Is Puffy Royal Worth The Money? Yes. Here’s Why:

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Is Puffy Royal Worth The Money? The Short Answer is yes. 

Sure, it’s the most expensive mattress in the Puffy range, but it’s also the most advanced. In fact, I think it’s the most advanced mattress in a box you can buy today. At any price point. 

All Puffy mattresses are designed, made, and shipped for free within the US. They all come with a 101 night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty, so they’ve all got to be good, right? Why pay extra for the Royal?

In this article, I’ll take you through the features of the Puffy Royal and compare it to the other two Puffy models, so you can see exactly how the extra costs come in. 

I’ll just say right now that the Puffy Royal is one of my favorite all-foam mattresses, and the fact that you can now choose to buy it as a hybrid if you prefer that insead, just makes it even more appealing for more people. 

Puffy Royal Mattress Features


Here’s everything you need to know about the Puffy Royal Mattress:

  • 14 Inch height (this defines it as a “luxury” mattress)
  • 101 Night sleep trial and unbeatable lifetime warranty (there are hardly any all foam mattress brands that are brave enough to offer such a generous warranty)
  • 4 layer construction
    • The top layer is a gel infused memory foam that you won’t find in the other Puffy models
    • The second layer is a premium memory foam
    • The third layer is a cloud foam with an airflow system exclusive to Puffy Royal
    • The bottom layer is contour adapt coils, for further airflow through the mattress, good edge support, and targeted support (more so than any mattress with a high density foam core)

The Big Question: Is Puffy Royal Worth The Money?

Yes. I genuinely believe it is. 

Even though this is a luxury mattress using premium materials, prices start from $1645. You would pay at least double that for anything even remotely similar in a store. Remember, you won’t even have to pay the full Puffy retail price though, as there’s always a deal to be had.

14 Inches is a lot of mattress, and Puffy have really pushed the boat out to carefully design each layer to work perfectly with each other, creating a mattress that combines the best of comfort with the best of cooling and durability. The Puffy Royal also has a cover upgrade over the standard Puffy mattress. 

I’ve written a full review of the Puffy Royal Mattress, click here for more detail.

Let’s Look At The Three Puffy Mattresses Side By Side

Is Puffy Royal Mattress Worth The Money - All Puffy Mattresses Comparison

You can see that there are multiple reasons why the Puffy Royal costs more than the other Puffy models.

  • It’s 2 inches taller than the Lux and 4 inches taller than the Original
  • It’s the only one that has the gel infused memory foam top layer (one of the best foam types to keep a memory foam mattress cool)
  • It’s the only one to feature cooling channels. This is really important, because it allows air to flow out of the mattress before it gets trapped in the dense base below
  • It’s the only one that has four comfort layers
  • It’s the only one that has zoning through the support core

You’ll notice there’s a much bigger price jump from the Original to the Lux than there is from the Lux to the Royal. This is because the Original is pretty much a “basic” memory foam mattress. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very comfortable and well built, but the Lux and the Royal are where you’re paying for extra features. 

The Lux and the Royal are the only two models that come as a hybrid, the Original just comes as all foam. I think the relatively small price jump up from the Lux to the Royal is 100% worth it for the extra features you’d get.

The Puffy Royal is worth your money and it’s a great mattress you’ll sleep extremely comfortably (and smugly) on for years.


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