Avocado Mattress Review 2022: Why It’s The Best Latex Hybrid You’ll Find

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It’s no secret that this is one of my favorite mattresses, and from the short intro to the features I’ve given you above, you should be VERY interested in this mattress. In this Avocado Mattress Review 2022, let me take you through all the delicious features in more detail. An exciting update for is the addition of a plush mattress to the Avocado range, which is an excellent option for those looking for a softer mattress.

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Overview Of The Avocado Company

Avocado was founded in 2015, with the aim of bringing a mattresses and toppers made only of natural and organic materials to the booming online mattress market. All of their mattresses are hand made to order from their facility in California. As well as creating their successful “green” mattress, Avocado is also environmentally conscious, with carbon neutral goals for their shipping and manufacturing. They donate 1% of their profits towards helping protect and improve the environment through the “1% For The Planet” organization.

The Green Mattress, a latex and pocket spring combo available in 11 or 13 inch height, is the flagship mattress of the Avocado brand. It is made of quality materials that are mostly natural or organic. Avocado has recently expanded their mattress production to include a Vegan mattress, which I will review in a separate article once it has had a bit of time for people to use it (the Vegan Mattress was only released in November 2018, and has cotton instead of wool in the cover).

Technical info

avocado mattress cross sections
The internal layers of the 11 inch (top) and 13 inch (bottom) mattresses


The Avocado Green Mattress is made from high quality materials (I’m not just saying it, I can’t find anyone who disputes it, even people who give the mattress one star reviews) and is well constructed. It represents excellent value for money. Let’s take a look at exactly what’s inside, from the cover down to the support core. This mattress is available in both 11 inch and 13 inch heights, the difference between the two is explained below


  • The outermost layer of the cover is made from organic cotton.
  • You’ll see within the cover what look like buttons. These are actually hand tufted cotton “buttons”. The purpose of these is to really pull the mattress together tightly, and prevent any lumps and bumps from developing over time. It is a luxury feature (hand tufting takes a lot of time) that is not common any more. I can think of several competitors of this mattress who have taken this feature away from their mattresses and it’s a real shame. It’s great Avocado is continuing to use hand tufting.
  • Underneath the cotton is a layer of organic wool. Why wool? It draws away moisture, is great at regulating temperature, and acts as a natural fire barrier. Even better: the wool is from New Zealand! I AM FROM NEW ZEALAND! So I think this is a great use of our export products, haha.

Comfort layer

  • Directly under the wool of the cover, you will find 2 inches of natural Dunlop latex, which is sustainably sourced and  eco-INSTITUT certified. If you’re unsure what I mean by “Dunlop” latex, this article will explain it to you. The latex is also organic, which is difficult to find at this price point.
  • Please note: you have the option of purchasing a pillowtop mattress which adds an extra two inches of latex for a total of 5 inches of latex. See the comparison picture with the labelled layers to see the difference between the two mattresses

Support core

  • 8 inches of zoned support coils (there are 5 different zones, designed to be firmer at points your body needs extra support: your hips, back, and shoulders; then softer where you just need comfort)
  • The firmest coils are in the middle zone of the mattress, to provide maximum support for your hips and lumbar spine
  • The coils are individually wrapped in a food-grade polypropylene fabric, which is the only man made material I can find in this mattress.
    • Individually wrapped coils provide better support and reduced motion transfer
  • One further inch of a high density latex

A few other things to note

  • The main fire barrier inside this mattress  is made of silica, which is a natural material that melts in on itself when exposed to flame. It’s one of the best fire barriers you can find in a mattress, there are no chemicals or fiberglass here. The wool in the cover also acts as a fire barrier because while wool will char easily, it won’t ignite easily. Want to see how well the mattress performs in a laboratory “burn test”? Check out the result (with pictures) here.
  • I really like how Avocado are totally upfront about all the materials and everything that goes into their mattress. The information, including densities of the latex layers, gauge of the coils, etc is right there in plain sight.
    • A lot of their competitors hide this information away or gloss over it. I like that Avocado are transparent with it.


  • Shipping is free, via FedEx
  • Excellent news for those in Alaska and Hawaii: Avocado also ships to you for free! Many of their competitors charge up to $150 to ship to these two states outside of the contiguous United States
  • Please note that as your Avocado Green Mattress is handmade to order, it will take 5-7 days to be dispatched. This means you can rest assured your mattress has not been boxed up in a warehouse for a long time, it is coming fresh to your door.

Your Avocado Green Mattress has a generous 25 year warranty. This is great, as the industry standard is 10 years. Some of the mattress stores around me offer a pretty poor 5 years!

I read through the wording of the warranty, and was really pleased to see that Avocado will consider a body indentation of 1 inch or more to be defective. There are countless mattress options out there that draw their line at 1.5 inches, which seems pretty deep to me.

If you want to go straight to the nitty-gritty of the policy wording, you’ll find it here.

Sleep trial
One year. Yes, you read that correctly! You have a whole year to try out your Avocado Green Mattress in the comfort of your own home before you have to decide if you want to keep it or not. It really doesn’t get more generous than that.

If you decide you don’t want to keep the mattress for whatever reason, Avocado will arrange to collect it from you and make the whole process totally hassle free.

lying on an avocado mattressWhat will it feel like to lie on?

1. The 11 inch mattress is described by Avocado as being “gentle firm” which is a 7 out of 10 on the mattress firmness scale (where 1 is fluffy soft and 10 is the floor or wood).

The 13 inch pillowtop version is described as “luxury plush” which is a 6 out of 10 on the mattress firmness scale

Is there really much difference between the two? The marketing makes them sound quite different.

  • I’d say that it is enough of a difference to go for the pillowtop if you have two people sharing a bed where one likes a firm bed and the other likes a softer one.
  • People still report the pillow top feels firm, so do not purchase it expecting it to feel like a pile of feathers, it’s still a medium firm rating on the firmness scale.

2. Latex is a naturally bouncy material, and it responds to pressure very quickly. For you, this means that when you lie on your Avocado Green Mattress, you will probably feel like you bounce back up a little when you first lie down on the mattress, as it takes your weight and supports you where you need.

3. You will feel like you are sleeping “on” the mattress rather than “in” it, due to the properties of the latex. This mattress will not “hug” you or make you feel like you are sleeping “in” your bed, which you will be familiar with if you have ever tried a memory foam mattress.

Who is the mattress best suited to?

  • If you are interested in environmentally friendly materials and a company that cares about giving back to the planet, the Avocado Green mattress is one of the best mattresses on the market for you. With a bucket load of no chemical certifications, commitment to 1% to the planet and zero emission delivery, Avocado shows a lot more awareness, concern, and action for our planet than many of its competitors.
  •  The Avocado Green Mattress is a great choice for heavy people. The guide weight limit is 350lb per person, or a total weight of 700lb. However, I asked Avocado directly about this, and they said this is “just a guide and that there is no real weight limit”. Further to this, it is made of a coil support core, which is recommended as the best support for heavy people, and a latex comfort layer, which has the reputation of being the most durable mattress material available.
  • Since this is a firmer mattress (7/10 on the firmness scale) it’s a great option for back and stomach sleepers: it should hit and support your pressure points really well.
  • If you are concerned about chemicals or other harmful materials being used in mattresses, there are none to be found in the Avocado Green Mattress, making it a popular choice for those with chemical sensitivities.

Who will NOT like this mattress?

  • If you are a side sleeper, particularly one of a lighter body weight, you may find this mattress too firm. Side sleepers put a lot of pressure through their shoulders, and may find that the Avocado Green Mattress does not relieve this pressure enough. This is a totally personal preference though, but it needs to be said that the majority of people complaining they found the mattress too firm were side sleepers who got sore shoulders or arms.
    • However, if you are a heavy person and sleep on your side, I’d still recommend this mattress to you.
    • As an aside, I am a side and back sleeper. I currently own a memory foam mattress (that I bought, I don’t get freebies). I am of average weight and prefer a softer bed. My memory foam mattress is also rated a 7 on the firmness scale. While it certainly took some getting used to, and I DID get a few sore arms initially, I now really like the mattress and we decided to keep it at the end of our sleep trial. Again, that is just the personal opinion of one person (me), but it goes to show that if you are prepared to make the most of your sleep trial and see if the mattress could work for you, you can end up very happy. (We bought an Ecosa if you’re curious, read more on that story here and here).
  • If you like a mattress that “hugs” around you, you will need to choose either a memory foam mattress or a hybrid with a memory foam comfort layer. For a mattress with a real “hug” feeling, the  Nectar Mattress, with its slow responding memory foam is a better choice for you.

avocado green mattress happy manFAQ

Q: Does upgrading to the pillowtop mattress make it softer?

A: In my opinion, the answer is yes, but only a bit.

  • It is marketed as being a good option for even more pressure relief and “eco luxury”. I’m not sure what “eco luxury” is meant to be though!
  • Regardless of whether it makes the mattress softer or not, I would recommend that if you are someone who weighs over 230lb (or you share a bed with someone who does), that you make the upgrade to the pillow top. That is because heavier people need a thicker mattress to get optimum pressure relief, and the upgrade takes the mattress from 11 inches to 13 inches.
  • There are many people out there who have found with the pillow top the mattress is still quite firm, but equally there are people who love it and feel it makes a big difference. So at the end of the day you will need to make a personal judgement call. Remember, you have 100 nights to decided whether you want to keep the mattress or not.

Q: What’s the difference between this mattress and the new Avocado Vegan Mattress?

A: The only difference between the two is that the Avocado Vegan Mattress does not contain any wool underneath the cover. The wool has been replaced with organic cotton instead.

If you’d like to read more general Q&A about the Avocado Green Mattress, there is a huge section on their website, which you can go straight to by clicking here.

Pros and cons


  • Hand made in the USA
  • Generous warranty and sleep trial
  • High quality materials including organic Dunlop latex
  • Hassle free returns
  • Hand tufted cover
  • Handles on sides for easy moving


  • The organic wool may have a slight odor initially
  • Longer dispatch times than other companies (but you’re getting a mattress made to order)
  • Too firm for some: you may need to upgrade to pillowtop or purchase the separate topper if you wish to soften the feel

Any problems?

  • The most obvious issue, which pops up wherever I research about this mattress, is that some people just find it too firm.
    • However, there are more people that love their Avocado Green Mattress than people who didn’t.
    • 7/10 on the firmness scale is a solid medium firm feel, so be aware of that when purchasing the 11 inch option.
    • If you love the sound of the Avocado mattress you have two options for a less firm feel:
      • 1. Order the pillow top version to change the feel to a less firm 6/10
      • 2. Try out the 11 inch version anyway, and if after trialing the mattress for at least a few weeks it is still feeling too firm, either return it for a full refund or purchase the Avocado latex topper for a softer feel similar to that given by the pillow top version.
  • There are some complaints about long delivery times. Avocado makes each mattress to order in the Californian warehouse, so they are not just sitting there ready to go. You can expect your mattress to be dispatched within 5-7 days of placing your order, and to arrive to you via FedEx after that (shipping times depend on which US time zone you live in: the closer you are to the factory the sooner you will get it, so East Coast customers may have to wait a couple days longer than West Coast customers)
    • One issue that people find particularly annoying about these shipping times is that if you find the mattress too firm and you decide to either exchange for a pillowtop or buy a topper, you’ll have to wait for that to be manufactured and shipped to you too. So it can take a while to get exactly what you need.
    • However, if you’re like a lot of people looking into buying a new mattress, you’ve probably been researching for a while. In the scheme of things, a few extra days of waiting is well worth it for Avocado products. And now you know what to expect you will not find the process as frustrating as if you were expecting next day shipping.

Real comments from customers who love their Avocado Green Mattress

“I was a bit suspicious of buying this mattress because it seemed like it had too many five star reviews, but I’m so glad I did. I haven’t had this good of a sleep in a long time”.

“We bought the mattress without the topper. I’m a side sleeper and find it comfortably firm and it’s good for my partner who is a back and side sleeper. We share our bed with our small child so an eco-friendly mattress was essential for us.”

“Much cooler to sleep on than my old foam mattress. I love the bounce too, it’s like sleeping on a cloud.”

“I researched for months before buying my Avocado mattress, and I’m happy with my purchase. I’ve never had such a comfortable mattress before.”

“I was concerned about how firm this mattress was reported to be, but I actually find it very comfortable. I love mine and my kids love theirs.”

“We find this mattress to be very comfy but still firm and supportive. It’s highly breathable too.”

My Conclusion

While the Avocado team are certainly slick at marketing (you gotta be, online mattresses is a competitive industry), they back their claims up with great customer service and a really transparent website with all the information you could ever need.

In my opinion, the Avocado Green Mattress is by far one of the best mattresses you can buy online: there aren’t many that can match its quality, organic certifications, comfort, and customer service.

I think it is probably worth spending the extra money to get the pillow top version of the mattress, but if you are unsure another great option would be to buy the original 11 inch mattress, then you can always buy the Avocado mattress topper made from the same latex if you decide you need it later.

Still feel like you need some more information? The Avocado Green Mattress has been tested and rated by Consumer Reports, and scored better than any other mattress tested. Read the Consumer Reports Avocado Green score card here or find out how it compared against other mattresses here.


Best Place To Buy

Ready to buy your Avocado Green Mattress?

The mattress is exclusively sold at the Avocado online store, which you can access by clicking the link below, or any of the links to Avocado on this page.

If you live in NYC and would like to “try before you buy” for a more traditional mattress shopping experience, you’ll find the Avocado Green showroom here.

Special buying tip:

All links from this review will take you to the best available price for the Avocado mattress on the day you visit the site. If you happen to visit the site during one of their (many) sales, you’ll get at least $150 off your mattress. When I click through to the site at the time of writing this article, I get $150 off or two free pillows. Make sure you get a deal like this.

If you happen to visit the site and you are not offered any sort of discount, either ask their customer service team for one or wait for one to come up.

Avocado Green Mattress

From $999

Quality Of Materials


Value For Money


Customer Service



  • Handmade from quality materials in the USA
  • Generous trial and warranty
  • Environmentally friendly choice


  • Longer dispatch times than some competitors
  • May be too firm for some


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