Avocado City Bed Frame Review: Buy Or Bust?

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Avocado City Bed Frame: Quick Look
Avocado City Bed Frame Staged

Handcrafted in the USA with a sleek, minimalist look. Sturdy patented design that works in any space.

Product Details


Beech or Douglas Fir

Trial Period:







10 Years


From $695

Avocado City Bed Frame Review – this is the cheapest of the Avocado bed frame range but you still get everything you expect from Avocado Green: hand crafted finishes, non-toxic materials throughout, and a stylish look to suit any bedroom.

With prices from $695 (before you factor in any discounts) it’s by no means a super budget option though, so I want to take you through all the details to help you decide if the City Bed Frame is, in fact, the best bed frame for you or if you should look elsewhere.

I’ve been researching all things bedroom furniture related for 3 years now, so I can spot a good product from a bad one, and a deal from a bust. I’ll say right now, before we start getting into the details of this bed frame, that you’re getting great value for a hand crafted wooden frame made from sustainably forested US wood.

Sure, for the price, my personal preference would be to look at an adjustable bed frame for all the lifestyle benefits, but I’m happy to start this review by telling you it’s a good deal if you want a sleek looking wooden frame that works well in smaller spaces like apartments.

City Bed Frame Features

This bed frame is great if you’re looking for something that doesn’t take up too much space – making it especially great for apartment living or if you want to achieve a clutter free, minimilist look in your bedroom. Plus assembly will go smoothly since almost no tools are needed to put them together; all that’s required is to make sure parts are fixed strongly and correctly.

Non-toxic Finishes

You can sleep better knowing your frame is non-toxic, assembled with safe and toxic free Titebond® wood glues that don’t emit fumes. You can choose between a rich dark brown stain or clear blonde finish to see the beauty of hardwood beneath its natural state (naturally, the wood stains are water based).

Frame Material

The City bed frame is made with 100% FSC-certified Beech wood or Douglas Fir from sustainably managed forests It has a simple design that focuses on the handmade qualities of the frame. The finger and dovetail joints are crafted beautifully, making this minimalist furniture piece stand out for its superior craftsmanship.  


The City Bed Frame is the perfect choice for people with limited space. This sleek modern design has a low profile and minimal bulk, making it easy to fit in any bedroom of your house regardless of size. You can choose to add a headboard to compliment your bed frame (you must buy these at the same time, you can’t add the headboard later) or add book nooks as shown in the image above. It also works well with Avocado Green’s line of minimal look, high quality adjustable bed frames.

A note about the slats: these have been left raw and unsanded, as this will help your mattress grip to the frame. They are 5 inches apart which is fine for an Avocado mattress, but I need to make you aware that some memory foam brands require you to use their mattresses on a base with slats no more than 3 inches apart.

Easy Assembly

The City Bed is a piece of furniture that you can take with you anywhere – which is super handy if you move a lot, or you’ve got apartment building staircases to contend with. It’s durable, compact and packs up quickly – all without any tools required.

Assembly will take you around ten minutes and everything you need comes with your frame (screws, Allen key to tighten the screws, felt pads for the feet of the frame to protect your floors).

City Bed Frame – Pricing

Frame SizeWithout HeadboardWith Headboard
Twin XL$695$1295
Cal King$1045$1795

The above prices are the retail price, which I recommend you don’t pay. Remember, Avocado is an online brand with a LOT of competition, so there is always a sale on or a deal to be had.

City Bed Accessories To Match Your Frame

Avocado City Bed Frame Accessories

The Shelf & Book Nook accessories make for fun additions that slot onto the side or foot of your City Bed Frame to fit that minimalist and sleek vibe, while offering some storage. The shelf is a small, modern box shelf perfect for storing books and other items such as plants in an easily accessible location without taking up too much space near bedsides.

These extras are made from the same materials as the City Bed Frame so they perfectly complement each other. You can either purchase these accessories as a bundle (2 shelves and one book nook) for $198, or purchase a set of shelves (2) or one book nook for $99 each.

City Bed Frame Reviews From Real Customers

It’s important to summarize the experience of real customers, so you don’t just have to take my word for it that this bed frame is a good buying choice. I’ve read all the reviews (good and bad) and found the following themes and comments from customers who already own this bed frame.

  • At the time of writing this City Bed Frame review, it had 69 reviews: 52 were five star (the highest rating, so most people are VERY happy), 8 reviews were four star (meaning 87% of customers were either very happy or quite happy with their Avocado City purchase), and there were 4 one or two star reviews (so just a few unhappy people overall)
  • Let’s start with the negative: the only theme I could find across the unhappy customers was about the longer shipping times for this frame compared to other brands. If you’re aware of this before you even buy (like you are now), you can cross this worry off your list. One person felt the frame was too low profile for them (yes it is quite low, I wouldn’t recommend this if you need a higher frame to help you get in and out of bed or want storage under your bed) and another felt the slats were thin (but that’s one out of everyone who took the time to leave a review)
  • The main themes to come out of the positive customer reviews were:
    • The finishes are beautiful
    • It feels like a quality product
    • The non toxic and sustainable materials felt nice to buy
    • They like the look

“I love this bed frame! It was so easy to put together quickly by myself. It’s well designed, well made, and looks awesome!”

About The Avocado Brand

Avocado makes eco-conscious and sustainable wood bed frames, mattresses, and other accessories like mattress toppers. Their wooden bed frames are handmade in their California facility.

Avocado’s bed frames are designed to be sturdy, easy on the environment and provide a long lifespan for your mattress. This new line of products offers an addressable market with its delivery being climate neutral as well as offering 10 years worth or warranty.

Want to know more about their “eco-conscious” stats? There’s no green washing here, Avocado are actually carbon negative. Not neutral, negative! Avocado offset all emissions produced from every step of their manufacturing process, and are working towards zero waste manufacturing (they’re nearly there, too).

No matter what you buy from Avocado, you’ll know it’s been made with love, and with your health and the planet front and centre of the company’s vision.

Avocado City Bed Frame Review: Final Thoughts

For those looking for high-quality furniture that is handmade with all-natural materials, I’m happy to recommend the City Bed Frame by Avocado. Avocado is a great company to buy from with their top-quality products, environmental focus, and friendly expert customer service (I know, they put up with a lot of chat and awkward questions from me as I researched this review).

I don’t know of a cheaper bed frame made from such great materials and with as much care as this one, and don’t forget it’s got a patent for its sturdy design. I’d happily have this bed frame in my own house.

Avocado City Bed Frame









  • Sturdy, patented design
  • Hand made from sustainably sourced materials
  • Non toxic throughout


  • Slats may be too wide for a memory foam mattress (they are fine for an Avocado mattress though)
  • If you want the headboard, you must decide now, it can't be added later
  • You need to allow processing and shipping time, it won't ship straight away


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