What Is The Best Memory Foam Pillow? I’ve Got The Answer

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what is the best memory foam pillow

If you’re looking for a new pillow, memory foam should be a hot contender on your list. Memory foam pillows are great for supporting your neck and should give you a comfortable night’s sleep. As long as you choose a good one….so what is the best memory foam pillow?

I think I’ve found it for you. This is a pillow that is streets ahead of its competitors in so many ways it really is the only one that can answer the question. I’ll take you through everything you need to know about the pillow (including the negatives) so you can see for yourself why I’ve crowned it as the best memory foam pillow on the market today. I’ve got a video summary for you right at the end too.

Hands Down, The Snuggle Pedic Memory Foam Pillow Wins

The Snuggle Pedic Memory Foam Pillow made by Relief Mart (a company that specializes in pain relief products and has a Chiropractor designing their Snuggle Pedic range, including the awesome Snuggle Pedic mattress) easily answers “what is the best memory foam pillow”.

This is a pillow that is designed to contour to your head and neck, while self adjusting to your sleep position. It makes the
bold claim that their memory foam pillow never goes flat.

It’s designed to be lighter, softer, and fluffier than their competitors, as memory foam pillows can often feel heavy and dense.

It is made in the USA by a company that really cares about their customers.

I’ve done hours of research to see if the pillow really stacks up to all these claims, read on for the full information.

Snuggle Pedic Memory Foam Pillow: Features

This pillow is one of the few to be 100% made in the USA. Relief Mart have a factory in California where they produce all their wares. They do not make their own foams but buy them from suppliers who also make them in the USA.

The Snuggle Pedic memory foam pillow is available in three different sizes:

  • Standard – 26 x 19 inches
  • Queen – 28 x 20 inches
  • King – 35 x 20 inches

Which size to get? People often bought the size that was the same as their bed, e.g. those with a Queen bed bought a Queen size pillow.

The materials of the pillow are:

  • Cover: a mix of bamboo (43%), polyester (56.4%), and lycra (0.6%). This fabric blend gives the cover softness, breathability, and stretch. It is also microvented to help keep you cool. Most people report the cover feels really
    nice and soft (but you still should use a pillow case)
  • Filling: shredded memory foam. The foam is all CertiPUR-US certified and produced in the USA. It is a blend of different type of foams, which is designed to provide support, softness and breathability from the different foams used.
snuggle pedic memory foam pillow composition

The pillow is fully machine washable, and the outer cover has a zipper allowing you to remove just the outer cover if you wish to wash that only.

There is also the “original” version of the pillow available, which is the same in cost, materials and dimensions but does not have a zipper. It’s great having the option to buy with a zipper or without. The zipper is a great update that makes washing and customizing it yourself easier so that is the version of the pillow I have based this review on

Two Features You Won’t Find Anywhere Else:

  1. Market leading 20 year warranty and 120 night sleep trial. This is absolutely massive. The longest warranty I’ve seen on a lot of other pillows is 10 years at best, and 120 nights is an extremely generous amount of time to try a pillow out.
  2. There are free customizations available if you want to adjust your pillow. Some adjustments you will be able to do easily yourself, such as removing foam to make the pillow softer, or taking the outer cover off. However, Relief Mart really goes above and beyond with their Snuggle Pedic products. If you want the foam to feel bouncier, or softer, or different in some way, they will change the foam blend for you. For free. If you need more foam for your pillow, they will send you more for free too.

These two amazing features basically mean you can have a pillow customized exactly for you, that you can be sure is going to last you a really long time.


Naturally there are going to be some questions about choosing a new pillow online, it can feel like a bit of a risk. I went through the hundreds of questions about this pillow to bring you the answers to everything you need to know:

  • Should I use a pillow case? YES. There is a matching one designed to help maximize the breathability of the pillow. Snuggle Pedic should send you an offer for a free pillow case after you receive your pillow, so don’t rush out and buy a case.
  • How do I register my pillow for the warranty? Some people were having difficulty finding where to do this on the website. I recommend you email Snuggle Pedic directly to to register it, or phone them on 800 667-1969 (they are in California, so take note of any time differences if you call).
  • Does the pillow feel lumpy? This is a common concern with shredded foam pillows. The inners often do appear kind of lumpy! But the overwhelming majority verdict on the Snuggle Pedic memory foam pillow is NO, it does not feel lumpy.
  • Does the pillow come compressed in a box? Yes. If you purchase brand new from Relief Mart it will definitely come compressed and rolled in a box. Take it out of the plastic and woosh! It expands. Note that all expanding memory foam products will give off a slight smell as they expand. Open the pillow in a ventilated area and the smell should be gone within 24 hours.
  • Does it help with snoring? Snuggle Pedic claim that the pillow can help with snoring because it can help support your airway to be in a better position when you sleep. However, customer opinions on this topic are mixed and I think it’s too hard to say either way and you should discuss with your doctor.
  • Does it sleep hot? No. Most people report they did not have problems with the pillow feeling too hot. Memory foam has a reputation for sleeping hot, but the way the foam is chopped up and the properties of some of the foams within the blends mean this pillow has good air circulation and does not trap heat.
  • How do you get more foam for it? Simply contact Relief Mart directly and they will send you some free of charge.
  • What size should I get? People have tended to buy the size that matches their bed, e.g. if they have a King size bed they ordered King size pillows.
  • How many pillows come in an order? The price is for one pillow, if you want two to make a set, you will need to order two. You will only need one pillow per person when using a pillow as high quality as this one.
  • Does it contain any flame retardants? No. The Snuggle Pedic memory foam pillow contains no flame retardants and no nasty chemicals.

Does The Snuggle Pedic Memory Foam Pillow Do What It Claims?

snuggle pedic memory foam pillow

I scoured all the reviews to check if the Snuggle Pedic performs as claimed. Let;s take a look at how it stacked up:

Does it conform to your shape to support your neck?

In my opinion, the answer is yes. Sleepers of all positions who had neck pain before using their Snuggle Pedic pillow reported waking up feeling better after starting to use it.

Does it not go flat?

This question was asked a lot on Amazon, as it’s a pretty bold claim to make. It’s also a very important question to answer as some shredded memory foam pillows have gone flat for people in the past. Happily, many customers confirmed the pillow does not go flat withuse. It contours to your head and neck as expected, but does not go flat. People who wished to “fluff it up” or revitalize the foam after a while found putting it in their clothes dryer did the trick (low heat, around 20 minutes).

Does it work for all sleeping positions?
I found that there were countless reports from side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers who all found this pillow very comfortable. Side sleepers tended to enjoy using the pillow exactly as it came from Relief Mart, while back sleepers and stomach sleepers tended to customize theirs a little by removing some of the filling to reduce the height. The great thing about this pillow is that you can play around with it until it’s just right for you, no matter how you sleep.

Does it last a long time?

People who have owned the pillow for more than a year have reported they are pleased with how it’s going, and continue to sleep comfortably on it.

Why Is It Better Than All The Other Memory Foam Pillows?

Now you know all the features and benefits of the Snuggle Pedic pillow I need to show you exactly why I’ve chosen it as my answer to “what is the best memory foam pillow?” I found it really easy to come up with 9 compelling reasons why Snuggle Pedic is the best memory foam pillow you can buy:

  1. 100% made in the USA
  2. Massive 20 year guarantee
  3. Generous 120 night sleep trial
  4. Free customizations (this is the real game changer)
  5. Unparalleled customer service (Relief Mart make a point of being responsive and helpful. They like to go above and beyond for their customers and this is a theme that repeats throughout the reviews of their Snuggle Pedic products)
  6. Price – you pay similar for the name or reputation of Snuggle Pedic’s competitors, but they don’t offer nearly as many benefits and extras as Snuggle Pedic does. I think the Snuggle Pedic pillow represents excellent value for money given its quality.
  7. Loads of happy customers: about 80% of Amazon customers gave this pillow a rating of 4 stars or above. That equates to thousands of people really happy with their pillow.
  8. It holds its shape and does not feel lumpy (this is known to happen with inferior shredded memory foam pillows
  9. This pillow repeatedly wins accolades from trusted sources such as Consumer Research and Prevention Magazine among others. It has won “best memory foam pillow” for several years running
snuggle pedic is the best memory foam pillow

To sum it up, here’s a table from Snuggle Pedic comparing their memory foam pillow to two of their top competitors:

Are There Any Negatives?

I need to bring you balanced reviews, and there are customers out there who were unhappy with their Snuggle Pedic pillow. After reading through all the comments from customers who found the pillow did not work for them, these were the theme of the comments:

  • They just could not get comfortable on the pillow
  • The chemical smell from the foam expanding was too strong
  • They found the foam pieces messy to deal with when customizing the filling
  • It did not help with neck pain for some people
  • The pillow was not as fluffy as they expected

Apart from the foam being messy to deal with if you take it out, all of the other issues would come to light for you within the 120 night sleep trial. The number of people happy with their pillow far outweighs those who were not happy, so with the risk free sleep trial you can’t go wrong. It is a fact that one pillow will not work perfectly for everyone, but there are more reasons to give this one a try than there are to avoid it.

I should also mention that a memory foam pillow will not have a smooshy soft feeling. It has quite a unique feeling that may take some adjustment. If you want a pillow that feels smooshy soft, you might be better off sticking with a down pillow.

My Final Opinion

With all the amazing features I just don’t see how any other memory foam pillow could offer you a better deal than Snuggle Pedic. With the 120 night sleep trial and any customization you can think of available for free, I think it’s a totally risk free option to get a pillow that is just right for you.

If I lived in the USA I’d be buying one to try out for sure.

Snuggle Pedic Memory Foam Pillow

$49.99 - $69.99

Overall Rating


Value For Money


Customer Service



  • Generous warranty and trial period
  • All materials made in the USA
  • Free customizations


  • More expensive than other pillows can be (but it's a great investment)
  • Some off gassing like all memory foam products
  • If you like a "smooshy" pillow you're better to stick with down


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