And Free Shipping


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