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dream cloud mattress review

DreamCloud is an exciting new mattress to enter the booming online mattress market. A luxe feel hybrid mattress (it has an unprecedented eight layers of support and comfort materials) that is massively growing in popularity, DreamCloud describe their mattress as “truly sleeping on a cloud”. It is the talk of the mattress world, with consumers on various forums and mattress reviewers alike all raving about this mattress. How could I possibly ignore it and not do my own research to bring you my own Dream Cloud Mattress Review?

I often review mattresses on Amazon, which has the advantage of being able to bring you a good balance of the good and bad comments from real users. For this one, as the mattress is only available directly from DreamCloud at the time of writing, I’ve instead therefore scoured forums such as Reddit to ensure I could find and evaluate any negative comments out there to avoid getting swept away in the DreamCloud marketing, which is indeed fabulous.

This is a mattress that has been designed to have the same feel and quality as luxury mattresses that might only be available in store, but comes in at a price 3-4 times lower. On the DreamCloud website the mattress scores a massive 4.8 out of 5 stars, and they do show transparency by including one star reviews. Read my full Dream Cloud Mattress review now. It’s very thorough, so feel free to jump straight to any of the sections I’ve outlined below if they especially take your interest. You’ll also find a summary box with all the key “need to know” facts at the end.

Overview of DreamCloud – who are you buying from?

DreamCloud is actually owned by another mattress in a box company called Nectar. Nectar, who launched in 2017, is one of the fastest growing online mattress manufacturers: according to CNBC, they sold more than 50,000 mattresses and made a profit of $35 million before their first year was even finished, so they certainly know what they are doing when meeting what the market wants in a mattress. Nectar launched DreamCloud in January 2018 with the vision of bringing an ultra luxe hybrid mattress to the market at an accessible price.  The hybrid mattress is the only mattress available under the DreamCloud brand, and it is pretty much the sole focus of the brand. They do sell bed accessories too, but they are there to support the mattress.

DreamCloud offer great customer service, I have noted them responding to customer queries and issues on various internet platforms. I tested out their online chat recently, and I was able to chat with one of their knowledgeable “concierges” immediately (more on that later). DreamCloud is also involved with charity and giving back to the community via the Pajama Program , who provide pajamas and books to vulnerable children to help them feel more of a sense of love and security at bedtime.


Technical info

As I mentioned above, this mattress has a unique and unparalleled eight layers of materials in its construction. It is also unbeatable for its warranty and sleep trial offers. Let’s take a look at all the specifications:


From the top of the mattress down, the eight layers consist of:

  1. dreamcloud mattress cross sectionThe cover is a two inch cashmere blend, designed to feel super soft to touch and be breathable. It is also naturally bedbug resistant. It is hand tufted: did you know that hand tufting adds about 1-2 hours of time to the mattress production, and is therefore usually only found on mattresses that sell for at least three times the price? This cover is also reported by DreamCloud and reviewers alike to be extremely durable. At a first look, it may appear like the indentations in the cover are quite big and “lumpy” but all reports indicate it feels smooth, and soft yet firm.
  2. The first of the comfort layers is a half inch gel infused memory foam. This is intended to  provide temperature regulation and contouring support.
  3. The second comfort layer is one and three quarter inches of quilted memory foam for cushioning support.
  4. The third comfort layer is a half inch natural latex for further cushioning support and some bounce (latex is a naturally very bouncy product, you can read more about its benefits and role in mattresses here).
  5. The last of the layers I would consider to be a comfort layer is a quarter inch of support memory foam intended to help keep your back in alignment throughout the night.
  6. The first of the layers I would consider to be the support of the mattress is a half inch of high density memory foam also there to provide spine support.
  7. The coils are eight inches of patent pending, foam encased coils. They are designed to have five distinct zones across the bed to provide support in all the right places. To get the five different zones for different support levels, some springs are coiled tighter for support while others are more flexibile to provide contouring.
  8. The last layer on the bottom of the mattress is one and a half inches of high density memory foam.

The DreamCloud mattress also has reinforced sidewalls made from dense foam for edge support.

Basically, if you can name a quality mattress material, DreamCloud has it! This is the first mattress I have come across that contains the full trio of gel memory foam, memory foam, and latex within the comfort layers. Upon seeing this technical breakdown of the mattress it becomes clear why it is a tall mattress at 15 inches high.

It is a heavier mattress, with the king size coming in at 135lb. It is heavier due to the sheer volume of materials used in the mattress. DreamCloud have sewn two handles into each side of the mattress to make it easier to move. I sure wish our massive innerspring mattress we recently disposed of had handles, it would have made the job a lot easier.

Another technical feature of the mattress is Certi-PUR US certification of the foams within the mattress. This essentially means it is guaranteed there are no chemicals known to be harmful used in the foams (a common concern).


DreamCloud offer free shipping and returns via FedEx within the contiguous United States, but if you live in Alaska or Hawaii you will have to pay $150 to have the mattress delivered.

Your mattress will ship within 2-3 days of making your order, and you can expect delivery to take 2-5 days once it has shipped.

If you elect to purchase the optional white glove mattress service (I’ll explain how this works in the FAQ section), this may add a couple of days to the overall timeframe.

Sleep trial and warranty

The sleep trial for your DreamCloud mattress is a year… yep,  365 nights. This is incredibly generous, as 30-100 nights is the industry standard from what I have seen. This allows you to feel safe in taking a chance on this mattress, though DreamCloud report that less than 3% of their customers request to return theirs. If you do need to return it, however, you just need to call DreamCloud to arrange it. With other mattresses and companies you will probably have to find a way to package it back up to send (there is no way you can get a compressed mattress back into its original box once decompressed). DreamCloud will take care of everything including packaging for you.

DreamCloud have really put their money where their mouth is with an”Everlong” warranty on their mattress. This means DreamCloud are prepared to guarantee the materials and workmanship of the mattress for as long as you own it.

This is a brief rundown of how the warranty works:

  • If there are defects in the workmanship or materials in the first ten years, DreamCloud will give you a brand new mattress to replace the faulty one.
  • Beyond ten years, DreamCloud will either repair, re-cover, or replace as deemed appropriate.
  • They’ll cover all the shipping costs if the fault is a manufacturing defect or materials failure.
  • The warranty does not cover misuse or damage, change in comfort preference, or softening of the foam less than 1.5 inches.
  • The warranty also does not cover anybody apart from the original purchaser of the mattress.

There are other companies out there who offer a 365 night sleep trial OR a lifelong warranty but I am yet to come across another that offers both like DreamCloud does.

dream cloud mattress review


Who is the mattress best suited to (and who’s it not)?

The DreamCloud mattress is designed for every type of sleeper. The only difference is therefore going to come with how firm or soft you like your mattress to feel. DreamCloud (despite its somewhat soft and fluffy sounding name) rate their mattress as the firmer side of medium firm (about 7 on the mattress firmness scale), and all reports I have read corroborate that. You can expect this mattress to feel soft when you first lie on it, but very quickly feel the firmer support layers kicking into action.

There are only two very small groups of people who may do better with a different mattress: research by mattress research and review group Tuck found that someone who weighs less than 130 lb and sleeps on their side may find it feels on the firmer side of medium (which is fine if you like a firm mattress, but it should be noted). They also found that a stomach sleeper (not many of us are stomach sleepers) weighing more than 230lb may find they sink a little more than is ideal. For pretty much everyone else though, which is most people, the mattress is great choice.

Despite it not being the first choice for a heavier stomach sleeper, it is still a great choice for heavier people who are back, side or combination sleepers.

It is a good choice for people who are worried about sleeping hot, as there are several components of this mattress that assist with temperature control and air circulation. The wool in the cover wicks moisture away from the surface, while the gel and latex dissipate heat and the coils allow for air circulation.

If you like the idea of luxury for a reasonable price, the DreamCloud has the same qualities of mattresses usually 3-4 times its price.

If you are nervous about trying a “mattress in a box”, this is a great mattress for you because of the generous sleep trial and warranty period, with free shipping if something goes wrong.

Couples find this mattress works well for them as the individually wrapped coils are great at controlling motion transfer. This is particularly great if the two of you have different sleeping styles and one moves around a lot more during their sleep than the other.


dreamcloud firmness ratingFAQ

  • How does the white glove service work?
    • You add it at the checkout for $149 when you make your mattress purchase. DreamCloud will then contact you to arrange a time for their team to deliver the mattress to your house, bring it inside, set it up, and dispose of your old mattress for you. If you purchase additional items at the same time, for example a bed foundation, you will pay an additional $45 for every additional item after the first charge of $149 for the first item.
  • Is there any off gassing?
    • When you first take the mattress out of the packaging there may be a slight smell, as would be expected of any new mattress containing foam. This should dissipate quickly, especially if you ventilate the room as you set up the mattress. No customers or reviewers who have this mattress reported problems with odor.
  • Do you ship to Canada?
    • Unfortunately, DreamCloud has now stopped shipping to Canada and only ships to US addresses.
  • How does DreamCloud manage to make their mattress so much cheaper than other mattresses which you say would cost 3-4 times more?
    • DreamCloud only sells their mattresses directly from their website. There are no stores to upkeep, no wholesalers to engage with, no salesmen and less storage facilities to pay for. They are therefore able to pass these discounts directly on to you, their customer. You may have noticed that all mattresses sold online only are cheaper than those sold in store, and these reasons hold true for all of them, too.


Pros and cons


  • You can get $200 off instantly (any link from this page automatically gives you this discount)
  • Generous sleep trial
  • Everlong warranty
  • Lots of high quality materials
  • Suitable for a very wide range of sleep requirements
  • Great customer service


  • Bulky and heavy to maneuver
  • Extra cost to ship to Alaska and Hawaii


How to use

This might seem like a strange section to include in a mattress review… just lie down and sleep on it, right? These are a few extra little pointers I pick up when I research each mattress that help people get the best experience with the mattress they have chosen.

  • This mattress is higher than most, at 15 inches. You will need to make sure your frame or base support for the mattress is able to accommodate its height. It works very well on a flat platform.
  • It is best to put this mattress (or any hybrid mattress, as a matter of fact) on something other than a boxspring base. This is because the spring system inside the mattress is designed to work at its best to support you when it is on a flatter, more solid base than a boxspring can provide. DreamCloud can sell you one just right for their mattress if you wish to purchase them  together. Another reason as that boxsprings are a somewhat antiquated base type for a bed, and I’d bet if you have one it is looking and feeling a little worse for wear.  Using a mattress such as this one on an old and worn out boxspring can lead to a sagging of the mattress, through no defect of the mattress at all.
  • Do not remove the cover for cleaning. to clean: this mattress is spot clean only. Huh? You might be thinking. If you have read other reviews, you would have found information stating that DreamCloud offers a one-time complimentary cleaning after the first year of ownership and offers later options for a “like new” refurb after five years. This was the question I jumped onto their customer service chat to ask.  I got an immediate response from one of their “concierges”, which was great. You can see their answer in the screen shot I took of oue conversation. So please note, if you read other reviews of this mattress after this one, they may contain some out of date information regarding cleaning of the mattress. I’ve got info on how to clean a mattress for you here.
  • As this mattress is 15 inches deep, you will need to ensure your sheets have deep enough pockets to accommodate this.


Any problems with this mattress?

In 2018 when DreamCloud launched, there were some issues with demand outstripping demand, and people waiting very long times for their mattresses. These issues have since been resolved, and customers affected by those teething issues reported being offered partial refunds, e.g. $100. Many of these initially upset customers went on to be very happy with their mattress.

The only negative comments I could find after scouring the internet for one star reviews from real readers was either that they found the mattress too firm, or too soft. How a mattress feels is a very subjective measure, and there were literally six reviews on the whole internet that did not like how this mattress felt. Even some of the customers who initially had the delivery issues last year and therefore not happy with the company at that time loved their mattress. It will be reassuring for you to know that reviewers who have tested the mattress themselves agree with DreamCloud’s description of the mattress as medium-firm.

A couple of people expressed an opinion that they felt the layer upon layer of different materials was excessive. However, DreamCloud believe every layer is there doing an important job, contributing to the overall feel of the mattress. CTA for cheaper hybrid with less layers if this sounds a bit much for you though


Real comments from users who gave it a perfect 5 star rating

“Easily comparable to a $3000 mattress bought in a store”

“I now sleep better and have more energy throughout the day”

“There isn’t a mattress built better than DreamCloud for this price point”

“A very high quality and luxury mattress”

“DreamCloud not only brings good sleep, it took away my hip pain, too”


My conclusion

  • Would I buy this mattress? Yes I would! I think the materials, quality and firmness sound amazing. What a great mattress for the price.
  • One small thing: DreamCloud has only been around for a year, so how durable this mattress is remains an unknown.
  • The massive everlong warranty and 365 night sleep trial erase any fears about durability. However, I’d buy this mattress sooner rather than later as DreamCloud have already axed some great extras such as free cleaning. Now they are more established I wonder if it’s a matter of time until the warranty or trial periods are reduced.


Best place to buy

Currently, the only place to buy a DreamCloud mattress is directly from the DreamCloud website.



Mattress TypeHybrid containing gel memory foam, memory foam, latex, and pocket springs
FeelLuxurious, medium firm
PriceQueen $1499, King $1599 (my links include automatic $200 off discount)
Suitable forWide range of sleepers
Sleep trial365 nights
Average rating from current users4.8 out of 5 Stars
Does bestmattressforyou.com
recommend this mattress?
Absolutely! I think this mattress is hard to fault.


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