Can You Use Any Mattress On An Adjustable Base?

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Can You Use Any Mattress On An Adjustable Base? The good news is that you can use MOST mattresses on an adjustable base, but certainly not ALL. Let me answer all your questions around which mattresses work well on adjustable beds, which ones don’t.

I’ve been helping people get the best sleep for 3 years now, and have being doing a lot of work around helping people with adjustable bases lately, so I’ve got everything you need to know about matching adjustable bases with mattresses right here. I’ll cover:

  • What Kind Of Mattress You CAN Use On An Adjustable Bed (And Why)
  • What Kind Of Mattress You MAY Be Able To Use On An Adjustable Bed (And How To Tell)
  • What Kind Of Mattresses You CAN’T Use On An Adjustable Bed (And Why)
  • Your Other Mattress + Adjustable Base Questions Answered

What Kind Of Mattress You CAN Use On An Adjustable Base (And Why)

There are two main types of mattress you can definitely use on an adjustable base without having to check with the manufacturer if it’s okay first. These are memory foam mattresses and full latex mattresses. The reason you can use both of these mattress types on an adjustable bed is that they are made from foams, which flex a lot more easily than springs, making them the ideal partner for your adjustable bed.

1. Memory Foam

Puffy Mattress + Adjustable Base
Puffy Mattress And Adjustable Base Are A Great Memory Foam Combo

Memory foam mattresses are massively popular for their pressure relieving properties and relatively low cost. I have a memory foam mattress on my own bed at the moment, and it’s extremely comfortable. Memory foam mattresses generally have synthetic, breathable covers and one or two layers of comfort/memory foams sitting on top of a high density foam base.

There are many amazing memory foam mattresses available for under $1500 if you buy direct from an online manufacturer, and here are some things to look for when choosing a memory foam mattress:

  • A good balance of pressure relieving foam and support foam so you don’t feel like you’re sinking in too far
  • Cooling technologies inside the mattress to prevent heat build up
  • A high quality cover
  • A good sleep trial (you need at least 30 nights to test a new mattress), free delivery, and a warranty of at least 10 years
  • A height of 10 – 14 inches depending on your preferences
  • Some of my favorite memory foam brands are:

2. Latex – My Top Recommendation For The Longest Mattress Life With An Adjustable Bed

GhostBed Latex Mattress And Adjustable Base Combo
This Is The GhostBed Natural Latex Mattress On The GhostBed Adjustable Base – One Of My Favorite Combos

Latex mattresses are pretty hard to beat for their durability. They have a springier feel than memory foam, but don’t compromise on comfort and support. Not only is natural latex (and yes, it needs to be natural or organic latex) durable, it’s also antimicrobial and naturally temperature regulating, so it’s an easy choice for a great mattress material.

A good quality latex mattress will have a warranty of at least 20 years (that’s double what you can expect from memory foam) and not only will you find natural latex inside, you’ll likely find natural materials such as organic cotton and wool in the cover.

Some of my favorite latex mattress brands are:

You’ll find there are several latex mattress brands that offer bundles with an adjustable bed. The best thing about a buying a bundle with a latex mattress is that you’ll often find the adjustable bed comes with a 20 year warranty, which is double what you would expect if you bought your adjustable base elsewhere. Click on the button below to find out the best latex mattress and adjustable base combos offering you these unbeatable warranties.

What Kind Of Mattress You MAY Be Able To Use On An Adjustable Bed (And How To Tell)

One mattress type where it gets a bit tricky about whether you can use it on an adjustable base or not is a hybrid mattress. This is a mattress with foam in the comfort layers (latex, memory foam, or a combination) and a pocket coil support base.

Hybrid mattresses are excellent for offering support and airflow through a mattress, but springs don’t flex as easily as foam, so you need to confirm with the manufacturer whether the hybrid mattress you are interested in (or currently have) is compatible with adjustable bases.

Luckily the answer is generally yes, because modern pocket coils (which are what you find in the base of a hybrid mattress) are designed to move independently from each other so they can work well. I have come across some brands, however, where they have said their hybrid mattress should NOT be used on an adjustable base.

To save you some time researching, here are some great hybrid mattresses that are 100% adjustable base compatible:

What Kind Of Mattresses You CAN’T Use On An Adjustable Bed (And Why)

Can You Use Any Mattress On An Adjustable Bed? - Don't Use Innerspring
This Is What An Innerspring Support System Looks Like

You generally can’t use a innerspring mattress (with a traditional coil unit as shown in the picture) on an adjustable bed. These coils are designed to move as one unit, and do not flex well on adjustable bases. If you currently have an innerspring mattress and are considering an adjustable base, you will need to get a new mattress. There is one exception to this rule: Saatva make a beautiful innerspring mattress which has been designed to work with adjustable bases. This is the only one I’d recommend.

Your Other Mattress + Adjustable Base Questions Answered

Do Adjustable Bases Ruin Mattresses?

No, an adjustable base will not ruin a mattress, as long as it’s one of the compatible mattress types I mentioned before.
However, according to Consumer Affairs, you may find your mattress has a slightly shortened lifespan because of the constant flexing of the mattress when you operate the adjustable base. This puts more pressure on the mattress than if it was lying flat. I recommend a latex mattress and base combo to get the longest life possible out of your mattress.

Can You Replace The Mattress On An Adjustable Bed?

Yes, you can. As long as your new mattress is compatible with an adjustable base (such as a memory foam mattress, latex mattress or hybrid mattress that the manufacturer confirms as compatible with adjustable bases) you can use any mattress on an adjustable bed and switch them out as you like.

Can You Use A King Mattress On An Adjustable Bed?

Yes, you can if you have a king size base. However, many people prefer to buy a SPLIT king instead, which means if you’re sharing a bed each person has their own side which goes up and down separately from the other side, which is a perfect solution if you want to be in different positions. I’ve got some great split king adjustable bed recommendations here.


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