Noa Lite Mattress Review – The Best Budget Mattress In Australia?

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Noa Lite Mattress Review Australia – if you’re looking for one of the best budget mattresses in Australia you’re in the right place. With prices starting from just $699 (you’ll often get a discount on that) and features you’d expect in a mattress that’s twice the price (hello hand tufted tencel cover, foam protection of the pocket springs and a 120 night sleep trial) it certainly deserves the title.

I’ve been researching/testing/writing about mattresses for 4+ years now, and I find it pretty easy to see if a mattress is good value for money or overstating its claims: the Noa lite mattress is definitely good value for money, especially if you can catch a discount.

In this comprehensive Noa Lite mattress review, I’ll take you through an overview of the materials, analysis of each layer, what real customers think of it, and how it compares to the other two mattresses in the Noa range.

Noa Lite Mattress Overview

The Noa Lite mattress is the cheapest of three mattresses made by popular online furniture brand Noa.

  • Prices: $699 – $999 but Noa run regular discounts so don’t expect to pay the full retail price
  • Free shipping
  • 120 Night sleep trial (yes, that’s about 4 months, plenty of time to decide if the mattress is right for you
  • 15 Year limited warranty (not only is this 5 years longer than the 10 years I generally expect from a quality online mattress, but it’s almost unheard of at this price point, which goes to show Noa are really confident in the quality of their mattress)
  • Hand tufted tencel top cover: tencel is a silky feeling and highly breathable plant based fabric that other brands offer as “premium”. Hand tufted means hours of love have gone into making your mattress, ensuring the cover stays straight and that the internal layers all hold together perfectly. Under the cover you will find:
    • A thin layer of cooling gel memory foam. This is there to provide contouring and comfort directly as you lie on the mattress. The fact that this layer is quite thin is probably where Noa is able to offer the lite mattress for such a bargain price.
    • A thicker layer of transition foam: this is a polyfoam you’ll find in pretty much all modern mattresses: it’s there as a base to allow the memory foam to work its magic and to prevent you from feeling the springs of the support core
    • Support core: individually wrapped pocket coils. These provide a better base than a traditional spring unit because they offer smore targeted support and are quieter. Coils are a great fit for the Australian climate as they allow air to flow out of the mattress.
  • The pocket coils are encased in high density foam to both protect them and help them do their job. This feature is part of why Noa can offer a longer 15 year warranty here, because putting foam around support coils helps improve the durability of a mattress.
  • The sides of the mattress are a poly knit, which sounds pretty standard and like what you’d find on most mattresses around the sides, but again Noa have added the special touch of hand tufting here.


When we look through the layers of the Noa Lite mattress, we can start to see some of the reasons why it’s a bit cheaper than some rivals, and also how they are able to offer that extended warranty.

The memory foam layer really is quite thin here, and therefore this mattress is going to feel reasonably firm as there isn’t a ton of cushioning. This is definitely where Noa have saved their money. Another place they’ve saved is using poly knit around the sides of the mattress, which is absolutely fine because there’s no need for a premium feel fabric where nobody is going to notice it.

I think Noa are able to offer a big warranty here for several reasons:

  • That foam encasing of the coils that I mentioned
  • The fact that the memory layer is thin works in your favour here: it’s probably too thin to develop much sag over time
  • The coils are high quality and built to last

Overall, this mattress is good quality for its price and has some surprising features that make it really stand out as a great buy.

Noa Lite Mattress Reviews From Real Customers

I love reading what people who buy this mattress have to say about it, and I’ll share an overview of the main themes of people’s comments (both good and bad). I like that Noa make it really easy to see the breakdown of how people have rated the mattress (they’re not trying to hide any negative comments like I’ve seen some brands do).

  • At the time of writing, the Noa Lite mattress had reviews from 80 customers, and an average rating of 4.7 out of 5. Of these, a massive 78 were 4 or 5 stars, so you can see that pretty much everyone is really happy with their Noa Lite. There were ZERO one star reviews!
  • People comment that the mattress initially feels firm, then they get used to it and love it (we’ve already been through how I’d expect this mattress to be firm due to that thin comfort layer)
  • Most people agree that buying this mattress has improved their sleep
  • The two (yes, just two) negative comments about this mattress did follow a similar theme, in that this mattress was not quite as good as they expected. In the words of one of them, “it’s nothing fancy” and the other said “the firmness wasn’t as good as expected” (which is a very subjective measure, and remember the memory foam layer is thin here)
  • So overall, there are basically no problems with the Noa Lite mattress. It’s great value for money and customers agree overwhelmingly.

“I was concerned about buying a ‘lite’ mattress but I needn’t have been. A great nights sleep on a good firm mattress, with good edges. Feels like a quality product”

Read more reviews from real customers here

Noa Lite Mattress VS The Rest Of The Noa Range

The Noa Lite mattress is one of three mattresses Noa offer, and it is the cheapest. The other two are “The Noa”, which was the very first mattress Noa made and is their mid-range model, and “The Luxe”, a premium mattress (which I have to admit is my favourite of the range – mainly because I love a plush mattress).


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