Ecosa Mattress Update: Two Months In

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I’ve Been Sleeping On My Ecosa Mattress For Two Months Now

If you’ve read the blog here at in the past, you will be aware that my husband and I made our very own online mattress purchase at the very end of 2018: we bought an Ecosa Memory Foam Mattress.

Oh the timing! I’ve talked about it before, but to catch you up, my husband pretty much made the executive decision to order it about a week before I launched this site! Too funny, really. I don’t get given mattresses for free to review, and I live in New Zealand, so my options for buying online are a lot more limited than you folks in the United States. I thought I’d watch his thought process in buying the mattress, then bring you our shared experiences of using the mattress so I can bring you an authentic “buying a mattress online” story, with regular updates.

So here we are after sleeping on our Ecosa mattress for two months. I last wrote after I had been using the Ecosa Memory Foam mattress for about a week.

How does the mattress feel now?

We are both enjoying this mattress and are both sleeping well.

It has softened a little with time, and it feels nice to lie on. It’s still pretty firm though!

  • The foam is very responsive: it springs back quickly so I don’t ever feel stuck in the mattress, which was something I was concerned about with choosing memory foam.
  • Some people love the “stuck” feeling some memory foam mattresses that are slower to respond give. It feels like they are being cradled. This is  100% a personal preference and there will be different memory foam mattresses to suit different preferences in this regard. If you like the sound of a mattress with more of that slower, memory foam sink feeling, read this review. Ecosa definitely doesn’t give you much contouring, which is a bit hard for me to adjust to as a side sleeper (I’d like more contouring for my shoulder, to be honest)

To be honest with you, I find the Ecosa mattress just a tiny little smidge firmer than I would personally choose, but it is still comfortable and I do sleep easily on it. In fact, “firm” is actually exactly how the Ecosa mattress is described if you read any information about it: it is meant to be a firmer mattress. It comes in at around a 7 on a firmness scale of 1-10, so based on my experiences with this mattress and previous mattresses, I think my personal firmness preference lies at around a 6. It’s fine though. Like I said, I am sleeping well.

My husband also finds it quite firm, but this is exactly what he wanted. I’m so glad the constant complaining about soft mattresses has finally let up since the Ecosa arrived! He continues to sleep better than he did previously. This is a big deal for him as he’s never been a great sleeper.

A really cool feature of the Ecosa mattress is that it has several layers of comfort memory foam inside it, and they offer different levels of firmness. You can remove the cover and switch the layers around to customize the firmness by putting your preferred layer on the top. We have played around with this a bit, and have found we both like to have the mattress set up so that the medium layer is at the top.

Am I glad we bought a memory foam mattress, or do I wish we got something else?

Really, Ecosa is a reasonably safe mattress for you to buy if you’re worried about that sinking memory foam feeling because it really doesn’t have it. It feels pretty flat to lie on, so if that’s what you want, it will be great.

The 100 night trial and great reviews from other people made the decision easy though. We are about 60-70 nights into the sleep trial and even though I know we will be keeping this mattress (you should know after about 30 nights whether a mattress is working well for you or not) I still find it reassuring to know I could change my mind.

What makes me think about changing my mind?

  • I think my favorite mattress feel is a hybrid. I like that they combine springs with the other mattress technologies.
  • This means they have a bit of bounce and usually have a pillow top, which is a feel I quite like.
  • Memory foam mattresses have no bounce and they don’t usually have pillow tops, so they are quite a deviation from traditional mattresses.
  • One of the layers in the Ecosa is designed to have a bit of a latex nearly bouncy feel, so this is where its fast responsiveness comes from.
  • I’m therefore not sure that memory foam is my favorite mattress type, but I’m happy with how this particular one is performing. Maybe when the time comes to replace this mattress (hopefully years down the track) we will try another mattress type. I’d like to give a latex mattress a try, actually.

There are a ton of advantages to sleeping on memory foam, this article by WebMD outlines some of them. Have a read of it if you’re wondering if memory foam is right for you.


So, two months in, I think I’d sum up the experience so far by saying

  • Even though memory foam is not my favorite mattress type, I am sleeping very well on my Ecosa mattress
  • Even though the mattress is firmer than I would choose based on my own personal preferences, it is still very comfortable and my husband (who wanted a firm mattress) really likes it
  • We’ll be keeping it!
  • Stay tuned for the next Ecosa Mattress Update


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