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Just like with online mattresses, there is a mind boggling array of online mattress toppers you could choose from. Amazon alone has pages and pages of mattress toppers you could potentially choose to make your bed more comfortable. How on earth are you supposed to decide which are the best mattress toppers on Amazon?

Don’t worry, I’m here to help you out. I’ve scoured Amazon to bring you what I think are five of the best mattress toppers to suit different requirements. I’ll show you toppers across a wide range of price points, different materials, and different thicknesses. There is something here for everyone. EXTRA: where customers have reported any issues with a particular topper I’ve asked the company directly about those issues and reported on their responses.

Before we get into the “best mattress toppers: Amazon top 5” nitty gritty, you can see I’ve broken this article down into the following sections, go ahead and click straight to anything that catches your eye.

Are you in a hurry? Here’s my top pick, the one I’d buy myself

Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper - Soft - 3 Inch - King Size (GOLS Certified Organic)
  • Soft - Great for Adding Softness to the Surface of a Mattress
  • Adjusts to Your Body Instantly - Adds Softness without Sacrificing Support - Latex Foam Naturally Stays Cool
  • Made of Natural Latex Harvested from Organically Grown Rubber Trees
  • GOLS Certified Organic (Global Organic Latex Standard) - Fair For Life Fair Trade Certified
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 - Greenguard Gold - ecoInstitut - All Certifications Issued Directly to Sleep On Latex

The Best Selling Mattress Topper

The Best Budget Mattress Topper

My Personal Choice And Top Recommendation

The Luxurious Mattress Topper

The Trusted Brand Mattress Topper

My Summary (Video)

Mattress Toppers Amazon Buyers Guide

My Top Amazon Recommendation

Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Topper

Want to buy a topper that is popular in a crowd that’s tough to please? How about one that’s recommended by one of the biggest review sites on the internet? The Pure Green topper by Sleep On Latex is both. The tough to please crowd who discuss mattresses on Reddit only have good things to say, and the Wirecutter also recommends it. Latex is an extremely durable material, and with three comfort levels to choose from, this topper can cater for a variety of preferences. It is also the only topper in this review I’d recommend if your mattress is too soft (and any other issues such as mattress sag have already been investigated).

Materials: 100% natural latex (sustainably sourced). Read more about the benefits of latex as a mattress material here

Height: Available in 2 or 3 inches

Feel: Available in soft, medium, or firm (soft is the most popular choice)

Warranty: 5 years

Pros and Cons


  • 100% natural latex
  • Durable and breathable
  • Great customer service
  • Options for feel and thickness
  • Generous warranty


  • Price is higher than the two toppers described above
  • Not the most aesthetically pleasing

How To Use

  • Be prepared for your latex topper to have some visual inconsistencies such as marks that look like extra holes or patches. Don’t worry, these are not faults or a repackaged return, but simply part of the natural latex process and do not affect the function of the material at all
  • If this is your first time purchasing a latex bedding product, be prepared for a bit of an adjustment period. Latex is quite springy and feels very different to lie on
  • Expect a slight rubbery smell initially (latex is made from the sap of the rubber tree)

Any Problems?

There were a few people who were unprepared for how their natural latex topper was going to look. In all honesty, this product can look a little rough due to the manufacturing processes. But don’t let that put you off how great latex can be.

Some people found the topper hot to sleep on. Latex is a material that is usually known for its cooling properties so I found this very interesting. I do wonder if those people were in fact using a non-breathable protector on top of their topper, which blocks all the natural heat regulating properties you would expect to find.

My Final Opinion

This is my favorite topper of the review. I think it’s awesome. I need to let you know that I do love latex as a mattress material, so that does naturally bias me towards this topper. I’ve linked to all the benefits of natural latex above, but I honestly don’t think you’ll find a better quality topper for the price you’ll pay here. Not only that, but Sleep On Latex are a top notch company to deal with. If you sift through the Amazon reviews, you’ll notice their CEO has taken the time to respond to each and every review.

A Popular Memory Foam Option

Lucid 2 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

This popular gel infused memory foam topper is a budget friendly option from Lucid.

Coming in strong with many happy customers and verified purchases, this 2 inch topper is a reliable choice.

Materials: Gel infused memory foam (gel is added to the foam to better distribute heat to prevent you sleeping “hot”, a common complaint with older memory foam materials). The foam used in this lucid topper is also ventilated, to further enhance its ability to regulate temperature and gives breathability.

Height: 2 inches

Feel: Soft

Warranty: 3 years

Pros and Cons


  • 3 year warranty
  • Gel infused and ventiliated
  • Great if you are looking for a soft feel


  • Made in China
  • Low density foam
  • Not a good choice for heavy people (you’ll need something more supportive)

How To Use

  • Allow 24-48 hours for the foam to fully expand (many report sleeping just fine after 24 hours)
  • Expect some off gassing odor from the foam as it expands (all memory foam products have some), it should dissipate quickly
  • Spot clean only (read my article about cleaning memory foam here)

Any Problems?

  • Some users found this topper too soft. It is made from a lower density memory foam, so it is designed to be very soft. Some users felt like they sank right through this topper though, so I wouldn’t recommend it if you are a heavier person (this one will serve you better, but it costs more).
  • There were also some users who found their topper ripped after a few months.  Find out what Lucid had to say below.

Customer Service Test

I emailed Lucid to inquire about what the  3 year warranty covers exactly (I had a hard time finding the warranty wording on their website and on Amazon) and what their comeback was about reports of this topper ripping.

They responded within 24 hours. I don’t think there is specific wording for their warranty, they just said in the body of the email that it covers manufacturing defects. Their response to the question about the topper ripping? They offer a one time replacement.

My Final Opinion

Basically, if you’re after a cheap gel infused foam topper and don’t mind it being quite soft, this is the choice for you. If it rips within the first 3 years, you’ll be entitled to a replacement, which isn’t too bad considering the price and some other toppers have no warranty at all.

Particularly if you are a lighter side sleeper but have a firm mattress at present, I believe this topper would suit your needs. If you want something a little more substantial, Lucid makes a 4 inch topper as well, which you might prefer to buy instead.

The Best Budget Mattress Topper

Pure Brands Mattress Topper & Mattress Pad Protector in One

This workhorse of a mattress topper serves two purposes on your bed: it gives a soft mattress top and acts as a mattress protector all in the one product. Another bonus: it’s also machine washable. It has a high star rating and low price point, making it a winner for those after something that’s comfy but will not hurt their pocket.

Materials: Quilted microfiber, which Pure Brands are marketing as a “down alternative”. It has a  deep pocket construction so it fits  on your mattress in a similar way to a sheet.

Height: 1/2 – 1 inch

Feel: Soft

Warranty: n/a (but would qualify for Amazon’s usual 30 day returns)

Pros and Cons


  • Two functions in one
  • Machine washable
  • Budget price point
  • Deep pockets to fit your mattress


  • Made in China
  • Thinnest topper of this review

How To Use

  • Run it through your washer and dryer first, to help the microfiber fabric fluff and settle

Any Problems?

Some people found it too thin for their needs, and therefore felt it was more of a mattress pad than a mattress topper because of this.

My Final Opinion

If you’re looking for something thin to add a bit of comfort and protection to your mattress at a budget price point, this is a great option for you.

The Most Luxurious Mattress Topper

Holy Lamb Organics Wool Mattress Topper

Holy Lamb bring something totally different than all the other toppers here. Their topper is 100% organic, and the main material used is wool! Holy Lamb have been in business for nearly 20 years, unlike many of the companies that have popped up recently, selling mattresses and accessories. This topper is hand crafted with love and care, from absolute top of the range materials, in the United States. These are the factors that really bump up the price on this luxurious mattress topper.

Materials: Certified organic sateen cotton cover, certified organic wool filling from New Zealand (like me! The New Zealand bit, anyway. Proud kiwi here). Hand stitched baffles to hold all the wool in place.

Height: 1.5 – 2 inches

Feel: Soft

Warranty: n/a

Pros and Cons


  • Hand made
  • Organic materials
  • Wool naturally regulates body temperature
  • Breathable
  • Made in the USA


  • High price tag
  • No warranty

How To Use

  • Spot clean only, do not wash or dry clean.
  • Put your Holy Lamb Mattress Topper out in the sun regularly to help revitalize the wool
  • Flip and rotate it weekly to “break in” the wool to ensure a uniform look and feel

Any Problems?

My research didn’t uncover anything that I felt you need to know, it seems like a pretty good product!

Customer Service Test

I emailed Holy Lamb asking about a warranty and if the wool shifts around.

They responded within 24 hours.  Their answer: there is no warranty, but they “assure you the wool does not shift with use”, and say the tufting holds the wool in place.

My Final Opinion

This topper sounds like it’s a high quality product. If little details like hand stitching are important to you, this topper exceeds pretty much any other. The organic materials are of amazing quality and it is reported to be very comfortable to sleep on. However, if the fact that this expensive topper has no warranty is a worry, you might enjoy reading about a luxe topper in a similar price bracket that also contains New Zealand wool and has a 10 year warranty here.

The Brand You Know

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-ProForm Supreme 3 Inch  Mattress Topper

Tempur-Pedic is one of the best known and most trusted bedding companies around. They have been in business for almost 30 years so they certainly know their stuff. They sell a very select few items on Amazon, and this high end mattress topper is one of them.

Materials: Tempur material, designed to be pressure relieving. This is the same specialized material you will find inside a Tempur-Pedic mattress, and is similar to a memory foam, but you’ll only find it within Tempur-Pedic products.

Height: 3 inches

Feel: Medium

Warranty: 25 years

Pros and Cons


  • Washable cover
  • Unmatched 25 year warranty
  • Supportive high quality material


  • Higher price point
  • Some found it softer than described

How To Use

  • Do not wash the whole topper. You can remove the cover and wash that
  • Tempur-Pedic recommend you use the cold setting to wash, and then air dry the cover

Any Problems?

  • Although this mattress topper is described as being medium firm, there were some customers complaining it felt too soft. So be aware that this topper may actually feel softer to you than the description. If you are wanting a firmer feeling topper, I’d suggest you go for the Sleep On Latex topper detailed above, in the “medium” firmness option.

My Final Opinion

People report you won’t sink through it (which is a concern for heavier people with a cheaper topper such as the Lucid above), and it is very supportive. So if you are looking for something really soft and really supportive with a bit of that memory foam like “hug”, this topper is the right choice for you.

My Summary

Think you just need a new mattress instead? Click to read all my comprehensive mattress reviews now.

Mattress Toppers Amazon Buyers Guide

I have arranged this buyers guide as a series of questions I think you need to ask yourself as you consider what you want from your topper. Once you are able to answer each question, you’ll have a clearer idea of which topper is right for you.

What do you need the topper for?

This is a very important question to ask yourself, as it can dictate what materials you choose, the thickness of the topper you need, and potentially even your budget.

If your mattress is too firm, you have a wide range of topper options available to you to make your mattress more comfortable. For you, it will just be a matter of evaluating what materials you like, and the price you are wanting to pay.

If your mattress is too soft, in my opinion, you really need to go with a latex topper because it will conform less to the shape of the mattress beneath it, and is very resilient. There is just one latex topper in this review, and it comes in a variety of firmness levels for you to choose from.

If you do find your mattress is too soft, you will need to investigate whether the problem is something that can’t be fixed just by adding a topper. I don’t want you wasting your money! Here are the two situations where a topper will not help you:

  1. If the mattress has developed sagging due to poor support underneath the mattress. This is really common if you put a new mattress on top of an old and worn out boxspring.
  2. If the mattress is just too old to function properly as a mattress any more. You’d be better off just getting a new mattress. Otherwise you’re going to end up paying for your topper, then ending up buying a new mattress within a short timeframe anyway.

What materials would you like the topper to have?

I have purposely chosen to review toppers made with a wide range of materials. Each will have a different feel and a different pricepoint:

  • Microfiber: a man made fabric, known for feeling soft and drying quickly. It is found in the budget mattress topper of this review, and is reported to act like a down replacement.
  • Foam: if you like the idea of feeling like you are “hugged” or sleeping “in” your bed, then a memory foam topper is great option for you. Memory foam is also excellent at relieving pressure points and is very popular among people looking to reduce any back pain. Memory and memory type foams come in a variety of forms. In this review, you’ll two foam toppers: one is a very soft, cooling memory foam topper, and the other is a higher end, more supportive one containing foam made exclusively by the brand.
  • Latex: latex comes in a variety of forms, and I highly recommend you choose 100% natural latex for its non toxic properties and its durability. Latex is one of my favorite mattress materials due to its ability to relieve pressure, last for years, and sustainable sourcing. As I said above, I believe latex is the best option if your mattress is too soft. It is also a great option if your mattress is too firm. I believe that a latex topper is the only type that is going to be suitable for everyone.
  • Wool: known for its softness, antibacterial and temperature regulating properties, wool is a luxury mattress material. Look for 100% organic, from happy sheep!

What is your budget?

The toppers in this review range from well under $50 to north of $500.

The materials and crafting truly reflect the price.

If you’re looking for a topper that is thin or that is very soft, you’ll be able to choose one of the cheaper ones.

If you’re looking for a topper made of natural materials, made in the USA and/or is hand made, you can expect to pay more.

All of the toppers fulfil their function, otherwise I would not recommend them to you. But some are more supportive than others, and if support is what you need as well as softness, you will need to pay a little more.

Do you need a warranty?

The toppers in this review vary in their warranty periods from none at all right up to 25 years! And the generosity of the warranty is not necessarily reflective of the price of the topper.

It is up to you to decide whether a warranty for a mattress topper is an important consideration for you or not. For a cheaper one, perhaps it doesn’t matter.

NOTE: none of these mattress toppers come with sleep trials. They are all subject to Amazon’s standard 30 days returns policy.

Will the topper need a cover to protect it?

This depends on the topper you choose. In fact, the cheapest topper of this review is fully machine washable, so a protector is not necessary. Another has a washable cover, so may not need a cover.

Covers are generally recommended on top of mattresses as stains void any warranty. So if you’re choosing a topper without a warranty to void, this may not be important to you.

If you do decide to put a cover on top of your topper, you need to consider the effect this could have on the materials of your topper. If you put a waterproof cover on top of a memory foam gel or a latex topper, you will be blocking all the great properties within the topper. For example, even though a latex topper should feel cool to sleep on, with the wrong cover, you could end up feeling hot through no fault of the topper.

The solution to this is to use a breathable mattress topper. It can be pretty difficult to find one that is breathable and water resistant, but I like this one for the job.

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