Nectar Sleep Mattress Review 2019: Will It Fulfill Their “Best Sleep” Guarantee?

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Nectar Sleep Mattress Review 2019Nectar Sleep Mattress Review 2019

Nectar Sleep Mattress Review 2022 – this mattress is a big player in the online mattress market. Spoiler alert – I don’t like it, but I’m here to review it for you so you’ve got all the details to make an informed decision.

Nectar promise that with their mattress, you will have “the best sleep of your life guaranteed”… we’ll examine all the factors you should consider  to decide for yourself if it lives up to that marketing line (I’ll tell you my opinion in my video near the end of the post).

I like to be thorough in my reviews, so if you want to skip straight to any section that is of particular interest to you, please follow the links below.

You should be able to purchase this mattress for the same price on both Amazon and the Nectar websites. I’ve made sure my links get you the best deals on both.


Online mattress retailer Nectar was formed in 2017, with the vision of bringing a quality memory foam mattress to the market at a widely accessible price.  I think it would be safe to say they surpassed even their own expectations; selling 50,000 mattresses before their first year was through, generating more than $35 million in revenue.

Nectar only make one mattress, and at less than $1000 it is extremely reasonably priced. It remains popular, and sells more than 2400 units per month on Amazon alone. Nectar have taken their success and run with it, launching a new hybrid mattress under the brand name DreamCloud, with similar guarantees in 2018. You can read my full review of the DreamCloud mattress here.

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Technical info

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress Technical Information

The mattress is constructed from four vegetable based, CertiPUR-US certified foam layers encased in a cotton tencel cover. From the top down, the layers are:

  1. One inch of quilted gel memory foam (quilted because it is actually in the cover). This first, softer layer, is designed to give the sleeper the contouring feel memory foam is known for.
  2. Gel memory foam. This layer is three inches thick, and is firmer than the quilted layer above it. Even though it is firmer, it is still designed with responsiveness as one of its biggest functions.
  3. Adaptive “Hi Core” memory foam. This layer connects the top and base layers. Its primary function is back support.
  4. Breathable base layer designed to support all the other layers to allow them to perform their functions of contouring, supporting, and cooling.

The total height of the mattress is 11 inches.

  • The tencel cover is designed to be soft, moisture wicking and breathable. Technically it is removable, but I have seen Nectar recommend on Amazon that you do not remove it and to spot clean only (here’s a how to guide). This makes sense given the first layer of memory foam is actually quilted into the cover, which is a nice feature.
  • It’s pretty unusual for a memory foam mattress at this point to contain TWO layers of gel infused memory foam. Most competitors, while they may have several layers of foam including a gel layer, will only have one.
  • Until recently, Nectar was packaged into a duffel bag with handles, so you may see pictures showing that packaging if you read other reviews. Nectar need to update their unboxing video on their website too. It now comes in a box, like all other “mattress in a box” items. Maybe it was having an identity crisis in the bag?! Who knows. It seems a shame to me though, I thought the bag was a nice touch for customers.

The free pillows

The two complimentary pillows you will receive with your mattress are Nectar branded memory foam pillows. Nectar states their value is $75 each.

  • The pillow comes overstuffed so that you can customize how you want it to feel by removing some of the inner to suit.
  • They feature a pillow-in-pillow design with a quilted memory foam outer shell featuring cooling tencel fabric and active ventilation

Trial and Warranty

Nectar gives you a generous trial period, which offers the most skeptical of customers a sense of security to try out the mattress. It’s a great marketing tactic.

  • If you purchase via Amazon, you will have 180 nights to try the mattress
  • If you purchase direct from the Nectar website, you will have 365 nights (a whole year)
Nectar Sleep Mattress Review 2019

I highly recommend you spend at least 30 nights on a mattress before knowing if it is truly a good fit or not. So you are more than covered with either trial period here.

The warranty of the mattress is “Forever”. This is how it works:

  • For the first 10 years of ownership, Nectar will replace your mattress with a brand new Nectar at absolutely no charge to you if yours is defective in workmanship or materials.
  • From year 10 on, they will completely repair and re-cover your Nectar, or replace your Nectar, waiving all transportation costs if a manufacturing defect or materials failure is confirmed to exist.
  • Note that Nectar require sagging or indentations to be 1.5 inches deep to be considered “defective”.

These massive offers have allowed people to feel comfortable taking a risk purchasing this mattress from the brand new company, which I think is a big reason why they rocketed into the market. After all, with no one able to report on its durability, it only makes sense to offer a big trial and warranty to get around that hurdle.


  1. If you buy direct from Nectar, shipping is via FedEx. It will take 3-7 days depending on where you live. There is an extra charge to ship to Hawaii or Alaska.
  2. If you purchase your Nectar mattress  via Amazon, it is eligible for Prime so you could have it at your door in two days.

What does the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress feel like to sleep on?

I do not own this mattress, so I have created a brief consensus summary for you from the many people who do.

  • This mattress is designed to have a medium firm feel, with a pillow top. However, I would say that based on the extensive research I did to bring you this article, that it is more on the firmer side of medium.
  • The foam in the Nectar mattress takes about 5-7 seconds to respond to your body weight, then you feel the support and contouring.
  • If you change positions, you may feel a little bit “stuck” for the short time it takes the foam to respond to the change in pressure.
  • The feel could also be described as sleeping “in” the bed, rather than “on” the bed.

Who is the mattress best suited to?

Suitable for:

  • Nectar markets itself as being a great mattress for back, side, and stomach sleepers, and for an average weight person I would agree with this statement.
  • It is an excellent mattress for those that really like that memory foam feel, as you do sink into it a little as described above.
  • Although this mattress is rated as medium firm,  what I have seen and read about the mattress, I’d say it definitely leans towards the firmer end of medium.
    • Other reviewers who have had the luxury of testing the mattress themselves would generally agree with this, and many one star reviews on Amazon are because the mattress felt firmer than the buyer expected. This makes me say the mattress is a good choice if you want a firmer feeling mattress.
  • If you sleep hot but like the feel of a memory foam, the breathable moisture wicking cover and two gel layers make the Nectar perform better at dissipating heat than some of its foam competitors.
  • Nectar reports that the mattress can comfortably support up to 650 pounds with no discernible loss of comfort or support. So if you are a heavier person that likes the feel of memory foam, this is a good memory foam mattress for you. You will probably find that you sink quite quickly through the first two layers of gel foam, but that the third layer of transition foam will step up to provide the support you need.
  • By all reports, this mattress does an excellent job of motion isolation, so it works very well for couples.

You may want to consider other options if:

  • If you are a very light person, particularly a side sleeper, you might need something a little bit more plush to adequately support your weight. You might not sink into this one enough to gain the full benefits of its layers. You will probably find a thinner mattress will be adequate, and something like the Signature Sleep 8 inch hybrid which you can read about in this article could be a good choice for you.
  • I have said above that the Nectar mattress is great for heavier people if you like memory foam.  However, if you do not have your heart set on memory foam, you might find that a bed containing coils in the support layer rather than foam will provide better support. I’d suggest you read more about the DreamCloud hybrid mattress here if this sounds like you.

Nectar Adjustable BaseHow to use

This might seem like a strange section to include in a mattress review… just lie down on it and go to sleep, right?! Wrong! I always like to include a few extra bonus tips as some of these things could be the difference between you having a great experience or a poor experience with your new Nectar mattress

  • If you can, open the mattress in the morning. This will give it some time to expand, and to let any off gassing smell start to dissipate.
  • If you are using the mattress on a slatted base, the slats should be no more than 3 inches apart to properly support the mattress.
  • Be wary of putting your new mattress on top of an old boxspring. If the boxspring does not give the mattress good support, the mattress will feel like it is sagging, no matter what the mattress is.
  • If you want to buy a new frame to match your mattress, Nectar also make an adjustable base or a flat foundation base. I’ve also read of many people having success with using a Zinus bed frame for their new memory foam mattresses, which is a cheaper option you can find on Amazon.

Pros and cons


  • Long trial and warranty
  • Two layers of gel infused memory foam instead of one
  • Suitable for a wide range of sleep preferences
  • Great motion control
  • Two memory foam pillows included with purchase
  • Budget friendly price point


  • May be too firm for some
  • May have stronger off gassing odor than competitors
  • Nectar customer service has been found lacking in the past

Any problems?

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is not without its problems. There are two main ones which I will explain to you, and how to deal with them should they occur with your mattress. If you read all the one star reviews on Amazon, they are 95% about these two topics and are the main reasons the mattress does not perform as well as you might expect on Amazon. It is important to remember that the majority people do not find these things to be an issue, but there is a significant group of customers who have had problems so they must be discussed:

1: Decompression issues

Some people found their Nectar mattress did not decompress properly. These are some examples of what happened for people:

  • Did not reach the full eleven inch height even after a week
  • Did not decompress evenly, leaving the mattress appearing lumpy or sunken in corners or sides

This issue can be solved by contacting customer service as soon as you’ve allowed adequate decompression time, to arrange a replacement. There isn’t really a way to fix a defective mattress that hasn’t decompressed properly, so you will be entitled to a replacement.

Issues with decompression can occur if the mattress sits in its packaging too long after being sealed up. There isn’t much you could do about that at the supply end, but once it arrives at your house make sure you open the mattress up within a couple of days if possible.

2: Strong off gassing odors

All memory foam mattresses will release some sort of odor when you open them up; and any mattress that comes wrapped in plastic will make a room smell a bit different when you open it up, too. However, there is a difference between a slight odor and an overpowering one.

There were several complaints that this particular mattress had a very strong odor. How strong an odor is can be subjective, but there were enough people saying it to make me need to mention it to you.

You can help minimize any odor by opening your mattress in a well ventilated space and allowing a bit of time before you lie on it. Some people find running a fan in the room helps.

Any other issues?

  • Just like with any mattress, Nectar has negative reviews because the mattress did not feel how the customer expected. In the case of Nectar, most of these are saying the mattress is too hard. This is probably to be expected, if someone purchased the mattress without realizing it is a firmer medium rather than a “medium” medium. I think Nectar needs to do a bit of work on their slogan though, because “fluffy cloud” does not exactly imply “medium firm”, so I can see how people get confused or mislead here. Remember though, if you don’t like the feel of the mattress, you have heaps of time to return it because you have a very generous trial period.
  • There are reports that Nectar’s customer service is patchy. The main issues have been with delivery delays, from back when Nectar launched in 2017. Unfortunately this has left a sour taste in peoples mouths, and Nectar has some work to do to build their reputation back up. I think their customer service must have improved immensely, because DreamCloud actually has the exact same customer service team and their reputation for service is glowing. If this issue is off-putting for you, buy your mattress from Amazon to avoid these worries.
  • One more thing: in the past Nectar had also taken a bit of fire for stating their mattress was “assembled in the States”, which had mislead people as it is actually made in China. I was glad to see this misleading wording has been removed from their website and amazon store by the time I wrote this review. However, it does make me wonder if there is anything else they might be misleading their customers about. Not a good look in my opinion.

Nectar is still a relatively new company. This Nectar Sleep Mattress Review 2019 will be updated next year, and I hope to be reporting that some of these issues are ironed out. Watch this space.


Real comments from users who rated it a perfect 5 stars

From reading through the Amazon comments, it is very clear that a lot of people decided to give this mattress a try due to the very low risk due to the long sleep trial and warranty. A lot of customers were also pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they found their mattress for the price, compared to mattress purchases they had made in the past.

“I had nothing to lose with the long trial and warranty periods, and have found that this is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on”

“Before I purchased my Nectar, I never realized how the old mattress I had before was contributing to my horrible sleep and back pain. It has changed my life”

“This mattress is definitely medium firm, not plush. For me it is doing an excellent job of providing support, dissipating heat, and relieving pressure points”

“We felt like we were cradled by a memory foam that wasn’t to hot, or made us sink, or any of the other “bad” things people say about memory foam”

“I read enough reviews to make my eyes bleed before finally deciding to buy this mattress, and now I sleep better than ever”

“The Nectar felt a bit too firm for the first couple of nights, then we got used to it or it softened up a little and it is now extremely comfortable”

“I like that when one person rolls over or gets up you do not notice any movement. My partner also thinks he is sleeping cooler now”

“We unpacked the mattress first thing in the morning, and had the fan running in preparation for the off gassing, but the smell was less than we expected”

My conclusion

My summary video for the Nectar Sleep Mattress Review 2019:

  • I think the Nectar is a decent enough mattress that will serve a wide range of people very well.
  • Of all the mattresses out there that are available, I probably would not pick this as my top memory foam mattress to buy of all time (I’d say this one is my favorite so far), but it does have some great things in its favor.
  • Are the problems with the mattress insurmountable? No.
  • Is it a good mattress for the money? Yes.
  • Does it live up to best sleep guarantee? Maybe! I think this claim is being very bold of Nectar. But you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a try and making up your own mind. Many people would certainly say it does.


Best place to buy

You should be able to purchase your Nectar mattress for the same price on both Amazon and Nectar. Nectar will entice you to buy direct with a $125 off deal (any links in this page that go to Nectar have that deal built in for you), but the Amazon price at the time of writing has already had the discount applied.

You will get the free memory foam pillows no matter which you buy from.

You will get faster shipping with Amazon, and you may get better customer service.

You get a longer sleep trial purchasing direct, 365 nights vs 180 nights.

So there are different advantages to choosing Amazon or choosing Nectar. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which is most important to you, and make your purchase. I’d personally go with Amazon.

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