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Tempur-Pedic Mattress Review: The Original. Is It The Best?

Tempur-Pedic Mattress ReviewLearn everything you need to know about the original memory foam mattress. Find out what sets it apart from the others, what it feels like to lie on, whether it’s worth paying extra money for, and so much more.

Here’s exactly what I’ll cover in this Tempur-Pedic Mattress Review:

  • Tempur-Pedic Overview
  • Tempur-Pedic Mattress Features
  • Are Tempur And Tempur-Pedic The Same?
  • What Does A Tempur-Pedic Mattress Mattress Feel Like To Lie On?
  • Tempur-Pedic FAQ
  • What Are People Saying Who Love Theirs? Customer Testimonials
  • Summary With Pros, Cons, and Prices
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Please note: this review is for people based in the United States. Are you in Australia? Click here for more about Tempur in Australia. Are you in New Zealand? Click here for info on Tempur in NZ

Tempur-Pedic Overview

Tempur-Pedic is one of the best known and best loved mattress brands in the world. They have been selling their famed memory foam mattresses around the world since the 1990’s.

Famous for being the first to take memory foam technology from NASA and use it in mattresses, their “Tempur Material” (read more about exactly what this is in the mattress features below) is one of the highest density memory foams you can buy. NASA designed memory foam to provide cushioning and safety for astronauts during mission launches. When they released their special technology into the public domain, only Tempur were interested in it!

Tempur-Pedic is the United States based brand of the Tempur Sealy group, who has headquarters in Kentucky. Mattresses for the American market are made in America, at plants around the country.

Tempur-Pedic Mattress Features

Tempur-Pedic have a range of five mattresses for you to choose from, which you can see in the image below. Note you can purchase some models with an all foam core, while others are available as a hybrid, which means the mattress has a core of pocket coils which have been designed specifically to work with Tempur comfort materials.

Tempur-Pedic Mattress Review - Compare The Range

These are the features of all Tempur mattresses:

  • Removable cover for easy washing. The fabric of the cover is nice: a fairly standard knit. What’s good about it is it has the best quality zip I’ve seen on a mattress cover, it’s a really sturdy zip that moves really easily along its tracks. Tempur call it a “quick refresh” cover, and this means you can just unzip the top portion of the cover to wash it, which is a whole lot easier than trying to take the cover off an entire mattress. To sum up the cover: standard fabric, superior zip, clever design.
  • Cool touch panel: zip the top cover off a Tempur mattress and you reveal a blue panel. This is a “CoolTouch Technology” fabric, and it actually feels cold to touch. It’s kind of amazing. This helps absorb excess heat as you sleep: it’s critical for memory foam mattresses to include temperature regulating features to avoid trapping heat.
  • The comfort layers of a Tempur mattress are made up of “Tempur Materials“. These are the memory foams of the mattress, and depending on which model you go for, they’ll be a blend of support and comfort memory foams. Tempur with a density rating of more than 6PCF, these are the highest density (= best quality and durability) memory foams you’ll see in a mattress. As a high density foam, Tempur Material is a slow response foam that really contours your pressure points and gives good support.

From what I have seen in person and from what I have read, Tempur-Pedic mattresses are extremely high quality and crafted with care. I expect them to be durable and to perform well.

The two mattresses I’d consider to be the most specialized of the Tempur range are:

  • The Luxe Adapt, which has 30% more conforming support
  • The Breeze, which is packed with cooling technology (and, not surprisingly, is Tempur’s best rated mattress by real customers). My top choice for myself would be the King size Breeze in a medium comfort level. 

Are Tempur And Tempur-Pedic The Same?

Essentially, yes. Tempur and Tempur-Pedic are both brands owned by The Tempur Sealy Group. The mattresses share the same Tempur technology and quality.

Tempur-Pedic is the brand that was first released in the United States, and it remains the brand that is sold in the US. Tempur-Pedic is based in Kentucky and has their largest manufacturing plant in New Mexico. Tempur, on the other hand, is the international brand of the company and sells mattresses in all corners of the world. Tempur mattresses that are sold in all other countries and are often made in Denmark.

While Tempur and Tempur-Pedic have the same tech and quality, you will find regional product variations. This review, since it’s titled Tempur-Pedic, focuses on what’s available in America for American customers.

What Does A Tempur-Pedic Mattress Mattress Feel Like To Lie On?

Tempur-Pedic Mattress - Staged

I tried out the Tempur range at one of my local stores to give you the best information possible about the feel of Tempur material. I tried a range of soft, medium, and firm:

  • The soft did not feel flimsy at all.
  • The firm Tempur I tried was one of the few firm memory foam mattresses I’ve tried that retained a good level of conforming to pressure points. Often firm foam mattresses turn into planks that offer minimal pressure relief – not Tempur.
  • As an average weight combo sleeper, my top choice for myself would be a medium feel mattress, such as the Tempur medium Breeze.

A Tempur-Pedic mattress has really got that true memory foam feel you might be looking for: it’s slow to respond to pressure or weight, and you can feel it truly conforming to your body as you lie on it. You also feel well supported. Tempur strongly market the “individualized feel” you get when you lie on their mattresses, and rightly so. It truly fits itself just to you.

Many brands have moved towards faster responding foams, but Tempur have stayed true to that classic feel. The fact that the Tempur Material is such a high density foam means it will always be a slow responding foam. For many people, this is exactly what they’re looking for, so if this is you, you’ll be happy to read this. However, if you move around a lot in the night, you may need to look at something more responsive to prevent you feeling “stuck”.

High density foams that are slow responding can be heat traps, but Tempur has created the Breeze mattress with extra cooling tech to keep you at the right temperature all night. If you do sleep hot, this is the Tempur model I strongly recommend for you.

Tempur-Pedic FAQ

Is Tempur Worth The Money?

When you buy Tempur, you are buying a memory foam mattress with a difference.

Tempur material is too dense to fit through a roll pack machine, so you Tempur mattress is not a mattress in a box. It is delivered the traditional way, with white glove delivery included in the price.

The density of the foam used in Tempur Material is off the chart and quite honestly I haven’t found any mattress that makes anything like it. High foam density is a strong indicator of quality and durability. It also costs more.

I believe that if you like the feel of the slow response of Tempur-Pedic foams and want a very high density mattress, you won’t be disappointed with your Tempur purchase. You may be just as happy with a cheaper all foam mattress, but it will feel different to Tempur.

Also consider: Tempur could potentially last longer than a lower density mattress, so you may actually spend less in replacement costs when you buy Tempur.

If you’d like to read more memory foam mattress reviews, click here.

Are Tempur-Pedic Mattresses Good?

Yes. They are made from extremely high quality materials and they are a company with an excellent history and reputation.

Like I said earlier, they do have quite a specific feel when you lie on them. If you don’t like that slow conforming hug that Tempur Material is going to give, you may decide that Tempur is no good for you.

If you want a mattress that will last and give you that true memory foam feel, Tempur is great. The Tempur ProAdapt is exceptionally good for side sleepers.

Can You Flip A Tempur-Pedic Mattress Over?


Your Tempur-Pedic mattress is designed to be used with the Tempur Material at the top.

If you flipped it over you would find yourself sleeping directly on top of the support core of the mattress, which will not give you the memory foam experience you’re buying when you buy Tempur.

How Long Is A Tempur-Pedic Mattress Good For?

All Tempur mattresses come with a 10 year guarantee, which is pretty standard for a memory foam mattress.

Depending on the quality of an all foam mattress, I usually expect them to last 5 – 10 years. Given the quality construction and high density materials inside a Tempur mattress, I expect you to get the full 10 years from your Tempur purchase.

What Are People Saying Who Love Theirs? Customer Testimonials

Tempur-Pedic Mattress Review - Real Opinions

The great news is that 95% of Tempur-Pedic customers love their mattress. This is highly reassuring for you, as a future Tempur Pedic customer! Here is a small selection of what happy Tempur sleepers have to say about their mattress:

Tempur-Pedic Mattress Review – Summary

Tempur-Pedic Mattress

From $1699

Overall Rating


Value For Money


Customer Service



  • Extremely High Quality Materials
  • 90 Day Trial And 10 Year Warranty
  • True Memory Foam Feel


  • More Expensive Than Other Brands
  • Slow Response Foam Not Liked By Everyone


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