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Mattress Disposal Near Me – dumping your old mattress can result in hefty fines of around $500, but it’s not always clear how to best dispose of your mattress in a way that’s easy for you and also kind to the planet. That’s where I’m here to help: I’ve got four really easy options for you to get rid of your mattress, either locally or straight from your house.

Some cost money, some don’t. All will leave you feeling good about kicking out that old mattress and welcoming your new one. I’ll step you through each of your “mattress disposal near me” options so you can pick the one that’s right for your needs.

  1. Use A Junk Disposal Service (I’ll show you two popular options below)
  2. Recycle The Mattress (I’ll tell you how)
  3. Donate The Mattress (Let me explain the requirements)
  4. Buy A New Mattress From A Brand That Includes Disposal Of Your Old Mattress In The Price (One of my favorite brands offers this service at no extra cost)

1. Use A Junk Removal Service For Mattress Disposal

Mattress Disposal Near Me - Load Up

There are junk removal services everywhere – after all disposing of junk is a big business. There’s one that really stands out to me though, and that’s Load Up. Here’s why:

  • They’re available in 49 states
  • They do their best to recycle items where they can
  • They’ll collect straight from your house
  • They use up-front pricing, which is highly unusual. Most of their competitors won’t disclose a price until they’ve locked your details in. Here are some pricing examples I got when I played around with the Load Up website:
    • New York State: price is about $124 for mattress disposal. Add $10 for every flight of stairs the Load Up team will have to take to remove your mattress. Get a $5 discount if you can leave your mattress outside your door (contactless pick up)
    • California: price is about $94 (with the extras for stairs, or discount for contactless pick up)
    • Oregon: price is about $139 (with the extras for stairs, or discount for contactless pick up)
Get rid of your old junk today with LoadUp

Another popular option is 1-800 Got Junk, who are arguably the biggest junk removal company in the world.

These guys don’t offer instant estimates, you’ve got to give away a fair bit of your info before you get your price. From my searching around the internet, it seems they charge anywhere between $112 – $117 to collect bulky items (like freezers, couches) from your house, so a mattress is going to cost around the same. This puts them in the same price bracket as Load Up above.

2. Recycle Your Old Mattress

Mattress recycling is a great option if there’s a program near you. The Mattress Recycling Council operates programs in California, Rhode Island and Connecticut, and has a directory of other programs around the US, but they’re scattered.

Here’s how your old mattress will be broken down if you recycle it, according to the Mattress Recycling Council:

  • Any fibers in the cover, etc can be used for industrial oil filters
  • Foams can be repurposed for use in carpet underlay
  • Springs can be used for scrap metal or making new appliances
  • Wood will be used for landscaping mulch or as a fuel source instead of coal.
What A Recycled Mattress Is Used For

3. Donate Your Mattress

If your mattress is still in reasonable condition, you may find a local charity will take it to pass on to people who need it. Another great option is the Furniture Bank, which has a directory of partners that collect donated furniture. You’ll need to visit their website and see the terms for the Furniture Bank nearest to you to see how to arrange your mattress donation.

Please note that if your mattress is any of the following things, you’ll need to dispose of it, it can’t be donated:

  • broken
  • lumpy
  • saggy
  • ripped or torn
  • stained
  • has any infestations like bed bugs
  • has any odours

4. Get Mattress Disposal Built Into Your New Mattress Purchase

This is the most seamless way to welcome in a new mattress and get rid of your old one in one smooth move. Many mattress companies offer “white glove delivery”, which means they:

  1. Bring your new mattress inside for you
  2. Set up your new mattress where you want it
  3. Take away your old mattress, and any related bedding items if needed

Some mattress brands charge up to $150 for this service, which is pretty much the same cost as a mattress disposal company, if not a bit more expensive. There are a couple of brands out there that will do this for you as part of their service, which is awesome.

My favorite brand that includes white glove delivery of your new mattress and removal of your old one is Saatva. Known for their luxury mattresses with your choice of firmness, Saatva is an online mattress brand but it’s not a “mattress in a box”. Saatva delivers their mattress fully expanded, which is why they need to include white glove delivery in their price: it’s not so easy to just leave a whole brand new mattress outside your door for you to take inside yourself!


Get rid of your old junk today with LoadUp


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