Saatva 11.5 vs 14.5 – How They’re Different, How To Choose The Right One

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Saatva 11.5 vs 14.5: the only difference between the two options in this incredibly popular luxury mattress is two twists of a mattress coil! The coils inside the 14.5 inch Saatva mattress have two extra turns, making it 3 inches taller. Otherwise, the build and feel of the mattress is the same, and there’s no price difference between the two. That’s literally the ONLY difference, the height of the coils in the core!

There are reasons why you’d choose one over the other, and I’ll take you through them so you buy with confidence. I’ve spent hours researching this mattress and have also discussed the difference between the 11.5 and 14.5 directly with Saatva, so I’ve totally got you covered to make this important decision.

Saatva 11.5Mattress

Best For:

  • Adjustable Bases
  • Sheets Without Deep Pockets
  • People Wanting A Shorter Mattress
Saatva 14.5Mattress

Best For:

  • Box Spring Or Platform Bases
  • Sheets With Deep Pockets
  • People Wanting A Taller Mattress

Advice Direct From Saatva:

I asked Saatva customer service (they are extremely helpful and knowledgeable, by the way) if there were any other differences apart from the number of turns in the coils, and this is what they came back with:

The 11.5″ Mattress Is Best For You If:

Saatva 11.5 Inch Mattress
  • You’re wanting to use the mattress with an adjustable base. Why? the 11.5 inch mattress will simply conform better to the base when you change the head/foot position. The Saatva adjustable base is actually my top choice of the US market, find out why here. I can personally agree with this, as I use an adjustable base myself, with a mattress that’s actually a bit too tall for it. I’d generally recommend mattresses 12 inches or under to use on an adjustable base.
  • You’re worried about the size of your sheets. The 11.5 inch is more likely than the 14.5 inch to fit your standard sheets. The 14.5 inch mattress is getting into luxury mattress territory (the 14.5 is one of my favorite luxury mattresses) and may require deeper pocket sheets to fit comfortably.
  • You just don’t want a tall mattress! 14.5 inches is actually quite tall, which some people like, and some don’t. Completely up to you, and you’ll need to factor in the height of your base or box spring.

The 14.5″ Mattress Is Best For You If:

Saatva 14.5 Inch Mattress
  • You’re using a standard base, such as a platform or box spring. As I said above, the 11.5 inch is best on an adjustable base, but if you’re planning on using your new Saatva mattress on a flat base that does not move, the 14.5 inch will be a nice option for you.
  • You want handles on your mattress. Only the 14.5 inch model has handles. However, please note that the handles are only for sliding the mattress into position. Both the 11.5 inch and the 14.5 inch models must be lifted from underneath if you’re moving it around.
  • You just like the idea of a taller, luxury height mattress.

Saatva 11.4 vs 14.5 – Which One I’d Choose

I like to finish my articles with a personal recommendation. I think I’m pretty good at choosing great bed stuff, so here’s my choice between Saatva 11.5 vs 14.5:

I’d go for the 11.5! This is because I have an adjustable base, and the 11.5 inch Saatva mattres is the only option compatible with that. Also, given the massive 25 year warranty Saatva offer on their mattresses, I think the lower height offers you greater flexibility for the future. But if you prefer a taller mattress, you won’t be disappointed with the 3 inch taller 14.5 model!

As for which firmness to get, you’re spoilt with three options from Saatva. I’d go for the middle option, the luxury firm as this will have the most balance between softness AND support, the happy “perfect” support most of us are looking for in a mattress.


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