Puffy Adjustable Base Review – All The Features You Need (And More)

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Huge Value
Puffy Adjustable Base
  • One Of The Only Bases That Offers A Sleep Trial
  • Massage Settings
  • Easy To Use Presets Including Zero Gravity
  • Adjustable Legs
  • Excellent Value for Money
  • Lifetime Warranty

Puffy Adjustable Base Review – if you want a base with all the features we now expect from an adjustable base and more, this could be the one for you.

Not only does the Puffy Adjustable Base have many settings for zero gravity, anti-snoring, sitting position, one button flat, under-bed light, reprogrammable presets, adjustable legs, massage function, split king option for couples, and weight tolerance for sleepers above 300 pounds it also offers a very rare sleep trial. Puffy are so confident in their base they’re happy to wear the huge expense should you decide to return it (because you probably won’t).

In this Puffy Adjustable Base review, I’ll cover the most important features of the base, especially those that you will be using every night.

  • Puffy Adjustable Base Overview
  • Analysis Of The Structure Of The Puffy Adjustable Base
  • Puffy Adjustable Base Reviews From Real Customers

Puffy Adjustable Base Overview

Puffy Adjustable Base Review - Base Image
  • Price: $1,099 a discounted price from $1,399 for a queen-size base.
  • Ships for free across the USA except for Alaska and Hawaii.
  • 101-night free sleep trial which is the longest free trial period of adjustable bases in the market
  • Lifetime warranty for every adjustable base.
  • Quick and easy setup in a few minutes.
  • Works for all types of mattresses including foam, latex, hybrid, and inner-springs.
  • Adjustable legs for a low, medium, or high profile bed.
  • 3-speed massage targeting all spots in the body.
  • Programmable memory settings to create and save your own presets.
  • Universal headboard attachment to mount any headboard of your choice.
  • 2 USB charging ports on either side of the base.
  • LED lights under the base.
  • Wireless remote control to control every setting and preset.
  • Zero-G position to relieve stress and aching.
  • Couples can choose the split king base for independent adjustments of either side of the base.

As you can see from this concise overview, the Puffy Adjustable Base has got all its bases covered (forgive the pun!) It offers a wide array of features that will please just about everyone. And as if that’s not enough, the company is so confident of the durability and strength of the base, it offers a lifetime warranty. As long as you have the adjustable base, you’re covered by the warranty.

Puffy offers 101 nights of free trial which is more than the 50 nights Nectar offers and the 100 nights of Purple. And although Puffy is a little more expensive than Nectar, in my opinion, the Puffy Adjustable Base is worth every cent considering the feature-rich base and the lifetime warranty.

I’ve also rated this base as the top choice for split king adjustable bases in the whole of the USA.

Analysis Of The Structure Of Puffy Adjustable Base

Puffy Adjustable Base Review - Staged

Design and Materials

Made of durable metal, the frame comes with 6 adjustable legs. There’s a thin cushion of foam under the coarse fabric that covers the entire base. The fabric gives the base a good look and it also serves to keep the mattress in place. When you adjust the head or foot of the base or turn on the vibrating massage function, the mattress will not slide off the base thanks to the fabric.

Another feature that keeps the mattress firmly on the base is the metal bar at the foot of the base. I also liked the foam stuffing along the edges of the base that prevent painful shins when you bump into the side of the base.

The base has two motors. One toward the head of the adjustable base and the second at the foot. They both work independently of each other to allow you to adjust the top or the bottom of the base or both at the same time.

Adjustable Legs

Few adjustable bases in the market have adjustable legs. To be fair, an adjustable base should always have this very crucial feature. The Puffy base allows you to adjust the height of the bed by adjusting the legs.

The max height of the legs is 11.5 inches, and you can have it as low as 2 inches if you like! I really like this feature because it allows  you to customize the bed based on your mattress.

For my own bed, I have a tall mattress, so when I bought an adjustable base it was important for me to be able to give the base a lower profile so my bed wasn’t too high. You may want a higher profile to allow for storage under your bed. With Puffy’s adjustable legs, the choice is yours.

Wireless Remote Control

The wireless remote control unit allows you access to every feature, setting, and preset. It adjusts either the head or the foot of the bed or both at the same time. It turns on the massage function of both motors independently. And in split king bases, it can adjust each side of the bed with different settings.

Dual USB Ports

You can recharge your devices from the comfort of your bed using the dual USB ports on both sides of the base. If you use your phone, tablet, or notebook in bed a lot, the charging ports will come in handy and keep you entertained for uninterrupted hours.

Puffy Adjustable Base Reviews From Real Customers

Although the number of users who submitted reviews for the Puffy adjustable base was relatively low (around 555 users as of this writing), the fact that these were verified users added more credibility to their input. That meant that users who bought just a Puffy pillow or a mattress wouldn’t leave a comment on the adjustable base. You have to purchase the Puffy adjustable base in order to review it. Here’s what I came up with from reviewing all 555 comments and feedback.

  • The average score was 5 stars out of 5.
  • It wasn’t easy to sort the reviews by the number of stars they awarded the base. That also meant that finding the negative reviews wasn’t easy without scrolling through all 55 pages of reviews.
  • Most users were happy with the massage, Zero-G, and the ability to adjust the head and foot of the base with the touch of a button.
  • The adjustable legs got their fair share of praise as expected. Some users were happy with the large space under the bed that helped them declutter the bedroom and keep the unnecessary stuff out of the way.
  • The sheer number of features and settings didn’t seem to phase users. Although some users said that wrapping their heads around the different settings took time, that time was well spent according to them.
  • Some of the negative reviews centered around the split king option. It seems that the user didn’t expect it to come as two separate bases and using the features was a little confusing to them.
    • One user complained about the noise that one of the six legs makes when adjusting it. The noise, however, didn’t seem to affect the performance of the bed or the functionality of the legs.

“Since I purchased my puffy bed I have had wonderfully peaceful sleep every night. I’ve gone from 3 hours of sleep a night to 9 hours of relaxing sleep. I look forward to bedtime now knowing I’ll be asleep quickly and wake refreshed.”

Puffy Adjustable Base

Huge Value
Puffy Adjustable Base
  • One Of The Only Bases That Offers A Sleep Trial
  • Massage Settings
  • Easy To Use Presets Including Zero Gravity
  • Adjustable Legs
  • Excellent Value for Money
  • Lifetime Warranty


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