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I’m just gonna say it straight away: I think the Peacelily Adjustable Base is one of the best value adjustable bed bases you’ll find in Australia and New Zealand. Keep reading if you want a clear explanation of the features (and if it’s missing any), the easiest way to look at Peacelily prices, and my handy comparisons with other adjustable base brands.

Here’s exactly what we’ll cover together:

  • Peacelily Adjustable Bed Features (including my opinion of those features)
    • Pricing (Compare cost of the base alone vs if you buy a mattress + base package)
    • Pros And Cons
  • What Real Customers Are Saying
  • Final Opinion – Good Buy Or Not?

Peacelily Adjustable Bed Features

Here’s exactly what you’re getting when you choose to buy the Peacelily Adjustable Bed, along with my opinion where applicable:

  • Natural and organic materials (natural latex padding, organic cotton cover) used in the construction: as far as I’m aware, Peacelily are the only brand that offer this
  • Weight tolerance of 350kg per base : this is pretty hard to beat for the price – similarly priced competitors may only go up to 300kg
  • Articulates at both head and foot for maximum adjustability
  • Preprogrammed with the following positions: flat, anti-snore, reading, zero gravity, and TV watching. You can add 3 more favourite positions if you need to: this is a lot of programmability for your money, others may offer only up to 3 positions
  • The king size is a split model: this is made up of 2x long single bases with 2x remotes that can either be used separately or synchronised to work together – this gives a total weight tolerance of 700kg: other brands may charge you more for their split king option if they also offer a standard king model
  • 9 Different massage settings that are highly customisable: again, that’s a lot of massage for your money
  • LED lighting (turn it on and off with your remote)
  • Adjustable legs so you can choose your desired height: not all bases offer adjustable leg heights, but in my opinion this is pretty crucial so you can have it set exactly right for you as your height preference may differ to a normal bed base
  • Pairs well with the Peacelily natural latex mattress and or topper if you’re looking for a complete bed set: this is actually really important, because the Peacelily mattress is made of natural latex which is naturally mould resistant. This is an important consideration when placing a mattress on ANY flat base as breathability can be an issue
  • Free shipping: yes, this is a really big deal. You can expect to pay hundreds of dollars from some other retailers
  • 2 Year warranty: I actually find this a bit disappointing, but you CAN upgrade this to 5 years for $200, or to 10 years for $300 which isn’t too bad given the overall low price of the Peacelily Adjustable Base
  • Free in-home assembly in urban areas: this will of course be subject to local covid restrictions, but again it’s a nice touch from Peacelily as not many brands offer this without an extra charge
  • Real people say: this base is great quality and has an excellent motor


Peacelily bases start from $1199, which is exceptional value for money. I’ll show you the price of just the base, then the price for a mattress/base combo. These prices are in AUD. NZD prices are here.

I generally recommend a long single for one person, or a split king for two people as this allows you to each control your own side of the bed (or synch them, up to you)

SizeAdjustable Base PriceBase + Mattress Price
Long Single$1199$2298
King Single$1299$2498
Split King$2199 (this is 2x long single bases)$4397
Visit The Peacelily WebsiteVisit The Peacelily Website

Pros And Cons


  • Loads Of Features For Your Money
  • Quality Construction And Natural Materials
  • Australian Owned Company Who Truly Cares About Their Customers


  • Need To Pay To Extend The Warranty Beyond 2 Years
  • No USB Ports
  • Stock Sells Fast, You May Need To Preorder

What Real Customers Are Saying

The Peacelily Adjustable Base is relatively new for Peacelily, so reviews are still accumulating. While there aren’t many reviews from real people right now, EVERY SINGLE ONE rates this bed base 5 out of 5 stars. Impressive. Here’s a selection of comments:

“This bed is so comfortable and reasonably priced. I’m also using the lighting more than I expected.”

“This is the perfect bed for my son who has respiratory issues and allergies. I didn’t expect to find a bed with such good mechanical quality AND natural materials.”

“Priced better than anything we found in the shops, and has more features.”

“We purchased this base to help with my husband’s circulation. Peacelily has the best customer service we’ve come across in a long time and the bed is absolutely wonderful. If I could give it more than 5 stars I would.”

Final Opinion: Is The Peacelily Adjustable Bed A Good Buy Or Not?

Like I said right at the start, I like this base, and yes, I think it’s a good buy. Peacelily hits that sweet spot where excellent quality and a fair price meet. Not only that, you’re getting more natural materials than you’ll find in any other bed. It meets all my criteria for a good adjustable bed:

  • Strong motor with 350kg weight tolerance
  • Articulation at both ends of the bed and a good amount of preset positions for you to enjoy
  • 10 Year warranty available (and is worth the price)
  • It features every single “nice to have” feature: free shipping, in home assembly, lighting, massage (9 settings, wow!), and natural materials

I just don’t think there’s another base out there that can compete with combination of great features and fair pricing of Peacelily.

Peacelily Adjustable Bed

From $1199

Value For Money







  • Great Value For Money
  • Lot Of Programming And Massage Options
  • Quality Motors And Adjustable Legs


  • Pay Extra To Extend Warranty
  • No USB Ports
  • May Need To Preorder If Sold Out


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