What To Do With An Old Mattress: 5 Best Solutions

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What To Do With An Old Mattresswhat to do with an old mattress

Is wondering what to do with your old mattress holding you back from making your new bedding purchase? I know that the thought of having such a cumbersome item of junk was a big concern for us when we decided to upgrade our own mattress. It’s not like you can just put it out with the trash, they are huge and heavy. I’ve come up with 5 great solutions for what you can do with your old mattress, including the details of what we did with our own.

1. Donate It

Donating your mattress to a charity can be a great option. You’ll be providing a bed for someone in need and the charity will probably even come and collect it, too. Your mattress will need to be in usable condition to donate it, nobody will want to sleep on it if there are springs poking through or lots of rips or stains.

The Salvation Army is a great place to start, follow this link to find pick up services and drop off locations in your local area.

You could also donate your mattress to someone you know. Maybe a friend needs one for their spare room? Is your nephew off to college? You might be surprised to find out who might be really grateful for it.

2. Recycle It

If you think your mattress might not be in good enough condition to give away but still could have some use, recycling it is a great way to dispose of an old mattress. There are a couple of things you can do here:

  • List it on a site such as the Freecycle Network for someone to reuse in some way
  • Do what we did and totally deconstruct it for its parts! My husband Andrew really liked the pillow top part of the mattress so he ripped it off to keep as a topper should we ever want one in the future. He then took out all the pocket coils and disposed of them at our local recycling center. You can see exactly what we did in this post here.

3. Use It For Your Guest Bed

If you need to furnish a guest bedroom, or upgrade from your guests sleeping on your couch, using your old mattress on the bed in your guest room can be a great way to keep on using the mattress in your own home. If you already have a guest room with a bed all set up, your old mattress might be an upgrade from what you currently have on your guest bed. If that’s the case, you may well find yourself using the other suggestions in this post to get rid of your old guest mattress instead!

4. Junk Itjunk your mattress with junk king

If your mattress is beyond any useful life and you think it’s time for it to be totally disposed of, your best option is to junk it. Unlike the other options I’ve covered so far, this one is probably going to cost you some money. However, it’s very convenient and saves you from having to do anything yourself.
Some of the big nationwide (USA) “Junk” companies that can help you dispose of your mattress and bed frame if needed are:

5. Get White Glove Service

By far the most stress free and easy way to dispose of a mattress is to pay for white glove service with your new mattress. This means that the company you buy your new bed from will come to your house, remove and dispose of your old mattress and set up your new one for you. You’ll have a totally seamless transition between your two mattresses with no overlap or effort required on your behalf. This service usually starts at about $200 if you’re including disposing of an old one and not all companies offer it. Some of my favorite online mattresses that can also provide white glove service are:

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