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Noa make three mattresses, but in this Noa mattress review we’re focusing in on the best selling Noa Hybrid. We’ll take a detailed look at all the layers inside the mattress (this is a mattress with a LOT to offer) and compare it to the other two mattresses offered by the Noa brand.

Noa Mattress​: Popular Top Seller
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Hybrid Design Featuring Generous Foam Layers (Memory Foam + Latex) And Pocket Coils
  • Universally Comfortable Medium Firm Feel

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll find inside this detailed Noa mattress review:

  • Noa Company Overview
  • Noa Mattress Features
  • Noa Mattress Prices ($AUD)
  • What Does A Noa Mattress Feel Like To Lie On?
  • Is Noa The Right Mattress For You?
  • Compare The Noa Mattress Range
  • Are There Any Problems With Noa Mattresses?
  • What Are People Saying Who Love Theirs? (Reviews From Real People)
  • Final Opinion

Noa Company Overview

Noa is an interesting one for the Australian market: it’s designed in Canada by passionate furniture experts who love working in the Asia Pacific region, and it’s made In China. I’ve seen a few negative comments from people who were surprised to find that Noa is made in China, but it’s stated very clearly on their website. Ecosa, the leading mattress in a box brand in Australia, is also made in China.

Noa’s Australian distribution centre is in Victoria. They also have distribution centres in Hong Kong and Singapore.

What’s their customer service like? From my interactions with them I found them to be highly responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable. Reports I’ve seen from verified customers back this up, and Noa are very active responding to all comments (positive and negative) on popular review sites like

Noa Mattress Features

Noa Mattress Review - Noa Cross Section

Noa is a hybrid mattress, with foam comfort layers and a pocket coil support system (this means individually wrapped coils for more targeted support and less motion transfer than traditional inner spring coils). It contains lots of layers: in fact it has more layers than most other mattresses in boxes I’ve reviewed. The total height of Noa Mattress is 28 cm.

Close-Up Of The Layers:

  • Cover: Tencel and polyester blend. The Tencel will ensure a soft feel, and will work in combination with the polyester for moisture wicking and breathability. The total height of the cover, including the base, is 2 cm (it has some quilting through the top for a soft-to-touch experience).
  • Foam 1: 2 cm of natural latex (85% natural, 15% foaming agents that turn the rubber sap into foam). This is a generous amount of natural latex for the mattress price: it’s the most durable and temperature regulating foam you can put in a mattress. Latex used in mattresses is typically sourced from South-East Asia: the latex inside your Noa comes from Thailand.
  • Foam 2: 4 cm of gel infused memory foam. Again, this is a generous amount of memory foam. Typically, you might expect to see up to 3 cm of this type of foam. The gel infusion is there to help further draw any heat out of the mattress to help you keep comfortable through the night.
  • Foam 3: 1 cm of higher density polyfoam. This foam is there to act as a buffer between the softer comfort layers above and the support coils below.
  • Pocket springs: 16 cm of individually wrapped pocket coils. These are surrounded with a perimeter encasing to help with edge support.
  • Foam 4: Same as foam 3 above, this is a pad of polyfoam to act as a buffer between the coils and the base foam that the whole mattress sits on.
  • Foam 5: 2 cm of another high density foam to act as the base for the whole mattress.

I think Noa have been generous with the latex and gel memory foams here. You’re getting a lot of mattress for your money. I’ve seen other brands with this many layers overseas really marketing themselves as being “ultra luxury” and charging a luxury price tag.

Casing around the pocket coils is also a sign of quality, as this casing not only gives better edge support, it helps maximise the life of the coils.

Noa is pretty understated about their marketing in my opinion, given what they’re actually offering here.

Noa Mattress Prices (Australian Dollars)

The RRP for each mattress size is listed below. Please keep in mind that like all online mattress retailers, Noa offer big promos. At the time I wrote this article, you could get $350 off a mattress for their end of financial year sale. This took the price of a Queen down to $749, an absolute bargain. Rest assured that my links will take you directly to the best price on any given day (at least $300 off), but you’ll typically find bigger discounts around Public Holidays or marketing events such as Black Friday (becoming increasingly popular outside the USA and end of financial year).

Single $799

King Single $899

Double $999

Queen $1099

King $1199

What Does A Noa Mattress Mattress Feel Like To Lie On? 

The Noa hybrid is designed for most people to sleep comfortably, with a universally comfortable rating of medium firm. I’d describe the firmness of the Noa mattress at around a 6 on the mattress firmness scale. This is the balancing point where those who like a firm mattress and those who like a softer mattress can usually find a good middle ground.

As Noa is a mattress that contains both pocket coil springs and latex (which is naturally bouncier than memory foam), you can expect this mattress to have a bit more bounce than an all foam mattress such as Ecosa. The generous layer of memory foam will still allow for good conforming pressure relief, but this will work in combination with the latex above it to stop you from feeling like you’re sinking into the mattress.

Noa should give a good balance of pressure relief, comfort, and strong support.

As Noa contains naturally temperature regulating latex, gel infused memory foam and a coil support system which allows better air flow than a foam mattress, you shouldn’t ever feel hot sleeping on Noa.

Is Noa The Right Mattress For You?

Noa Mattress Review - Couple

I think Noa will work well for a wide range of people. In particular, I think Noa will work well for:

  • Hot sleepers
  • Back or combination sleepers (any body weight)
  • Side sleepers (any weight)
  • People who want better edge support than an all foam mattress can give
  • People who want to try out some new foams without losing the spring support they’re used to
  • Those looking for lots of comfort foams from their mattress in a box

You’ll need to try something else if:

  • You are a plus size stomach sleeper. You need a particularly firm mattress, and I’d worry the medium feel of the Noa might not quite offer adequate support for your hips.
  • You want to buy from an Australian owned company who make their products in Australia (if this is you, then the all foam Hugo mattress is the way to go, click through to my detailed Hugo review)

Compare The Noa Mattress Range

Noa Mattress Review - Noa Mattress Range
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As I said earlier, the Noa hybrid is the best selling mattress out of a range of three. It’s the mid priced model of the range, and is the original Noa mattress: the other two were introduced to the Australian market in 2020.

Here’s an intro to the other two:

The Noa Lite:

  • Lowest price
  • 25 cm height (3cm less than the Noa hybrid)
  • Slightly firmer than the Noa hybrid (due to having less foam layers)
  • No latex layer
  • Same support coils as the Noa hybrid
  • Same breathability as the Noa hybrid

Read my detailed review of the Noa Lite here.

The Noa Luxe:

  • Highest price
  • 31 cm height (3cm more than the Noa hybrid)
  • Same medium firm feel as the Noa hybrid
  • Awesome layer of microcoils in the comfort layers of the mattress (my favourite mattress I’ve ever owned had this feature, and I think it’s SO comfortable)
  • Zoned support coils for targeted body weight support
  • Same breathability as the Noa hybrid

Are There Any Problems With Noa Mattresses?

After scouring around all the review sites for issues with Noa, I struggled to come up with much beyond the comments I’d expect to see from people who didn’t find the mattress comfortable for them personally. This is a minority of people, and remember you have a 100 night sleep trial.

One thing to note with Noa being made overseas then shipped to Australia for distribution: it will have sat in its box for longer than an Australian made mattress. What this means is that the foams will have been compressed for longer, and may have more of an off-gassing smell as they expand when you open the mattress. Off-gassing is to be 100% expected from any mattress in a box, and none of it is harmful (Noa has Oeko-Tex and REACH Certifications to reassure you). Try to open your mattress in a ventilated space and leave it for a night or two if this is a concern to you.

What Are People Saying Who Love Theirs? Reviews From Real People

People have a lot to say about Noa here. The general theme of the comments is that people really enjoy sleeping on their Noa mattress, and those who have tried several mattresses in boxes are finding Noa to be the most comfortable of their purchases to date.

Here are a selection of reviews from the Noa website:

Noa Mattress Customer Testimonials

Final Opinion

I think Noa is a good option. It has a medium firm feel that will most likely feel very comfortable for you. You’re getting a very generous 6 cm total of latex and gel memory foam, which I think is generous. The coils offer a comfortable support system with better edge control and breathability than an all foam mattress.

Noa is a good buy and you’ll be happy with your purchase. However, if you want to support Australian owned, check out Macoda, and if you want to support Australian made, check out Hugo.

Noa Mattress

From $799

Overall Rating


Customer Service


Value For Money



  • Generous Amounts Of Comfort Foams
  • Universally Comfortable Medium Feel
  • Clever Design To Maximise Cooling


  • Not Australian Owned (Canadian)
  • Made In China


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