Latex For Less Mattress Review: Bargain Or Bust?

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Latex For Less Mattress: Is The Saving Worth It?

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Latex mattresses are known to be the highest quality and most durable of all mattress types, but they can have a high price ticket. What if there was a latex mattress that cost a little less, but came with all the same promises? Latex For Less make a latex mattress that is exactly that, and the name pretty much says it all.

In this review of the Latex For Less latex mattress I’ll give you all the info you need about the mattress (including why latex is a great choice of mattress material), if it’s worth your precious money, and what other people think of it:

  • About Latex For Less
  • Why Choose A Latex Mattress?
  • Latex For Less Mattress Features
  • What Does This Mattress Feel Like To Lie On?
  • Is This Mattress Right For You?
  • Does It Live Up To Its Name?
  • What Are People Saying Who Love This Mattress?
  • Final Opinion: Find Out If It’s Worth Your $$$

About Latex For Less

Latex For Less is a mattress company based in Florida. They started business in 2007, and were previously known as the Natural Latex Company (if you read through the Amazon comments about this mattress, you’ll see the older comments are addressed by The Natural Latex Company). They have an A rating from the Better Business Bureau.

The main goals for their mattress are for it to be all natural, comfortable, and affordable. They have spent more than ten years researching, developing, and refining their mattress. This is a lot longer than many of the other online mattress companies, which you may have noticed springing up just in the last couple of years.

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Why Choose A Latex Mattress?

There are loads of benefits to choosing a natural latex mattress.

As a quick summary, the most compelling reasons are:

  • Durability (many people report owning latex mattresses that have lasted 20 years) – which is usually backed up by a strong company warranty backing their mattress
  • All natural materials (as long as you choose a natural latex mattress, not synthetic or blended latex), some are even made from organic latex
  • Natural latex can be sustainably sourced
  • Hypoallergenic: latex is naturally repellent to dust mites and bed bugs
  • Sleeps cool: latex naturally dissipates body heat

If you would like more information about the benefits of investing in a latex mattress, I have a more detailed article which you can read here.

Latex For Less Mattress Features

the latex for less mattress is flippable

Latex For Less offer two mattresses: a 7 inch model and a 9 inch model. If you visit the Amazon listing, you’ll notice there is a 10 inch and 12 inch model listed, but they are not in production and unavailable. Only the 7 inch and 9 inch mattresses are currently available.

Price range:

  • $1149 – $1649 for the 7 inch mattress
  • $1199 – $1949 for  the 9 inch mattress

Like most online mattress companies, Latex For Less often run specials. By following my links directly to the Latex For Less website, you’ll automatically be offered the best price available as one of my readers. If there is no deal offered, I suggest you wait for a sale as they come around frequently.

Please note that prices on Amazon may vary compared to those above, as Amazon runs its own deals and has its own pricing methods. It might pay to check out both sites before you buy!

Size range available:

Both the 7 and 9 inch mattresses are available in the usual options of Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. In the 9 inch mattress, you also have the option to choose a split Queen, split King, or split California King. The split sizes work really well on adjustable bed bases, which you can also purchase from Latex For Less when you buy your mattress. The split size options are not available in the 7 inch mattress.


latex for less mattress cross section

These mattresses are made in the USA with natural latex that is sustainably sourced from Sri Lanka.

  • The firm latex used is a dunlop latex. The medium latex for the softer feeling side of the mattress is a talalay latex. Read all about the differences between dunlop and talalay here.
  • The 7 inch mattress contains 6 inches of latex and 1 inch of wool + cotton.
  • The 9 inch mattress contains 8 inches of latex and 1 inch of wool + cotton.
  • The thing that is really unique from other latex mattresses I have seen in that this mattress is reversible – you have two different firmness levels within the one mattress. One side is medium the other is firm. The two sides of the mattress are labelled so you can easily tell which one is which.
  • Latex For Less are really upfront about the quality and density of the latex used in their mattresses. Many companies secret away information such as the load density of the mattress (they say it’s just confusing information but some consumers like to have it).
    • The details for this mattress are:
      • A density of 85 (ILD 36) for the firm latex indicates a high density latex that should be durable and of good quality.
      • The N3 (ILD 19) rating for the talalay latex in the medium layer indicates a lower density latex that will feel softer and have more surface comfort, meaning it will conform nicely to your body without sinking too much. The talalay latex manufacturing process also means the latex has more air cells, making it feel lighter and softer.
  • The cover is an organic Indian cotton woven into a stretch knit.
  • Underneath the cotton cover is a layer of Californian wool. This acts as a natural and breathable fire barrier.

Sleep Trial And Warranty

  • 120 night sleep trial if you buy direct from Latex For Less
  • 30 night right of return if you buy via Amazon (if the mattress appears cheaper on Amazon this is the reason why)
  • 20 year warranty (for both Amazon and direct customers)

Shipping And Returns:

Like most online mattress companies, you’ll get free shipping.

Unlike many of their competitors, if you wish to return your mattress, Latex For Less will just come and pick it up, making things so easy for you. Some other companies require you to ship it back to them or donate your mattress to a charity: this is fine, but it requires a little more effort of you.

Your Mattress Will Be Made To Order

This is great as you know the mattress is not sitting around on the factory floor inside a box for any period of time. Other companies have had issues where mattresses that have been sitting compressed in boxes for too long have not expanded evenly to their full height, so you want to avoid this. You can expect your Latex For Less Mattress to be shipped to you 5-7 days after placing your order.

However, if you purchase from Amazon, Amazon handle the processing of your order and your mattress may have been sitting in an Amazon warehouse for a period of time.

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What Does This Mattress Feel Like To Lie On?

The company describes lying on their mattress to be a “buoyant, cloud-like sensation”.

From what I can tell from researching this mattress and other latex mattresses, this mattress should feel just as good as its more highly priced competitors. Latex is a unique feel: it is more bouncy than memory foam, but is great at relieving pressure.

staged latex mattress

It may take a little adjusting to if you’ve never used one before. 

Is This Mattress Right For You?

The answer is YES if you:

  • Want all natural materials
  • Are looking for something durable
  • Want something with two firmness options
  • Don’t mind a mattress that is on the thinner side (I’d consider 10 inches to be standard)

I’d suggest you choose something else if:

  1. You weigh more than 250lb. I would recommend you either look at getting a topper to increase the thickness of this mattress (a 3 inch topper would be great to bring the height of the 9 inch mattress to 12 inches to give you more cushioning) or look at a different mattress all together. Latex for Less sell toppers to match their mattresses, or you can read my reviews of some other toppers here.   I do not think 7 or 9 inches is thick enough to support higher body weights and you could feel like you “bottom out” on it.  Remember also that the 7 inch mattress only has 6 inches of latex and the 9 inch mattress only has 8 inches of latex so in my opinion they would not be comfortable enough on their own. You can read about my top mattress recommendations for heavier people here.

Does It Live Up To Its Name?

Some of my other favorite latex mattresses cost about double what this one costs, so if you just compare price, then yes, you are getting Latex For Less. The Latex For Less Mattress is made from high quality materials and should be a comfortable and durable mattress, I don’t think you’re skimping on quality by choosing it.

However it is a thinner mattress than most other latex mattresses. So you’re getting less mattress for your money. It is less latex from Latex for Less! If you don’t mind a thinner mattress then this is a good quality buy.

Do keep in mind though, that if you buy this mattress with the aim of saving money and then needing to buy a topper to make it thicker, you could end up spending more overall.

What Are People Saying Who Love This Mattress?

  • “I love that I can choose between medium and firm, just by flipping it over.”
  • “I was a bit worried at first that it wasn’t as thick or fluffy as other brands, but the sleep comfort is the best I’ve ever had.”
  • “I’ve struggled for years with sleeping too warm. After researching about latex mattresses, I chose this one and am no longer waking up hot!”
  • “My wife and I are both sleeping better since getting this mattress, and it has helped my wife with her back pain.”
  • “My only regret is that I didn’t buy this years ago.”
  • “Great price for a very comfortable, non toxic mattress.”

Read more comments from real users here

My Final Opinion

This is a great quality, low cost, all natural latex mattress. It has the unique feature of having a firm side and a medium side, so you can choose your firmness level. It’s made from durable latex and has fantastic natural cotton and wool around the latex.

I think it is a good buy for your money. You just need to be aware that it is thinner than some of its latex competitors, and this is why it is cheaper.

You have the option to buy this mattress either directly from Latex For Less or via Amazon. It pays to check the prices on both sites before you make a purchase, but remember there are two big reasons to buy this mattress directly from the company instead of buying it from Amazon:

  • You will get a 120 night sleep trial (Amazon customers only get 30 nights)
  • Your mattress will be made to order (Amazon mattresses may have been sitting in a warehouse for an unknown length of time)

I recommend you make your purchase directly with Latex For Less.

Latex For Less Mattress


Overall Rating


Value For Money


Customer Service



  • Flippable mattress with a medium side and a firm side
  • Made to order in the USA
  • High quality natural materials


  • Thinner than some of its competitors
  • I would not recommend this for heavy people
  • You may need to purchase a topper to use with this mattress


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