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You’ve heard great things about adjustable beds and you’re considering buying one. You may have been blasted by ads for Tebo, or gasped at the high prices at Harvey Norman. Have you been left feeling confused and wondering what the best option is?

I personally own an adjustable bed that I paid for myself. I’ve done the research on the NZ options, including suffering through a sales call with Tebo so you don’t have to.

This is the only place you can easily compare electric adjustable bed prices in NZ side by side.

What is an Electric Adjustable Bed?

An adjustable bed is a type of bed frame that allows you change the angle of your bed. With a touch of a remote, the motors built into the bottom of the bed frame can raise your head, your feet, or both. Some will even give you a massage.

You might think of an adjustable bed as a “hospital bed”, but they’re so much more than that.  People with conditions like acid reflux, sleep apnea, snoring, or chronic pain may benefit from the customizable positions that alleviate discomfort. You can also just use the features for relaxing, I love tilting mine and just sitting for a minute after the hustle of getting my kids in bed. It’s also really great for sleeping with your head upright if you have a cold (goodbye sore necks from trying to pile up pillows).

Adjustable beds are becoming more common as a household furniture item. This is partly because there is a growing awareness around the importance of good sleep for health and, also because prices have become more accessible (like I’m about to show you).

Top 8 Electric Adjustable Beds in NZ for 2023

Here is a price breakdown of each adjustable electric bed brand. I’ve covered as many bed sizes as possible so you can have complete information to help make your decision.

Tebo Bed
  • I only got two prices, because you have to ring them up and the sales call was interminable.
  • Tebo includes the adjustable base, mattress, and mattress protector.
  • Long Single: $8,541
  • Split King: $14,235

Tempur Adjustable Base
  • Prices vary depending on stores and stock.
  • On the day of updating this article, here’s what you could expect (23 June 2023)
  • Single (base only): around $5,000
  • Split King (base only): around $10,000
  • If you want to buy a package including a mattress, prices start from around $10,000.

Peacelily Adjustable Base
  • Long Single: $1,399
  • King Single: $1,549
  • Double: $1,649
  • Queen: $1,749
  • Split King: $2,549
  • Add a natural, dual firmness latex mattress from $1,099

Napp Refresh Base + Mattress
  • Long Single: $2,280
  • King Single: $2,450
  • Double: $2,650
  • Queen: $2,750
  • King: $4,140
  • Split King: $4,490
  • Super King: $4,240
  • Split Super King: $4,590
  • Split California King: $4,890
  • Price includes memory foam mattress(es)

Napp Invigorate Base + Mattress
  • Long Single: $3,280
  • King Single: $3,450
  • Double: $3,770
  • Queen: $3,880
  • King: $6,140
  • Split King: $6,490
  • Super King: $6,240
  • Split Super King: $6,590
  • Split California King: $6,890
  • Price includes memory foam mattress(es)

Napp Enrich Base + Mattress
  • Long Single: $4,190
  • King Single: $4,380
  • Queen: $5,140
  • Split Super King: $8,290
  • Split California King: $8,790
  • Price includes memory foam mattress(es)

Napp Uplift Base + Mattress
  • Long Single: $4,990
  • King Single: $5,180
  • Split Super King: $9,980
  • Split California King: $10,290
  • Price includes memory foam mattress(es)

M30 Series By Sleep Systems
  • Long Single: $2,440
  • King Single: $2,630
  • Queen: $3,320
  • Split Queen: $4,920
  • Split King: $4,920
  • Super King $4,880
  • Add a Mazon Virtali memory foam mattress from $750

As you can see, the online brands, Peacelily and Napp, absolutely blow the others out of the water when it comes to price. I’ve read the manual for the Tebo, and it’s got the exact same motor as Peacelily. How do I know? I own a Peacelily base, I use for my own bed! And it’s amazing.

If you’re wanting the complete package, Napp has by far the best deals, AND they’re NZ made. If you’re feeling unsure about buying online, give them a call. You’ll most likely speak directly with Brendan, the owner. He’s a top guy with an unbeatable reputation for looking after his customers. Trust me, you’ll have a much better conversation with him than a pushy Tebo salesperson.

I’ve included the M30 range here because if you’re dead-set on buying an adjustable bed in a store and not online, this is your best option for the best price and you need all the information when you’re making this important decision.

1. Peacelily (Best Value For Money)

Electric Adjustable Bed Prices NZ - Cover Image - Peacelily

Peacelily have already established themselves as my firm favourite for dual firmness natural mattresses and they’ve recently introduced their high quality adjustable beds (also made with natural materials where possible) to New Zealand. Peacelily focus on one adjustable bed model and it’s pretty hard to argue with the quality for the money:

  • Natural and organic materials (natural latex padding, organic cotton cover)
  • Weight tolerance of 350kg per base (this is about as high as you will find)
  • Articulates at both head and foot for maximum adjustability
  • Preprogrammed with the following positions: flat, anti-snore, reading, zero gravity position, and TV watching. You can add 3 more favourite positions if you need to
  • 9 Different massage settings that are highly customisable
  • LED lighting (turn it on and off with your remote)
  • Adjustable legs to choose your desired height
  • Pairs well with the Peacelily natural latex mattress if you’re looking for a complete bed set – just add their mattresses to your order
  • 2 Year warranty (this doesn’t sound like much, but you can pay to upgrade it to 5 years for $250  or 10 years for $350). It grates a bit to pay extra to extend the warranty, but given the exceptional value for money you get when you buy this base, it’s still good value
  • Real people say: this base is great quality and has an excellent motor

With prices from just $1399, Peacelily is amazing value for money, and leaves plenty of room in the budget to buy a mattress should you need it.

2. Napp (Best Value Mattress + Base Combo)

Napp Uplift Adjustable Base
This Is The Uplift Base, The Only Model With Overall Height Control As Shown

Napp make one of the best mattresses in the country: it’s NZ made and has a cool touch cover and exclusive foams. The adjustable beds that Napp sell are also made right here in New Zealand, by A.H. Beard in their Auckland facility.

As you saw in the table above, Napp offer four different adjustable base models, that increase in price as the features upgrade through the models. Each base comes with the same beautiful Napp mattress(es).

The most “basic” model is the Enliven, which starts from $2280. The most expensive model is the Uplift, which tops out at $10290 for the split California King size. When I say the Enliven is the most “basic”, it still has a lot of features you won’t even find on more expensive models. Here are features that all the Napp adjustable bases have:

  • Head and foot articulation
  • Wireless remote with flashlight
  • Bluetooth connectivity (a feature you don’t get with Peacelily)
  • Under bed lighting
  • USB ports in all models except Enliven (also not included with Peacelily)
  • Adjustable leg heights
  • Weight limit of at least 340kg per motor
  • Made in New Zealand (support local)
  • 10 Year guarantee
  • Napp mattresses to suit the base are included in the price

Too hard to choose between them? Compare the Napp adjustable bases side-by-side in this comprehensive table. My favourite is the Enrich model, which has the extra lumbar support.

Your In-Store Or Pay For Delivery Options

M30 Series By Sleep Systems

MV30 By Sleep Systems

If you’re heading in-store, this is the best value option that I have seen. It’s also available at independent bed stores like Mills Bros, which are nice to support (and have surprisingly cheap shipping for this one: just $20!). However, this adjustable bed is lacking some of the features you get from Napp and Peacelily, so in my opinion it’s not your best buy for your money.

  • Head and foot articulation
  • Remote is wired in, not a wireless remote
  • Massage function
  • Legs are not adjustable
  • Lower weight limit: only 150kg per motor
  • 10 Year guarantee
  • Options to add Mazon Virtali memory foam mattresses (I’ve tried these mattresses out in-store: they feel like a NZ made version of Tempur, so they’re great if you’re wanting a slow conforming memory foam)

So you can see you’re missing a wireless remote, adjustable legs and a big weight tolerance (this is important because your weight tolerance includes your body weight and your mattress) but it’s the best you’ll get if you want to buy from a physical shop instead of online.


Adjustable Bed Prices NZ - Tempur Base

If you go to a big box retailer such as Bed Post or Harvey Norman, you’ll find this internationally known brand on the floor displays.

There are several models available, with the cheapest starting at around $2800 for a long single (base only). You can expect to pay that much again to add a mattress, so you’re really paying a lot for the name.

While there’s no doubt that Tempur are good quality bases with the features you want (massage, wireless remote, high weight tolerance of 385kg per motor, adjustable leg height) I really just don’t think you need to spend that much when you can buy from Peacelily or Napp instead.

Bambillo/Tebo (Bambillo is now Tebo)

Bambillo Massage Base

Why have I grouped these together? Because Bambillo has been rebranded as Tebo. You might know Bambillo from infomercials. They are now called Tebo. Who also do infomercials. It’s the same bed.

They use different marketing tactics to the other brands: they get you to phone up and discuss their bases with them. They don’t advertise prices on their website. I did a phone call with them and they really push the hard sell. I also can’t find any evidence for their medical claims either (at least none that’s enough to convince me).

The one thing Tebo does offer that other brands don’t is a 30 day guarantee before you commit to the entire purchase price. But is that guarantee worth the extra thousands of dollars? Not to me!

Frequently Asked Questions About Adjustable Beds

Are adjustable beds really worth it?

If you think you will use the adjustable features then yes. Absolutely, yes. The prices these days are such that they are comparable with a good quality standard bed frame so to me it’s a total no-brainer.

Add in the fact that you get features like underbed lighting and massage in some models and you could almost argue it’s a bargain.

Are adjustable beds good for sleeping?

If you have specific health concerns like snoring or pain, changing the angle of your bed can help you to sleep more comfortably.

I certainly know that if I’m blocked up with a cold I sleep better with my head tilted up, and I thank my lucky stars for my adjustable bed every time I pick up a cold (which is often, I have young children).

How much do electric adjustable beds cost?

You can see from the table above that there is a range of prices and packages. I think electric adjustable beds are probably cheaper than you would have thought. You certainly don’t need to spend $10,000 to get a good quality one.

Final Thoughts

Adjustable beds can be a great addition to your home for health purposes, or just your general comfort. They have powerful but quiet motors that will transform your bed from boring and flat to pretty much any position you would like or need to customise it to.

I highly recommend you start your adjustable bed journey with either a Peace Lily base (like me) or a mattresss and base combo from Napp. These truly are the best value in the New Zealand market, and both are geinuinely nice businesses to work with.


Emily Johnstone

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