Ecosa Mattress: Unboxing and First Impressions

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I want to share my Ecosa mattress story with you

This is not a review post as such, but it is my real life experience with the Ecosa mattress that my husband and I ordered in 2018. We researched and paid for this right before I started this site. Watch us unbox our Ecosa mattress and find out our first impressions of it.

This post is all about:

  • The day the Ecosa mattress arrived: the delivery, unboxing (scroll down for a video), and putting it on our frame
  • My first impressions of it after about a week of use

If you would like to read more about how we came to choose Ecosa, please read this post where I run through the reasons. This particular mattress is also backed by our consumer watchdog here in New Zealand: Consumer NZ.

Ecosa delivery day

The mattress arrives

Ecosa has partnered with one of the better local courier delivery companies here in New Zealand: they actually phoned ahead to check someone would be home before they dropped the mattress off.

I should also say, we ordered the mattress on back order as the size we wanted was out of stock. However, Ecosa was able to fulfill our order the day before it was even scheduled to be shipped according to the back order information on their website. Awesome!

The box was pretty tall, but not overly heavy. I attempted to take a selfie with the box but the angle was so awkward I failed a bit there.

The unboxing

Watch the video:

As you can see, I was incredibly helpful to Andrew as he maneuvered the mattress around our room! It is actually about half the weight of the inner spring pillow top mattress we had both worked to lug off our slat frame about half an hour earlier, so he had no problem moving it around by himself. The weight of our king size Ecosa mattress is 45kg.

My first impressions

  • It was fun to watch it come out of the box! We have kept the box for our kids to play in. They love it.
  • I am impressed that it only requires up to four hours to decompress. Some mattresses require days to get up to full depth. You can see this process beginning as soon as Andrew removes the plastic.
  • We ordered the king size mattress and it fit perfectly on our existing king size slat base.
  • There was hardly any smell at all. I was expecting a stronger smell. The only smell I could detect was a bit of a whiff of a plasticky type smell, which could just as easily have come from the packaging. When I went back into the room to go to bed 3 hours later there was no smell at all.
  • I am pleased the mattress has two covers, including a removable, washable, outer cover (this, surprisingly, is not a feature of all mattresses).
  • I think it’s really cool you can customize this mattress yourself. Ecosa designed the mattress so that you can move the layers of foam around to adjust the firmness. Clever.
  • It feels quite firm to lie on. I think I will take a bit of adjusting to it after lying on our plush inner spring that was starting to get too soft.

I’ll give you my impressions after the first night, second night, and then one week on.

The first night

I lay down for my first sleep on the new mattress with sore hips from going for a run that evening and not stretching. I have tight hip flexors and I was excited to unbox the mattress.  I felt a little uncomfortable first lying on the mattress, because as I mentioned above it felt a lot firmer than the mattress I was used to.

However, the pain in my hips had totally disappeared by the morning, which felt amazing. My back felt different though. I wouldn’t go so far to say it was sore, but I was a little stiff through my lower and middle back. I will need to adjust to the mattress. From my research, I understand this can take about a month to fully adjust and we have 100 nights to try the mattress so I’m not worried at all.

ecosa mattress box

Andrew woke up happy, he reported he’d had the best sleep he’d had in ages. And he is fussy so it’s a good sign.

The second night

The mattress already felt more comfortable to lie on than it did on the first night. I did not wake up with back stiffness after this sleep, but my back did feel a little stiff still when I did my workout later in the day (high intensity intervals today: I do a mixture of these and runs for overall fitness and strength). Again I’m not worried, it’s just a matter of adjusting.

Andrew reports his back feels great and his smart watch told him he had more deep sleep last night than he had been getting on previous nights.  He tells me his deep sleep doubled from 30 min per sleep cycle to 60 min. I’m not sure exactly how accurate these watches are and I need to do more research on sleep cycles, but he is happy.

One week on

The mattress has been feeling more and more comfortable every night. It’s still pretty firm, but I’ve got used to it.  I no longer have any twingy back issues like i did in the first couple of days and Andrew is continuing to enjoy it.

I wouldn’t say the mattress has any ongoing odor, but the room smells a little bit different. It’s hard to describe. It’s not overpowering or unpleasant, it’s just…. different.

An unexpected bonus: it is now easier to make the bed. Since this mattress is so much lighter than our previous mattress and not as deep, it is much easier to strip sheets from and tuck a clean fitted sheet back on. This makes it quicker and not such a chore!

I’ll be sharing more updates about how we are going with the Ecosa mattress. Make sure to check back on the blog in a couple of months!


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