Adjustable Beds Australia – Review Of Your Best Options

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Adjustable Beds Australia – you’ve got some really great options here, with a strong competitive market. This is excellent news for you: you can get a great deal on a high quality adjustable bed. I’ve studied all the options and despite there being some awesome options, Peace Lily is the easy winner with Onebed being a close second. Let’s start off your adjustable bed base shopping with a direct comparison of these two awesome adjustable bases, or click here for a detailed price comparison of adjustable beds in Australia.

Top Choice:

Peace Lily Adjustable Base

  • Free Shipping
  • Head & Feet Are Adjustable
  • Massage Options
  • Variety Of Preset Positions
  • 350kg Weight Tolerance Per Motor
  • 2 Year Warranty (Can Extend)
Runner Up:

OneBed Adjustable Base

  • Free Shipping
  • Head & Feet Are Adjustable
  • No Massage
  • 2 Presets : Anti Snore + Zero G
  • 300kg Weight Tolerance Per Motor
  • 5 Year Warranty 

Here’s what else we’ll cover:

  • Your Top 5 Adjustable Bed Options In Australia
  • Why Peace Lily Is The Best Deal
  • Adjustable Bed Benefits (Not just for hospital beds)
  • Adjustable Bed Buyer’s Guide (Check the bed fits these criteria before you buy)

Adjustable Beds Australia: Top 5

1. Peace Lily Adjustable Bed – Top Choice

Adjustable Beds Australia - Peacelily Is Best
Peace Lily Is An Easy Choice For The Best Adjustable Bed In Australia

Peace Lily are most famous for their extremely high quality natural latex mattress , but they also offer an equally high quality adjustable base.

Much loved for their amazing customer service, commitment to quality natural products and the environment, Peace Lily should absolutely be at the top of your adjustable bed shortlist. 


  • Natural and organic materials (natural latex padding, organic cotton cover)
  • Weight tolerance of 350kg per base 
  • Articulates at both head and foot for maximum adjustability
  • Preprogrammed with the following positions: flat, anti-snore, reading, zero gravity, and TV watching. You can add 3 more favourite positions if you need to
  • King size is a split model: this is made up of 2x long single bases with 2x remotes that can either be used separately or synchronised to work together – this gives a total weight tolerance of 700kg
  • 9 Different massage settings that are highly customisable
  • LED lighting (turn it on and off with your remote)
  • Adjustable legs so you can choose your desired height
  • Pairs well with the Peacelily natural latex mattress if you’re looking for a complete bed set
  • Free shipping (yes, this is a really big deal. You can expect to pay hundreds of dollars from other retailers)
  • 2 Year warranty (this doesn’t sound like much, but you can pay to upgrade it to 5 years for $200  or 10 years for $300). 
  • Free in-home assembly in urban areas
  • Real people say: this base is great quality and has an excellent motor

Peace Lily bases start from $1199, which is exceptional value for money. I’ve done some maths for you to see the price of a total adjustable bed package including a Peace Lily mattress and a 10 year warranty upgrade for the ultimate combo: 

  • I’d recommend a long single for one person. The total cost here would be $2598 ($1199 for the base, $1099 for the mattress, $300 for the warranty upgrade).
  • For two people, the Split King is really the only way to go, so you can choose how to control your own side of the bed. The total cost is $4697 ($2199 for the base, $1099 each for two long single mattresses and $300 for the warranty upgrade).

You can see that the maximum price for a Peace Lily base tops out at $2499 for a base only with a ten year warranty, while a total Peace Lily package comes out at less than $5000, which makes it exceptional value for money for the quality and features you’re getting here – some bases you’ll pay more $$$$$ just for the base alone.

2. Onebed Adjustable Bed Frame – My Runner Up

If you’re looking for an exceptional quality base without any bells and whistles (and just gets on with the job of raising your head and feet efficiently and effectively) then you’re going to love this Onebed base. It’s pipped at the post by Peacelily purely because the remote has less preset options and the motor has a slightly lower weight tolerance, but you can often pick up a Onebed base for a real bargain if you catch the right discount offer (my links will always show you the best price)


  • Sleek grey look that works well on its own or will fit inside most existing bed frames.
  • Weight tolerance of 300kg per base 
  • Articulates at both head and foot for maximum adjustability
  • Preprogrammed with the ever popular zero G and anti-snore positions (plus you can use the memory button on the remote to program in your favourite)
  • King size is a split model: this is made up of 2x long single bases with 2x remotes that can either be used separately or synchronised to work together – this gives a total weight tolerance of 600kg
  • No massage settings on this base
  • Adjustable legs so you can choose your desired height. You’ve got good options here: 7.5cm, 15cm, 22.5cm, 30cm
  • Pairs well with the Onebed mattresses (memory foam and pocket coils) if you’re looking for a complete bed set
  • Free shipping (yes, this is a really big deal. You can expect to pay hundreds of dollars from some other retailers)
  • 5 Year warranty (no need to pay extra to upgrade your warranty here). 
  • More likely to ship faster than Peacelily (Peacelily is often on preorder because their popular items sell so quick)
  • Customer service is knowledgeable, fast to help, and friendly
  • Real people say: this base strong and sturdy with smooth motion. Great value for money. This base has an excellent star rating of 4.7 out of 5 so customers are very happy with their OneBed adjustable base.

3. AH Beard Adjustable Bases (2 models available)

AH Beard Adjustable Base

AH Beard may not sound familiar to you but I bet you know their beds: they actually make many of the mattress brands you’re used to seeing in stores, like King Koil. Proudly Australian made, they have a range of adjustable bases to complement their mattresses. Here we’ll compare two of their most popular models, the Invigorate adjustable base and the Enliven adjustable base. These are available at stores nationwide and also through popular online retailer BedWorks, who also sell them as combo deals with some high quality AH Beard mattresses, but I think it will work even better some of my other Australian mattress brand recommendations.  


  • Both models feature a sleek black look
  • Weight tolerance of 340kg per base
  • Articulation at both head and feet
  • Massage features and USB ports available on the Invigorate model only. Invigorate also has more preset positions, they’re similar to the Peacelily settings I talked about above. 
  • Lighting (subtle lighting on the Enliven, strip lighting on the Invigorate)
  • Pairs well with both AH Beard mattresses and other mattress brands (recommendations below)
  • Both have adjustable legs
  • Both have a 10 year warranty included with your purchase
  • Delivery cost of your AH Beard adjustable base will vary. I put a long single in my cart to see what the delivery charges are like: it quoted me $230 to the Gold Coast. Delivery is cheapest in NSW, as this is where the BedWorks warehouse is

Prices for AH Beard bases start from $1694 for a long single Enliven base only, and go up to $7518 for a King size Invigorate base with a mattresses included (remember: King size will be split into 2 x long singles). Bedworks often run sales though, so you can expect to get a discount. However, I think your best bet if you want to buy an AH Beard base is to buy the base only from Bedworks ($1694 – $6159) and pair it with one of my preferred Australian mattress brands: Peacelily for latex, Macoda for hybrid, or Hugo for combination foam. 

4. Reverie Adjustable Bases (3 models available)

Reverie Adjustable Base

Reverie is an American brand who currently stock three of their popular adjustable bases in Australia. The most feature packed and expensive model is the 9T, the middle model is the 7S, and the basic model is the 3E. Find those names confusing? I do. Luckily, they’ve got a very clear chart showing you the differences between each model. Like AH Beard above, I think the best place to get your Reverie adjustable base is BedWorks. 


  • Sleek grey look (9T) or two tone look (7S and 3E)
  • Weight tolerance of about 385kg per base
  • Articulation of both head and feet
  • Massage function on the 9T and 7S
  • 3 Preset positions and 2 programming options on the 9T and 7S (none on the 3E)
  • Customizable leg height on 9T and 7S
  • Pairs well with either a Reverie mattress (BedWorks offer a bundle) or one of my preferred Australian mattresses
  • 5 Year warranty included with your purchase
  • Delivery costs will vary, but will be similar to the costs for an AH Beard model (basically, expect to pay a few hundred dollars)

You can see that the 3E model has the least features so is going to be the cheapest of the Reverie adjustable beds. Prices start at $2595 for a base alone, or you can add a Reverie mattress for $1600+ extra. The model with the most features, the 9T, is sold as a base only (no mattress bundles available) and starts from $4899. 

Like with AH Beard bases above, I recommend you buy a separate mattress for your Reverie base. You can get an excellent Australian mattress such as one of my preferred brands for less than the price of a Reverie mattress.

5. Sealy Posturematic Adjustable Bed Base (2 models available)

Sealy Adjustable Base

Sealy is probably one of the most easily recognised bed brands in the world, which makes it easy to just want to buy it because it’s familiar. They have two models, the basic Inspire and the Energise, which has more features.  I’ve included it in this roundup because it does a good job as a base and has the highest weight tolerance. Again, you can buy your Sealy base online (I recommend BedWorks) or you’ll find them in popular bedding stockists. 

  • Sleek two tone look for both
  • Weight tolerance of 386kg (highest in this article, beats Reverie by 1kg)
  • Articulation of both head and feet
  • 3 Presets on both models
  • Features only on the Energise model: massage, lighting, USB ports
  • 10 year warranty included with your purchase, get an extra 2 years when you buy from Bedworks
  • Pairs well with a range of Sealy mattresses and can be bought as bundles. Alternatively, buy the base and pair with one of my other preferred Australian brands
  • Delivery costs similar to those previously mentioned will apply

Sealy prices range from $2299 for a single sized Inspire base up to $6750 for a split king Energise base. Only the more expensive Elevate model is sold in a package with a Sealy mattress (there’s a small selection to choose from to make up your bundle). Again, I recommend if you have your heart set on a Sealy base that you pair it with one of my other Australian mattress picks mentioned earlier in this article.

Why Is Peace Lily The Best Adjustable Bed Deal In Australia?

Like I said right at the start, Peace Lily is the best adjustable bed base deal in Australia. They hit that sweet spot where excellent quality and a fair price meet. Not only that, you’re getting more natural materials than you’ll find in any other bed.

It meets all my criteria for a good adjustable bed:

  • Strong motor with 350kg weight tolerance
  • Articulation at both ends of the bed and a good amount of preset positions for you to enjoy
  • 10 Year warranty available (and is worth the price)
  • It features every single “nice to have” feature: free shipping, in home assembly, lighting, massage (9 settings, wow!), and natural materials

I just don’t think there’s another base out there that can compete with combination of great features and fair pricing of Peace Lily.

Who Can Benefit From An Adjustable Bed (it’s more people than you might think)

Adjustable beds are fast growing in popularity with the general public. They’re no longer just the domain of hospital beds: people around the world are catching on to the amazing comfort features and health benefits an adjustable bed can bring to your every day life. Let’s list the ways:

  • The obvious health benefits:
    • Reduce snoring and improve your breathing: lying flat can put pressure on your airway. Adjust the base so you’re slightly elevated and take the pressure off, opening your airway and reducing your snoring.
    • Reduce heartburn and indigestion: again, using an upright position takes the pressure off the lower part of your oesophagus, which will help relieve heartburn.
    • Improve circulation: sleeping with your feet slightly raised will help improve blood flow around your body
    • Improve back pain: for some back pain sufferers, adjusting the position of your bed can alleviate your symptoms. The zero gravity preset position can be particularly helpful
    • Better sleep: this is important at all ages, and especially as we get older
  • The lifestyle benefits:
    • Make it easier to read or watch TV comfortably in bed
    • Enjoy a massage
    • Allows different sleep positions for couples (particularly handy if one of you snores, or comes down with a cold and needs to raise their head)
    • Sleep more comfortably

How To Use Your Adjustable bed

  • Get in when it’s flat
  • You can sleep on your side, on your back, any position you’d usually sleep in will work fine on your adjustable bed
  • Don’t overrun the motor – Sealy recommends no more than 2 minutes of continuous motor use within a 30 minute timeframe
  • King size bases will come as Split King, which means two long single bases with their own motor and own mattress.
  • If you’re a couple, I strongly recommend you go for a split king size option instead of a queen. This allows you to individually control each side of the bed, saving a lot of potential fights! For example if one of your snores or has a cold and needs to sleep upright, the other doesn’t have to. If one of you feels like a massage, you can just have it on your own side. You can synch your remotes so each side does the same thing if you wish, it’s the best of both worlds.

Adjustable Beds Australia Buyer’s Guide

Here’s what you should look for when choosing your adjustable bed:

  • A motor that is of good quality with a high weight tolerance (remember to factor in both the weight of your mattress and the people here) – at least 300kg
  • Articulation at both ends of the bed to give a variety of positions, including the popular zero gravity position
  • A great warranty (you’ll want 10 years to get the most out of your investment)
  • Nice to haves:
    • Free shipping (this alone can run to hundreds of dollars for such a bulky item)
    • Lighting
    • Free in home assembly
    • Massage options
    • Natural material
  • Best mattresses for an adjustable bed: many modern mattresses can work well on an adjustable bed. Some of my favourites include:
    • Latex
    • Memory foam
    • Hybrids can also work well, but check specifically with the manufacturer of your mattress to ensure the integrity of the springs inside the base will not be compromised
    • These are my favourite Australian mattresses, in case you missed them earlier.
  • Price guide for a quality adjustable bed in Australia:
    • I’ve done the research, I think for a base alone you can expect to pay $1000 – $5000 for an excellent quality adjustable bed base in Australia, depending on the size you go for. Add in a mattress and you may expect to pay more (except for my top recommendation above). There are some bases out there that cost more than that, I don’t think you need to pay. 


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