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ErgoFlex Mattress Review 2022 – if you’re looking for a mattress with generous amounts of memory foam, thoughtful cooling layers, and a price that won’t hurt your pocket, ErgoFlex might just be the perfect mattress for you.

I’ve been researching/testing/writing about mattresses for 3 years now, and when a brand says they’ve got foams of similar density to Tempur, I know you’re going to get a mattress that is both durable and comfortable, and this is exactly what ErgoFlex promises.

ErgoFlex is one of the very first mattress in a box brands, and have been in Australia since 2010. They know how to make a good mattress and have been around long enough to actually back up their 10 year warranty.

I’m genuinely surprised that ErgoFlex can offer this caliber of mattress at this price, and you’ll soon see why as I take you through an overview of the materials, analysis of each layer, and what real customers think of it.

ErgoFlex Mattress Overview

  • Prices: $949 – $1699 but ErgoFlex run regular discounts so don’t expect to pay the full retail price
  • Next day delivery to urban areas
  • 30 Night sleep trial
  • 10 Year warranty
  • Tencel outer cover (plant based, silky feeling fabric)
  • 23 cm Total foam height:
    • 9 cm Open cell memory foam layer (this is a generous amount of memory foam, especially for the price of the mattress
    • 5 cm Airflow layer: this is a transition foam, and the airflow channels are placed perfectly to release heat that could build up inside the mattress
    • 9 cm High density foam base (pretty standard, it’s a good quality high density foam)

I think the ErgoFlex mattress keeps you cool with the breathable tencel cover, the open cell structure of the memory foam, and the airflow channels in the middle of the mattress. This is really important for the warm Australian climate and also because high density memory foam can otherwise trap a lot of heat, leaving you feeling sweaty and uncomfortable at night. ErgoFlex have put a lot of thought into carefully designing their mattress to work hard for you.

ErgoFlex use high density foams similar to those you’ll find in mattresses designed to feel like Tempur (the most famous memory foam brand of all, and four times the price). This will give you a true memory foam feel when you lie on your ErgoFlex: you’ll get that contouring memory foam is famous for, and individually targeted pressure relief. The higher density of the foam also means your mattress will outlast other mattresses that use lower density foams so your ErgoFlex mattress is a great investment.

Analysis Of The Materials Inside The ErgoFlex Mattress


I think the cover is a real standout feature of the ErgoFlex mattress, given its budget friendly price point. You’ll find most other brands using a polyester stretch knit (which is fine, it wicks moisture and does a good job), but ErgoFlex have chosen to make a tencel cover.

Tencel is one of my preferred fibres for mattress covers for several reasons that should make you excited about the ErgoFlex cover too:

  • Tencel is a plant based fibre, so it’s a natural (and sustainably sourced, often from bamboo) material instead of synthetic like polyester
  • Tencel has a silky soft feel
  • It’s naturally breathable, quick drying, and temperature regulating
  • Tencel is naturally antibacterial so it’s a great protective covering for your mattress

Comfort Layer

ErgoFlex Mattress Benefits

The two comfort layers inside the ErgoFlex mattress are unique to ErgoFlex, in that I haven’t seen many mattress in a box companies offering very high density memory foam (it usually won’t go through the machine that compresses mattresses into their boxes) or ventilation channels.

1. The memory foam layer has been engineered to really focus on contouring your body’s pressure points, which as you can see from the picture above means it can provide relief from a range of body aches and pains. As you read on, you’ll see that many ErgoFlex customers will verify this.

The individualised contouring properties of the memory foam inside the ErgoFlex mattress also mean it’s great at totally dampening partner disturbance. If you currently share a bed with someone who tosses and turns all night or gets up often, ErgoFlex would be a dream come true for you!

2. The second foam comfort layer is a higher density foam which acts as a transition layer between the contouring memory foam above and the firm base layer below. While the foam itself is a pretty standard formulation, the special thing to note about this layer is the ventilation channels.

It’s really important that memory foam mattresses allow air to escape because otherwise it traps heat, resulting in a sweaty, uncomfortable sleep for you. These channels inside of ErgoFlex are perfectly positioned to release any heat from the memory foam above without letting it get absorbed into the base below.

Support/Base Layer

The base layer of the ErgoFlex mattress is pretty standard so I don’t have much to say to describe it. It’s a typical very high density, very firm foam like you’ll find in pretty much all foam based mattresses.

The job of this base layer is to provide a durable and comfortable pad for the two comfort layers to sit upon to work their magic while you sleep.

You’ll usually find mattresses at this price point have a base layer that’s about 7-10 cm high, so the 9 cm height of the ErgoFlex layer is perfectly adequate.

ErgoFlex Mattress Reviews From Real Customers

ErgoFlex Mattress Review - Staged

One of my favourite things about writing this ErgoFlex mattress review is having the luxury of reading comments from people who have actually owned the mattress for a long time. There are so many new mattresses popping up all the time, and people often leave a review in the first few weeks before they’ve really had a chance to see how durable the mattress is. Here’s a summary of what real people say about their experiences with ErgoFlex:

  • ErgoFlex has collected more than 8,000 reviews across three different independent platforms. That’s a LOT. And they’re mostly positive, with the overwhelming majority of people awarding their ErgoFlex mattress 4 or 5 stars (out of 5)
  • People comment on ErgoFlex’s excellent and knowledgeable customer service
  • A lot of people claim to that their ErgoFlex mattress has helped relieve their back and neck pain
  • The overall verdict on the firmness of this mattress is that it has a medium firm feel
  • Basically, people think this mattress does what it says on the box. They verify all the marketing claims, which is very reassuring for you as it’s so easy for companies to overstate their products to get your sale
  • There were some bad reviews too, and I’m not going to just gloss over them as you deserve my balanced reporting in this review:
    • Some people reported the mattress started sagging after about a year. Given the materials inside this mattress, I wonder if it was something to do with the base the mattress was put on. If you’re using an old box spring or a platform base with slats that are very wide apart, sagging will occur, so keep this in mind to prevent it
    • Some people found the mattress was too firm for them and did not help with their back pain. From what I can see, this is a medium firm mattress and I’d recommend it to back and combo sleepers. It may not be the top choice for lighter people who mainly sleep on their side (I’d recommend you check out the Noa mattress range instead)

“The craftsmanship of the mattress is excellent and the money back guarantee was a great comfort, but I didn’t need it because the mattress is extremely comfortable and supportive. I’d recommend it to anyone!”

Read more reviews from real customers here

ErgoFlex Mattress Alternatives

If you’re not convinced and are wanting to shop around some, here are three other mattresses that are excellent Australian brands to buy from.

All Natural: Peacelily

Looking for a mattress thats ALL natural materials, not just the cover?

Peacelily uses organic cotton, organic wool and natural latex in this extremely good value natural mattress.

With flippable firmness and a big 25 year warranty, it’s one of the best mattress buys in Australia.

Made In Australia: Hugo

Like the idea of a foam mattress but would prefer to buy Australian made?

Hugo is made in Melbourne, and supports local jobs.

With a dream combo of memory foam AND latex comfort layers, Hugo is a “goldilocks” medium feel mattress.

Best Hybrid: Dusk & Dawn

Decided you actually want a spring base instead of foam? 

Dusk & Dawn have 3 mattresses in their Australian made range, each featuring zoned pocket coils in the base.

You choose if you want medium or firm, and this mattress isn’t compressed in a box which are two totally unique points for an online mattress brand.

ErgoFlex Mattress Review Verdict

If you’ve read this entire ErgoFlex mattress review, you’ll know by now that I think it’s a great mattress for a great price. It’s one of the best beds in Australia. When I sat down to research ErgoFlex, I thought it was just going to be another 3 layer foam mattress with a standard cover, but once you actually look at the details you can tell that it’s so much more than that.

From the tencel cover through to the high quality memory foam and clever ventilation, this is a mattress you’ll sleep comfortably on for years to come. Remember that ErgoFlex have been in this business longer than any other mattress in a box company in Australia and can really back their product and stand by their 10 year warranty.

I’d be happy to have an ErgoFlex mattress in my house, it’s a great memory foam mattress for an incredible price.


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