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Extra Firm Mattress Toppers

Extra Firm Mattress Toppers: Top 3 To Firm Up Your Mattress Today

Looking for extra firm mattress toppers to transform your current mattress? I’ve got three of the absolute best options on the market to share with you. SPOILER ALERT: all are made from natural (or organic) latex, because I think it’s the most resilient and durable material you can put on your bed. I’ve got an ultra luxe option, a mid way option, and a budget option so there’s an extra firm mattress topper here to suit anyone.

Want to know straight away which is the FIRMEST of all? Well, it’s the PlushBeds topper. Go straight to their site and grab yours now.

1. The Luxe Option

Extra Firm Mattress Toppers - Shop The Avocado Green Firm Mattress Topper

The Avocado Green Mattress Topper is hands down my favorite mattress topper. Made from 100% organic materials, it’s not only high quality but it’s also the most eco friendly and healthy. I love it so much that it features on pretty much every list I write about mattress toppers (it comes in a soft option too, so it works well for everyone).

The whopping one year sleep trial gives you ample time to try it out in your own home. Many toppers don’t even have a sleep trial so this is exceptionally generous and rare.

Here are the stand-out features:

  • Organic cotton cover
  • Organic wool layer
  • 2 inches of organic latex
  • Total height 2.75 inches
  • Made in the USA with carbon negative manufacturing and shipping procedures. Latex sourced from India.

This is going to be a great firm option for lighter to average weight sleepers. The firmest topper in this review is just below:

2. Mid Way Option (And Firmest In This Article)

PlushBeds Natural Latex Topper

The PlushBeds mattress topper takes out the prize for the firmest in this review, and is the only company I’ve seen offering an “extra firm” option. It’s made of natural latex. Organic latex like that used in the Avocado topper above is the highest grade, but you can still rest assured knowing you’re buying a beautiful quality, healthy product when you buy from PlushBeds.

The PlushBeds topper is not as luxe as the Avocado above because it doesn’t have a cover or layer like wool inside it, but that won’t matter at all because you’ll put your bedding on top of it anyway. Please note that this topper is not returnable.

Here are the standout features:

  • You choose 2 or 3 inch height
  • Natural latex
  • 4 Firmness options: the two firmest choices are “medium firm” and “extra firm”
  • Made in the USA. Latex sourced from Sri Lanka

3. The Budget Option

Pure Green Latex Mattress Topper

The Pure Green latex mattress topper by Sleep On Latex is an extremely popular topper with Amazon customers. Again featuring natural latex, this is the cheapest topper of the bunch and you’re getting excellent value for money. Again there is no cover or sleep trial, but you’ve got the biggest range of sizes here, and a very high firmness rating.

Here are the stand out features:

  • Biggest choice of depth: 1, 2, or 3 inches
  • Prices start under $100
  • Natural latex
  • Firmness rating is extra firm
  • Made in USA. Latex sourced from Sri Lanka

Extra Firm Mattress Toppers FAQ:

Can A Mattress Topper Make A Bed Firmer?

Yes, definitely. As long as your mattress or its foundation is not saggy.

If the condition of your mattress and base is good but it just feels too soft, adding a firm mattress topper can totally change the feel of your bed for the better.

If your mattress is sagging or you’re using a worn out box spring, adding a mattress topper won’t help: it will just sag with the rest of your old bed. Read about some great firm mattress replacements here and some great box spring replacements here.

Do Firm Mattress Toppers Work?

Yes. A firm topper will add a dense layer of firm materials between you and your mattress, and totally change the feel of your bed.

My favorite firm mattress topper material is latex (as you will have noticed from my recommendations above), because it’s super resilient, durable, and breathable. It will give a firm surface while also giving breathability.

Should I Get A 2 Inch Or 3 Inch Topper?

This depends on your current bed.

I think that 2 inches is enough for most people. This is a good depth to change the feel of the mattress, without making it too high. It will also be cheaper.

However, if you’re looking to really change the height of your bed and drastically transform the feel, then 3 inches might be best for you. If your mattress is extremely soft, a 3 inch topper will be your best option.

What Kind Of Mattress Topper Is Firm?

As you will have noticed above, I like latex toppers. I think they make the best firm toppers because they are the most resilient material that will hold its shape for the longest time.

Memory foam can also be engineered to give a firm feel, but I think it’s hard to beat natural latex.