Best Split King Adjustable Bed Base USA: Top 3 For Value And Features

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Best Value:

Puffy Split King Adjustable Base

  • Only Model With 101 Night Sleep Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Massage Functions
  • 3 Leg Height Options
  • USB Ports
Best Overall:

Saatva Split King Adjustable Base

  • In-Home Setup Included
  • Many Massage Functions
  • Many Leg Height Options
  • 25 Year Warranty

GhostBed Split King Adjustable Base

  • Lifetime Warranty
  •  15 Different Massage Modes
  • One Leg Height Option
  • USB Ports
  • Often Run Great Sales

Best Split King Adjustable Bed Base: Let’s go straight into analyzing the top 3, since you’ve come here to find out exactly which is the best split king adjustable bed base (plus a bonus write up on the best SMART base). If you want to stick around for more information, I’ve got an adjustable bed base overview and FAQ at the bottom of the article. Click here for a detailed price breakdown of the top adjustable base brands.

So you don’t have to go hunting for specific features, here’s what ALL of my top 3 bases come with:

  • Head and foot elevation to allow for any combination of positions
  • Under bed LED lighting
  • Massage functions (these vary between the bases, I’ll detail each one below)
  • Easy to use remote controls with preset positions such as zero gravity

If you’re looking for an adjustable base under $1000, please check out my Nectar Adjustable Base Review (CLICK HERE) instead. It’s not as feature rich as these top 3 best split king adjustable bed bases, but it’s easy on your wallet.

The 3 Best Split King Adjustable Bed Bases In 2022 Are:

1. Best Overall: Saatva Lineal Adjustable Bed Base

Best Split King Adjustable Bed Base - Saatva Staged

First of all, I really like Saatva as a brand. They make good quality products and pride themselves on their excellent service. For the purposes of this review we’re talking about the “standard” adjustable base, not the “upper flex” model.

  • Made in the USA
  • Free white glove delivery (this means they come and set it up in your house for you, this is awesome)
  • 25 Year warranty
  • Many size options, including Split King AND Split California King
  • Legs: Push pin legs are adjustable from 8″ to 13” for a total height of 13”-18” in 0.5” increments
  • Weight capacity: 850lb total
  • USB Ports: none (this is the one small negative of this split king base)
  • Massage function: wave, head, or leg. 15 minute timer
  • Clear plastic corners at bottom edges to help hold your mattress in place

It’s also important to note that if you want Saatva mattresses to pair with your base, their mattresses are one of the few online only mattress brands that are not mattresses in boxes, and they are superb quality. I recommend the 11.5 inch height Saatva mattress to pair with this base.

2. Best Value: Puffy Adjustable Base

Best known for their massively popular and feature packed memory foam mattress range, Puffy also make an incredible adjustable bed base which is the best value of any in this article. It’s also the only one offering you a 101 night sleep trial, so your purchase is completely risk free. What a bargain.

  • 101 Night sleep trial
  • Free shipping, and will arrive within 1-3 business days
  • Unbeatable lifetime warranty
  • Legs: 3 adjustable height settings: 6.5, 9.5 or 11.5 inches
  • Dual USB charging ports
  • Massage function: 3 speeds, two zones
  • Metal bar at bottom to hold your mattress(es) in place
  • Make the most of Puffy’s current discount deal: save $300 on your purchase AND get up to $455 worth of free accessories when you buy a bundle including Puffy’s awesome mattress

I had a read through the reviews of this base as the combination of powerful features, big sleep trial, and value price all seem too good to be true. I’m happy to reassure you that this is a legitimate great deal, and I could only find people raving about how great this base is, how sturdy it is and how well it performs. This is an all-round great buy.

3. Popular: GhostBed Ajdustable Bed Base

Best Split King Adjustable Bed Base - GhostBed Staged

Ghostbed make some of the best memory foam mattresses around, and also a great natural latex mattress so it’s no surprise that their split king adjustable bed base is a runaway best seller, too. If you’re really into massage, this is the base with the most massage features and the most options for your massage timer.

  • Free delivery with simple setup: you unfold the base and attach the legs yourself
  • Best warranty: limited lifetime
  • Size options: Twin XL, Queen, Split King
  • Legs: 12 legs, 12 inch height. Not adjustable. Can buy 6 inch height legs instead as a separate accessory
  • Weight capacity: 750lb
  • 4 USB Ports
  • Massage function: 15 different massage modes. You can also use the remote to set the timer for 10, 20 or 30 minutes, which is a cool feature
  • Black bar at bottom edge to hold your mattress in place

BONUS : Best Smart Base Is The TEMPUR-Ergo Smart Base

Best Split King Adjustable Bed Base - TEMPUR Staged

If you want a base that goes above and beyond by giving you insights into your sleep quality, sleep analytics, and programmable sleep alarms, then the TEMPUR -Ergo smart base is the best split king adjustable base for you. Simply download the app to your phone, and get all the benefits of the bases above, plus the intelligence of automatic head raising in response to snoring, a breakdown of your sleep time and quality, and so much more.

  • Free white glove delivery (this means they come and set it up in your house for you, like Saatva)
  • 25 Year warranty
  • Many size options, including Split King AND Split California King
  • Legs: 12″ stackable legs that can be set at 3″, 6″, 9″, or 12″ depending on your preference.
  • Weight capacity: 700lb
  • USB Ports: 4
  • Massage function: 3 intensity levels across 2 zones of the base or 4 (2 zones = one at the head and one at the feet 4 = two zones at the head, and two at the feet)
  • Black bar at bottom edge to hold your mattress in place

This base is compatible with other smart gadgets you might have in your home: get your sleep info from your smart base via Hey Google or Alexa!

Why not the TEMPUR-Ergo extend base? I don’t think the extra features are worth the extra $1000. Save your money and just get the regular one.

What Makes The Saatva Lineal Base Really Stand Out As #1?

In One Sentence: it offers the most features for your money but also has the lowest recommended retail price.

But here’s a full list. There are a lot of reasons!

  • It’s the only one in this roundup that’s made in the USA
  • It comes with free in-home set-up
  • It has the most customizable leg height options
  • It’s known to have very quiet motors
  • It has the highest weight capacity of all 3 in this review
  • It has the lowest recommended retail price. The only thing missing here is USB ports, but do you REALLY need these in your bed?

Adjustable Beds Overview

A split king adjustable bed base is the perfect solution for couples who wish to share a bed, but use different sleeping positions. Perhaps one of you snores, and wants an elevated head while the other does not. Perhaps one of you wants to enjoy a massage while the other falls asleep. Or you want to sleep in the zero gravity position while the other chooses a different position. Adjustable beds give you endless options to keep you both comfortable without anyone having to compromise.

Split king adjustable beds are made up of two Twin XL mattress bases, so you’re going to need two Twin XL mattresses to go on top, along with Twin XL size base sheets, or specialized split head sheets designed exactly for your split king base. Don’t worry though: once you decide on your brand for your adjustable base, you’ll find that same brand will have a matching mattress and maybe even matching sheets.

This is why I particularly like Saatva, because you can combine one of the best mattresses in America with what I think is the best adjustable bed on the market.

Mattresses come with an in-home sleep trial, adjustable bases do NOT. This is purely because it would cost way too much to ship these things around the place at a whim, so an adjustable base is a serious investment.

It’s a serious investment in your wellbeing though, so I think it’s well worth your money: you’ll reap the following benefits from a split king adjustable bed (and more):

  • Can improve back pain
  • Can alleviate snoring
  • Can alleviate indigestion
  • Can help with leg swelling
  • Good lifestyle option if you like to sit in bed and read or watch tv
  • Relaxing massage
  • Lighten leg swelling

Note that when you’re looking at the weight capacity of an adjustable bed base, you need to factor in the weight of your mattress and bedding. The weight stated is inclusive of your mattress and bedding weight, so keep that in mind when purchasing.

There are also three things to think about that might be negatives of a split king, those are: noise of the motors, difficulty cuddling on the bed, and extra time it takes to make the bed. I’ve written a full analysis of problems here.

Best Split King Adjustable Bed Base FAQ

  • Is a Split King adjustable bed base worth it?
    • It’s an easy yes from me. Not only are they are sturdy and strong base that will support your mattress really well, they will bring you many benefits as listed above. They generally cost $1000-$3000: I’ve certainly seen bed bases in this price range that don’t perform nearly as well as any of these 3 adjustable bases do.
  • Is a Split King the same as two Twins?
    • A Split King adjustable bed base is the equivalent of two Twin XL bases.
  • What sheets do I use with my Split King adjustable bed base?
    • For the base, you’ll need two Twin XL size fitted sheets. If you also like top sheets, you then have the option of one king sheet to cover the entire bed or separate Twin XL size flat sheets. Look for brands like ever popular Brooklinen, who offer special Split King sheet sets.
  • Is a Split King bigger than a King?
    • No. The dimensions should be very similar, but you may find small variations from brand to brand. Each of the brands I recommend in this article have their dimensions on their websites.
  • Do adjustable beds ruin mattresses?
  • Do I still need to use a foundation or box spring?
    • Nope! Your adjustable bed base works as a support for your mattress all on its own. However, if you like the look of a bedhead or frame, most adjustable bases will fit inside any open cavity frame or are compatible with a range of bed heads. Again, just make sure you check those measurements first!


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