Simba Mattress Review UK – I Think It’s Good For The Money

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Simba Mattress

No wonder this mattress is so popular: it packs a ton of features for a small price tag, including microcoils (my favourite mattress comfort layer)

Product Details


Comfort Foam, Microcoils, Base Foam

Trial Period:

200 Nights




Medium Firm, Suits Most People


10 Years


From £649

Simba Mattress Review UK – with prices from £649 and more than half a million mattresses sold at the time of writing, there’s no doubt that the Simba Hybrid mattress is a popular choice for Britons. But is it a good choice?

I’ve been reviewing mattresses for 3 years now, so I’ll give you my opinion of this mattress layer by layer, and take you through:

  • Analysis of the Simba mattress
  • Compare the flagship Simba mattress with the other two mattresses in the Simba mattress range
  • Compare Simba with two of its biggest competitors: Eve and Emma
  • Analysis of what real customers are saying in their Simba Mattress Reviews
  • Pros and cons
  • Tell you whether I think it’s a good buy or not (spoiler alert, yeah it’s pretty good and I’d happily have it in my own house)

Simba Mattress Review UK – Features

I’ll list all the features of the Simba Mattress, and give you my opinion on each as we go through.

Simba Mattress Review UK - Mattress Cross Section

The Simba hybrid was one of the first bed-in a box mattresses to combine memory foam with pocket springs, meaning they’re real experts who know their stuff. The Simba hybrid mattress has four different layers and a total height of 25cm.


All Simba say about this is that it’s a soft, hypoallergenic surface. To me, it looks like a nice cover: probably a polyester knit that will indeed feel soft and has some moisture wicking properties. This is exactly what I’d expect to see on a mattress at this price point and it’s absolutely fine.

1. Top Layer- Cooling Comfort

This is a proprietary foam called “SimbaTex”, It’s a 5cm layer designed to be cool, soft and squishy on contact with skin or bedding material while providing bounce when you lie down so it feels comfy throughout every position.

This is pretty much the perfect foam to have directly under the cover. It’s been engineered to have up to 30x the airflow of memory foam, but still gives you that softness, while the slight bounce from the latex properties of the foam stop you sinking in too far.

2. Second layer- For contouring

This layer is 2cm layer of foam encased microcoils, which is my absolute favourite thing to see in a mattress. I used to own a mattress with microcoils myself, and it was the best one I ever had. These coils add responsiveness and are often a feature of luxury mattresses that come with a price tag that is easily triple or more the price of Simba. It was a nice surprise to see these coils at this price point.

3. Transition layer – Allows the top layers to provide comfort and is a buffer for the firm base foam

This is a high density polyfoam (like you’ll find in the transition layers of pretty much every mattress in a box on the market) that has a special feature that its competitors doesn’t: the Simba mattress has edge lift technology! This means that the Simba mattress has better edge support than most other foam base mattresses you’ll find on the market.

4. Foundation layer – Firm support foam

The 15cm of support foam is the perfect foundation for this mattress. It provides much-needed shape and stability as well as acting like an anchor, providing a sense that it will be hard to climb out from this layer once you’re comfortable. It’s also got zoning channels cut into it, which is a nice feature to ensure support is targeted to your body weight.

Simba Hybrid Prices

The following prices are the recommended retail for the Simba Mattress. Like most mattress in a box brands, Simba run regular sales so I would expect you to get a juicy discount.

UK Single£649
UK Double£879
Super King£1109

Compare The Simba Hybrid With The Other Two Mattresses In The Simba Range

Simba Mattress Range

The Simba Hybrid Mattress is one of three mattress in a box options from Simba. The Simba Hybrid that we’re focusing on in this review is the cheapest option but there is also the Simba Hybrid Pro and the Simba Hybrid Luxe (the most expensive of the range). All three mattresses have:

  • Polyknit cover
  • Edge Lift Technology
  • Zoned High Density Base Foam
  • SimbaTex Foam

The Hybrid Pro is priced from £999, and is the middle priced option of the three. I think it’s quite a big jump from the Simba Hybrid. The Pro is 28cm high and has two extra layers for your extra money. The big showstopper here is that one of the extra layers is another layer of those microcoils which I talked about earlier, which gives the Pro a superior comfort feel. The other extra layer is wool under the cover, which is a great choice for a hypoallergenic, breathable, moisture wicking layer. My personal opinion is that I probably wouldn’t pay the extra £300+ for the pro. I think one layer of microcoils is enough.

The Hybrid Luxe is priced from £1169: the most expensive of the three (but not such a big jump from the Hybrid Pro). The Luxe is 31cm high, so 6cm taller than the Simba Hybrid and 3cm taller than the Hybrid Pro. Here are the extras you get for your money: THREE layers of aerocoil microcoils, an extra layer of transition foam, and a layer of wool that has been infused with bamboo for a silkier feel. If I was to spend more on a Simba mattress, I’d be choosing this Hybrid Luxe model over the Hybrid Pro, because I think the price jump is more justified and you get enough more mattress for your money.

Compare Simba To Main Competitors (Eve + Emma)

I compared three of the biggest names in UK bed-in a box industry: Emma, Eve and Simba.

Basic Features

The Eve, Emma and Simba covers are very similar construction to one another, with the only real difference being handles (Emma’s the only one WITH handles).

Both Emma and Eve are made up of three foam layers, but the Simba Hybrid mattress consists of four, so you’re getting more for your money. The foam layers are pretty similar inside the mattresses themselves, with Emma offering a zoned support core like Simba. Simba is the only one using a latex type foam (SimbaTex) as the comfort layer, which is a nicer foam in my opinion. Simba is also the only one to offer micro coils and edge lift technology.

Trial & Warranty

Eve Premium Hybrid offers a 100-night trial, whereas both Emma and Simba Hybrids offer 200 night trials. They all also have free returns with 10 year warranty.

Is Simba Better?

The Simba Hybrid is an excellent choice for those who are like a little bounce and breathability. It’s got more targeted support for your body from the microcoils and it’s also got better edge support. You probably will find that the price is a little more than for the basic Eve or Emma mattress models (check the deals on any given day) but I think it’s more than worth it and stands well above other “basic” mattress models as the best.

What Will The Simba Hybrid Feel Like To Lie On?

The Simba Hybrid has been designed to hit the sweet spot where most people should feel well supported and comfortable, which is medium firm. In fact, all three mattresses in the Simba range aim for this. The difference between them is that as you add more layers, the mattress will feel a little more plush and the support will feel more targeted.

My research on the Simba Hybrid mattress for this review makes me happy to recommend this mattress for:

  • Side sleepers: you should get enough contouring for your shoulder without the mattress feeling too firm
  • Back sleepers: this mattress should hit the perfect blend of comfort and support
  • Combo sleepers: if you change position a lot in the night, you should feel comfortble on Simba no matter how you end up

I would NOT recommend this mattress for people who mainly sleep on their stomach though, because I’m not confident there’s enough support for your hips (and therefore your whole spine).

What Do Real Customers Have To Say About The Simba Hybrid?

At the time of writing, the Eve Hybrid had an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from nearly 90,000 reviewers, which tells you people are generally pretty pleased with their Simba mattress. I’m pretty pleased to see Simba being transparent with both negative and positive reviews, I’ve seen other brands make the bad reviews hard to find, which is a massive red flag to me.

It does need to be said that a few people have reported issues with Simba mattresses sagging after about a year: about 3% of people reported this, and unfortunately it sounded like some had trouble getting Simba to honour the 10 year warranty to sort it out. Simba have been prodded on this by consumer watchdogs and have since become better with their processes around handling such complaints, but it’s a shame it had to get to that. However, when Simba is shifting more than half a million mattresses and only 3% of customers are saying they found a fault, it indicates that overall your risk of getting a defective mattress is no higher than purchasing from anywhere else.

Summary Of The Good Comments:

If you read through all the reviews, there are three main themes that come through from the positive comments.

These are:

  • Comfortable and provides excellent support
  • People are happy they chose a Simba mattress over the other options
  • It doesn’t sleep hot
  • Delivery went smoothly

Simba Mattress Pros And Cons


  • Microcoils Are A Beautiful Luxury Feature
  • Edge Lift Technology For Superior Edge Support
  • Breathable Foam In Top Layer
  • 200 Night Sleep Trial: Other Brands Offer 100
  • Made In The UK


  • No Handles To Help You Rotate The Mattress
  • May Not Be Firm Enough For Stomach Sleepers
  • Around 3% Of Customers Report Their Simba Mattress Sagged After A Few Years

Simba Mattress Review UK: Summary

Overall, I think the Simba Mattress is a pretty good buy and I’m happy to recommend it to you. This is a mattress that’s packed with features that you won’t find in its competitors, is made in the UK, and has a huge 200 night in home sleep trial with prices from just £649 (don’t forget you’ll probably get a discount!)


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