Brooklyn Chill Mattress Review – Top Budget Mattress In The USA

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Best Budget Mattress In The USA
Brooklyn Chill Mattress
9.3/10Our Score
  • Prices From $249 (Before Discount)
  • Huge Range Of Sizes And Comfort Levels
  • Made From Open Cell, Breathable Foams
  • Made In USA
  • Free Delivery + 120 Night Sleep Trial
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Thousands Of Happy Customers

Brooklyn Chill Mattress Review – Comfort before support? Why not both (and make it super easy on the wallet while you’re at it). That’s the philosophy that guided the folks at Brooklyn Bedding when they designed the Brooklyn Chill mattress. With prices coming in at under $600 for a 12 inch , Queen size mattress I challenge you to show me a better value mattress with the same specs as the Brooklyn Chill (seriously, if you find one please email me).

Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses are all great, but what makes this one special is the combination of low price with cutting-edge technology weaved into the fabric and materials of the mattress, no pun intended. At this price point, very few brands would go the extra mile of providing the mattress cover with hi-tech and eco-friendly protection against slashes, stains, and wear and tear the way the Brooklyn Chill does, never mind the generous foam layers.

There’s also no skimping on stability with durable support foams, great comfort levels in the gel memory foam, and breathability throughout. Oh, and it’s made in the USA just to top it all off.

That’s the bird’s-eye view of what the Brooklyn Chill Memory Foam mattress is all about. As we dig deeper into the inner material and technologies behind this mattress, we’ll cover the following topics in more detail:

  • Brooklyn Chill Overview
  • Brooklyn Chill Features
  • What Customers Think About Brooklyn Chill Mattress
  • Alternatives to the Brooklyn Chill Mattress
  • Final Thoughts

Brooklyn Chill Mattress Overview

Made by Brooklyn Bedding, the Brooklyn Chill comes in a variety of thicknesses and starts at at extremely pocket friendly price point.

Brooklyn chill mattress review -staged
  • Price: $599.20 for a queen-size 12-inch mattress.
  • Both shipping and returns are free inside the United States.
  • 120 night sleep risk-free trial with no obligations.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • The cover is soft and breathable with a Nano Stain Terminator finish to protect the mattress from stains and slashes and keep it cool.
  • The various models of the mattress have different layers that can be summed up as follows:
    • Gel Swirl Memory Foam: This layer made from high-quality foam gives the mattress its famous responsiveness and allows for motion isolation.
    • VariFlex Foam: A transition layer that features in the 12 and 14-inch models. The layer is responsible for the medium-firm and cloud-like contouring of those two models for an elevated sleep experience.
    • High-Density Base Foam: If you’re wondering what gives the mattress its structure and durability, this is the layer that shoulders this responsibility. 

The Brooklyn Chill mattress comes in different models for your specific needs. The dual-layer 6 and 8-inch models are more suitable for bunk beds, trundle beds, or RV beds. Their firm to medium-firm support qualities are ideal for people who prefer to sleep on their stomach or back. The 10-inch model has a dual-layer with a firm core and more contouring for all sleeping positions. Meanwhile, the 12-inch and 14-inch models add an extra transition foam layer and high-density base for a luxurious sleep experience. The thicker the model, the softer it gets.

Both the design and the materials of the mattress make it ideal for hot sleepers whose body temperature tends to rise during sleep. Couples would also get a good night’s sleep out of the Brooklyn Chill thanks to its outstanding motion isolation features. As for those who have joint or hip pain, the gel swirl memory foam comes in handy to keep aching joints comfortable during the many hours you spend lying down on the mattress.

Analysis Of The Materials Inside The Brooklyn Chill Mattress

Brooklyn chill mattress cross section


Breathability and stain-repellent are the two distinguishing features of the cover of the Brooklyn Chill Memory Foam mattress. The environmentally friendly cover is made from soft and breathable fabric with a hi-tech Nano Stain Terminator finish. It repels stains, splashes, and dirt. It also acts as a guard against slashes, cuts, and the usual wear and tear.

Comfort Layer

The gel swirl memory foam layer at the top of the mattress gives it the different degrees of comfort that each model is known for. Here’s the lowdown of how this layer makes all the difference in the firmness levels and support of each model.

  • Model 6”: One layer of memory foam measuring about 2 inches thick. This model scores 7 to 9 on the firmness scale and is considered firm.
  • Model 8”: It also has one 2-inch layer but is generally less firm than the previous model. It scores 6 to 8 and is considered firm-medium.
  • Model 10”: The top memory layer is about 2.5 inches thick and gives the mattress a firmness score between 5 to 7. It’s considered a medium-firm mattress.
  • Model 12”: There are two top layers that separate your body from the coils beneath. The first layer is a 2.5-inch memory foam layer for cooling and motion isolation. The second layer is the transition layer and is made from VariFlex foam. This 2-inch layer gives the mattress exceptional contouring. The model scores 4 to 6 and is considered medium.
  • Model 14”: Similar to Model 12” but with more thick layers. The swirl gel foam layer is 3 inches thick and so is the transition layer. The result is a soft-medium surface and cloud-like contouring that works best for side sleepers. The mattress scores 3 to 5 on the firmness scale, making it soft-medium.

Unless you REALLY like a softer mattress, I think the 10 or 12 inch model are going to feel the best for most people. The 12 inch would work particularly well for side sleepers who need a bit more pressure relief for their shoulder, while back and combo sleepers will appreciate the slightly firmer feel of the 10 inch under their backs.

Support/Base Layer

Regardless of which model you buy of the Brooklyn Chill mattress, they all come with a high density foam support base. Something I really like here is that Brooklyn Bedding make sure that in every model (apart from the 6 inch where it’s obviously not possible) there is enough stable support foam for you to get durability from your mattress.

Too often I see cheap memory foam mattresses trying to look attractive by offering tons of plush comfort layers but skimping on the support, which I think is a mistake. Brooklyn Bedding are obviously confident in the quality of their gel memory foam layer and are happy to dedicate an appropriate amount of mattress inches to supporting your sleep (7 inches is what I’d usually recommend)

Although all models of the mattress should be rotated once every 6 to 8 months, this is not a flippable mattress. It has only one side up while the bottom, where the base layer is, should always sit on the bed frame.

Brooklyn Chill Mattress – What Are Customers Saying?

From the 2,300 comments and counting that the Brooklyn Chill mattress received on the Brooklyn Bedding website, it was clear that overall customer satisfaction was high. Although this feedback features on the official website of the Brooklyn Bedding company, it is handled by a third-party company. So it was easy to sift through the positive as well as the negative comments.

  • The overall score of the mattress based on user feedback was 4.7 out of 5 stars. That’s an excellent score considering the large number of comments and ratings.
  • About 94 percent of customers gave the mattress 4 or 5 stars.
  • Most of the satisfied customers praised the ease with which the mattress opened and how they could set it up with no extra effort or the need to call for someone to help.
  • Whether people used the mattress on a regular bed, on a bunk bed for a teenager, or in an RV, they all expressed their satisfaction with the comfort and support levels of the mattress.
  • Many of the customers were returning ones. This is a testament to the quality of the mattress and how it holds up over the years.
  • One user needed a custom protector for the mattress that was deeper than the usual one. They pointed out how the company was happy to oblige them at no extra cost.
  • Another self-described “heavy dude” praised the comfort of the mattress and how his sleep was longer and deeper without the usual back and neck pain he used to get from sleeping on other mattresses.
  • There were also negative comments which we include here for the sake of fair and balanced reviewing.
    • One user who bought a medium-firm (Model 10”) found the mattress to be too soft for his liking.
    • Another user wasn’t happy with the Model 12” and felt it was too firm than expected.

“Great mattress! Fits perfectly and is firm with just enough softness at the top. Medium-firm truly is more firm but provides a nice balance with a little cushion on top. Seems to be of great quality as well! I’m very pleased. I used to sell mattresses at a department store and this one surprised me. It came in a box and I relaxed right away!”

Brooklyn Chill Mattress Review Verdict

Whether your body heats up during sleep or you’re a couple sharing a bed and wouldn’t like to disturb each other when one of you rolls over or thrashes about in their sleep, the Brooklyn Chill Memory Foam mattress from Brooklyn Bedding is the right answer you’ve been looking for. It has a REALLY decent price for a mattress with such high levels of comfort.

I also like the proprietary technology that goes into everything from the top cover to the foam layers that give the mattress its distinct support and desired firmness levels. For all of these reasons, I add my voice to the thousands of happy customers and recommend the Brooklyn Chill mattress with its different models to all types of sleepers and their very specific needs.

Brooklyn Chill Mattress

From Just $249

Value For Money




Customer Satisfaction



  • Best Budget Memory Foam Option
  • Made In USA, Free Delivery And Trial
  • Huge Variety Of Size Options


  • Well, I Honestly Can't Really Think Of One. To Be Honest, I Don't Like The Color Of The Cover But That's Irrelevant To Your Comfort.


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