Adjustable Bed With Latex Mattress – 3 Epic Options For 2022

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Adjustable Bed With Latex Mattress – Okay, I’m pretty excited to share this article with you because this is my all-time favorite bed combo. What could be better than an adjustable base that you can have in any position you want, with a natural, durable, breathable comfortable latex mattress on top?

It’s my idea of absolute sleep heaven and I’ve been living and breathing everything beds for more than 3 years now so it’s a big deal for me to say that.

In the USA you’ve got several adjustable bed with latex mattress options, and I’ve analyzed the brands offering you the best pairings of their mattresses with adjustable bases. I’ve got a range of latex mattress options for you at a range of price points, and the adjustable bases each have their own features.

Spoiler alert: I think the GhostBed adjustable bed with latex mattress (the GhostBed natural) is the winning combo, but let’s kick this article off with an overview of all the options I found for you, then we’ll go into each one in more detail:

Best Overall:
  • Mattress Is A Hybrid Design With Two Latex Layers + Coil Support System
  • Mattress Has Universally Comfortable Medium Feel + 25 Year Warranty 
  • Base Has Head & Foot Massage With 15 Massage Modes (The Most Of Any Base I’ve Ever Reviewed) + 10 Year Warranty
  • Base Has USB Ports & LED Lights
  • Great Discount Bundles Available 
Best Full Organic Latex Mattress: PlushBeds
  • Mattress Is Full Organic Latex As Shown
  • Customize The Firmness To Your Preferences
  • Pair With PlushBeds Adjustable Bases: 4 Models Available
  • The Best PlushBeds Base Is The M555 – With A Ton Of Features For A Great Price
  • The Perfect PlushBeds Pairing Is The Botanical Bliss Mattress + M555 Base
  • Mattress Has A 25 Year Warranty, M555 Base Has 20 Years
Lowest Price:
  • Mattress Is A Hybrid, Like GhostBed, And Is The Best Rated Organic Mattress In The USA
  • Mattress Is Organic Latex And Zoned Coils, Note A Firmer Feel Than GhostBeds
  • Best Value Base Is The Avocado Eco Base, Which Is Still Packed With Features Including Massage
  • The Mattress Has A 25 Year Warranty, The Base Has 20 Years

So now you’ve got a bird’s eye view of the three best adjustable bed with latex mattress options, lets get into the business of describing each in more detail, analyzing them and comparing them.

What you’ll notice straight away is that latex mattresses come with a longer warranty than you may have seen on memory foam: you’ll get a 25 year warranty with any of my top options because a good quality latex mattress is going to last and last (and last). It’s the most durable mattress material you’ll find. An unexpected benefit I wasn’t expecting to see is that these latex brands also offer you long warranties on their adjustable bases to match the life of their mattress. Most adjustable bases in the market have a 10 year warranty so I was pretty blown away to find two to recommend to you that offer a 20 year warranty.

One small drawback: note that NONE of these adjustable bases offer a sleep trial. You only get a sleep trial on your mattress. This is pretty common across the market, but if having an adjustable base with a sleep trial is super important to you, Puffy offer one on their base, which you can read about here.

Best Adjustable Bed With Latex Mattress: GhostBed

GhostBed Specs/Overview

GhostBed often run awesome sales, like 40% off adjustable base and mattress bundles, representing massive value. Any of my links take you to today’s best guaranteed price.

The Latex Mattress: GhostBed Natural Mattress

Adjustable Bed With Latex Mattress - GhostBed Staged
  • Prices: from $1495 (before discounts)
  • Important Stuff: Made in the USA, free delivery, 25 year warranty and 101 night sleep trial
  • Construction: 12 inch total height, cotton + wool cover, 2 inches of natural talalay latex, 8 inches of pocket coils with reinforced edging, 1 inch of dunlop latex as the base
  • Feel: rated a 5.5 – 6.5 out of 10, this is a very comfortable medium and is my favorite feel for a mattress. Mattress in box brands tend to run slightly on the firmer side, but I think GhostBed have hit a better balance for both back and side sleepers here.
  • Ratings From Customers: This is a relatively new mattress for GhostBed, so it’s still gaining momentum in real customer reviews. At the time of writing, it had 30 reviews from buyers, and they were ALL 4 or 5 stars so this mattress has the potential to be the most well loved of the GhostBed range (and they’ve got some good mattresses).

First up, I love the materials used here. To me, there’s nothing better in a mattress than a pocket coil and latex combo. You’ll note GhostBed have used two types of latex here: talalay latex for a bouncier feel through the top and dunlop latex for a sturdy base for the springs to rest on.

As I’ve already said, this is my personal preference for mattress firmness, so I must admit I’m probably a bit biased towards this mattress given it’s my favorite materials and favorite firmness. This quality of the materials do mean that this firmness should work well for pretty much everyone except for heavier stomach sleepers, who I’d advise to read on to my analysis of the Avocado mattress instead, which is that touch firmer.

The GhostBed Adjustable Base

GhostBed Adjustable Base For Latex Mattress

GhostBed offer just the one adjustable base on their website, and it’s a goodie (one of the best in both the USA and Canada). Here are the specs:

  • Prices: From $1449 (remember to get a discount)
  • Important Stuff: Free delivery, 10 year warranty, made in USA
  • Special Features: USB Ports, underbed lighting, best massage function of any adjustable base, wireless remote
  • Anything Else? Note no sleep trial, and adjustable legs must be purchased separately as an accessory

This is an absolutely amazing adjustable base for your money. Not only does it have all the features you’d expect like head and foot articulation and a wireless remote, GhostBed have really upped the ante with the massage functions on this base. The LED lighting helps you find your way should you need to get up in the night without disturbing a partner with a bright light, and the USB ports are a nice touch you don’t see on other bases of comparable price.

Runner Up: PlushBeds Mattress + Adjustable Base

PlushBeds Specs/Overview

Similar to GhostBed, PlushBeds also run big discounts, so on a good day you’ll catch their mattresses and adjustable bases for upwards of $1000 off the retail price. Again, any of my links take you to today’s best guaranteed price.

The Latex Mattress: PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress Staged
  • Prices: from $2599 (before discounts, which will significantly lower this price)
  • Important Stuff: Made in the USA, free delivery, 25 year warranty and 101 night sleep trial
  • Construction: your choice of 9, 10, or 12 inch total height, cotton + wool cover, organic talalay latex comfort layer, dunlop latex core
  • Feel: this is a cool thing about PlushBeds: you can choose if you want medium (most customers choose this) or medium firm. If you’re not happy with those options, PlushBeds can even customize the feel for you.
  • Ratings From Customers: The Botanical Bliss mattress has been around for a while now, and is clearly well loved by customers as it has a rating of 4 or 5 stars from more than 4,000 reviewers. PlushBeds don’t go out of their way to hide negative reviews, there simply aren’t any for this amazing organic latex mattress!

I think it’s fair to say that the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss mattress is the most luxurious of all three mattresses featured in this adjustable bed and latex mattress overview. You’re getting layer upon layer of the highest quality organic materials, including latex throughout the entire mattress. Then you’ve got the firmness options with customization if required, so it’s not hard to see why this mattress is so well loved.

At first glance the prices do look steep (but given the materials, quality and choices you get here the price is quite fair really), but remember to buy on a day when you can get a generous discount, meaning you won’t pay too much more for your beautiful PlushBeds mattress than many other standard mattress in a box brands.

The PlushBeds Adjustable Base

PlushBeds M555 Base

PlushBeds offer a range of adjustable bases on their site, and I’ve chosen the M555 as the best as it balances the most features with the best value. If you want to compare the PlushBeds adjustable bases side by side, you can do that here.

  • Prices: From $2780 (remember to check for discounts)
  • Important Stuff: Free delivery, 20 year warranty (that’s twice as long as most)
  • Special Features: USB Ports, underbed lighting, massage, wireless remote, and bluetooth capability if you’d rather use your phone as your remote
  • Anything Else? Just like GhostBed, this PlushBeds adjustable base has no sleep trial, and adjustable legs are available as a separate purchase.

If you like the idea of using your phone as a remote instead of having an extra gadget in your bedroom, this base will appeal to you. It’s got all the “nice to have” features including massage, which is only available on two of the PlushBeds adjustable base options.

I’m really impressed with the 20 year warranty offered here, as I said earlier this helps match the durability of a great latex mattress to your adjustable bed. You’ll be sleeping well for years on your adjustable bed with latex mattress combo from PlushBeds.

Cheapest: Avocado Green Mattress + Adjustable Base

Avocado has built a reputation for themselves as America’s greenest mattress company and they’re also one of the most beloved, with their latex mattress claiming “top organic mattress” awards year after year. Avocado don’t typically run as deep discounts as GhostBeds or PlushBeds, but their everyday prices are lower so they’re an excellent budget choice without worrying about skimping on quality.

The Latex Mattress

Avocado Green Latex Mattress Staged
  • Prices: from $1099 (before discounts)
  • Important Stuff: Made in the USA, free delivery, 25 year warranty and 365 night sleep trial (no that’s not a typo, Avocado give you a whole year to try your mattress out)
  • Construction: choose if you want standard mattress (11 inches tall) or you can upgrade to a pillow top (13 inches tall), cotton + wool cover, organic dunlop latex, zoned pocket coils with reinforced edging, 1 inch of dunlop latex as the base.
  • Feel: the standard Avocado mattress is rated at 7 out of 10, which is medium-firm, but really bordering on firm to me. The pillowtop upgrade gives a more plush feel with an extra layer of latex.
  • Ratings From Customers: This is the best rated organic mattress on the internet, and when you look at real customer reviews you can see this isn’t just marketing speak: the Avocado Green mattress has a whopping 16,000+ reviews and an average score of 4.7 out of 5.

It’s no secret that I agree with Avocado being one of the best value organic mattresses on the market, in fact I’ve got it listed in several “top” posts because it’s that good. Like I said earlier, I think the feel of the GhostBed would be better suited to me personally, as this is a slightly firmer mattress (which will be appealing to many people).

Other things that make the Avocado Green mattress a total standout are the zoning in the supporting coils for targeted support, the year long sleep trial, and Avocado’s environmental consciousness (they’re a carbon negative company)

The Avocado Adjustable Base

Avocado Eco Base With Mattress

Avocado offer three adjustable bases in their range. I’m choosing to recommend their Eco adjustable base to you as it’s the lowest priced of the three but you don’t lose any features. Pretty awesome.

  • Prices: From $949 (remember to check for discounts)
  • Important Stuff: Made in the USA, free delivery, 20 year warranty
  • Special Features: This base is a bit more minimal, and does not have lighting or USB ports. It DOES have beautiful natural finishes as you’d expect from Avocado, good massage settings, and the ability to control the base via an app on your phone.
  • Anything Else? Remember, no sleep trial, and adjustable legs aren’t available on this base.

As far as a “no frills” option goes, this is pretty amazing. You still get powerful motors and great massage functionality, so the features you miss out on don’t affect the function of the bed at all. The lighting is the only thing that you might really miss here if you get up a lot in the night.

Avocado is the only adjustable base I’ve featured to use natural materials like wooden legs, and it’s also designed to be compatible with other Avocado bed frames such as the wooden city frame if you want a different look.

Discussion Of All Three

Let’s talk about the mattresses. I think PlushBeds is the most deluxe, with its generous organic latex construction and customizable firmness. Avocado Green is well deserving of its best rated title with its organic latex and zoned support. My favorite is the GhostBed for its feel and talalay latex in the top.

Let’s talk adjustable bases: Overall, PlushBeds has the most features, but GhostBed is the best value (it’s got better massage than the PlushBeds base, it just doesn’t have the blue tooth). If you’re prepared to drop a few features then you can’t look past the value of Avocado.

Why GhostBed is my top pick: As you can see, it’s my favorite mattress of the three, and I think their adjustable base is the best value. When you put these two facts with the amazing deals GhostBeds run on their adjustable bed bundles, I’d be kind of silly to recommend anything else as my number one.

You can mix and match! Like the feature of one mattress, but the base of another? No problem! All of the mattresses here are compatible with any adjustable base, so there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t buy a mattress from one retailer and a base from the other.

To finish, here’s a short video from GhostBed’s founder Mark, showing you their amazing adjustable bed base in action.


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