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Eve Hybrid Mattress Review UK 2021- What Real Customers Are Saying

Eve Hybrid Mattress Review UK – with prices from £519 and an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 from real customers, the Eve Hybrid Mattress is an attractive mattress in a box option. Let’s take a look at the mattress, layer by layer, see who I think this mattress is going to work well for (and who it might not) and, perhaps most importantly of all, get my analysis of what real customers think of the Eve Hybrid Mattress.

Eve Hybrid Mattress​
  • 25cm Total Height
  • 3 Layers Of Comfort Foams
  • 12cm Individually Wrapped Coils
  •  Average User Rating Of 4.6 Out Of 5: People Are Happy With Their Eve Mattress
  • Try It In Your Own Home 100 Nights Risk Free

Together we will cover:

  • Eve Hybrid Mattress Features (Including Pricing And Comparison With Other Eve Mattress Models)
  • What The Eve Hybrid Will Feel Like To Lie On
  • What Real Customers Are Saying
  • Pros And Cons
  • Summary

Eve Hybrid Mattress Review UK – Features

I’ll list all the features of the Eve Hybrid Mattress, and give you my opinion on each as we go through.

Eve Hybrid Mattress Review - Cross Section
  • Sizes available: UK Single, UK Double, UK King, Super King (pretty standard, there should be a size here that suits you)
  • Total Height: 25cm (again, pretty standard, most mattress in a box brands at this price point stand at around 25cm high. I find it’s a comfortable height for sitting on the side of your bed/getting in and out, etc)
  • Top Cover: a moisture wicking knit with an attractive hexagon pattern and bright yellow edging (this is a nice looking cover. “Moisture wicking” is mattress brand lingo for polyester knit, and you’ll find it on pretty much every mattress cover. It gets the job done well)
  • Comfort Layers: 3 foam layers:
    • 1. “Evercomfort” Springy foam, shown in yellow above (this foam is there to make the top of the mattress feel soft and comforting. It’s not a memory foam and can make its breathable claim because it’s going to be pretty spongy in consistency, meaning air will flow through this layer pretty easily)
    • 2. Memory foam (this is exactly what you want to see next. The memory foam works perfectly beneath the softer Evercomfort foam above by providing contouring and pressure relief, and starts to add support so you don’t feel like you’re sinking too far into soft foams)
    • 3. Support foam (this foam layer has multiple functions: it’s a firmer foam to really build on the support layers of the mattress, it provides a durable transition layer between the softer foams above and the coils below, and also serves to protect the coils)
  • Pocket Coils: Individually wrapped coils form the main support core of the mattress, with at least 800 coils per mattress (pocket coils are a great base, especially paired with memory foam, as they allow for breathability through the mattress. They also provide more targeted and quieter support than a traditional coil spring unit. A good choice)
  • Base Foam: a further 3.5cm of high density foam. You won’t feel this foam layer, it’s purely there to provide a landing pad for the coils (this is a nice touch, it will extend the life of the coils and you don’t necessarily see it on all hybrid mattresses at this price point. I think it’s a sign of quality)
  • Made In The UK


The following prices are the recommended retail for the Eve Hybrid Mattress. Like most mattress in a box brands, Eve run regular sales so I would expect you to get a juicy discount.

UK Single£519
UK Double£769
UK King£869
Super King£969

Compare The Eve Hybrid With The Other Eve Mattress Options

Eve Hybrid Mattress Options

The Eve Hybrid Mattress is one of three pocket coil/memory foam mattresses that Eve offer. The Eve Hybrid that we’re focusing on in this review is the middle option but there is also the Eve Lighter Hybrid and the Eve Premium Hybrid.

The Lighter Hybrid is priced from £429, making it the most budget friendly of the three. It’s 20cm high, so 5cm less than the Eve Hybrid Mattress. This mattress doesn’t have the memory foam or the thick support layer you find in the Eve Hybrid, so this is where the savings come and where the height is lost. My personal opinion is that it’s worth the £90 to go for the Eve Hybrid to get that memory foam and base support: it’s really not an expensive upgrade.

The Premium Hybrid is priced from £978, so it’s quite a big jump up from the other two. It’s 28cm high, so 8cm taller than the Light Hybrid and 3cm taller than the Eve Hybrid. Here are the extras you get for your money: premium cover woven with antimicrobial silver thread, exclusive float foam layer, memory foam embedded with temperature regulating technology, zoned pocket coils for targeted support, foam encasing around the edges of the coils for extra protection, and an anti slip base. That’s actually a lot of extra features for your money, so remembering that you’ll never pay full retail I think it’s actually a pretty good deal.

What Will It Feel Like To Lie On?

The Eve Hybrid has been designed with a medium firm feel, which is the sweet spot where most people should feel well supported and comfortable. Since Eve don’t offer different firmness options and they lose out big time if you decide to return the mattress during your 100 night sleep trial, it’s pretty important that they get this right and that their mattress is comfortable.

You can see from the image above that Eve think they’ve got the balance right to support you in every sleeping position. Here are just a few wee pointers about medium firm mattresses:

They can feel softer than advertised if:

  • You use them on a slat base with wide slats. If the mattress sags through the slats it won’t be able to support you as it was designed to
  • You are exclusively a stomach sleeper: you may need a firmer mattress to adequately support your hips. Although if you are a light to average body weight I do think the Eve should support you as described.

They can feel firmer than advertised if:

  • You are a lighter body weight: you just might not sink deep enough into the foam layers to get the benefit from them. I generally recommend that lighter people, especially if you’re a side sleeper, to go for a mattress rated soft-medium.

This mattress should feel just right if:

  • You are a combo sleeper
  • You are a back sleeper
  • You are an average weight side sleeper
  • You are a lighter weight stomach sleeper
  • You have a flat base, box spring, or slat base where the slats are reasonably close together

What Do Real Customers Have To Say About The Eve Hybrid?

At the time of writing, the Eve Hybrid had an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from more than 200 reviewers, which tells you people are generally pretty pleased with their Eve mattress. I’m pretty pleased to see Eve being transparent with both negative and positive reviews, I’ve seen other brands make the bad reviews hard to find, which is a massive red flag to me.

Summary Of The Good Comments:

If you read through all the reviews, there are three main themes that come through from the positive comments.

These are:

  • The mattress feels like it’s good quality and is comfortable to sleep on
  • The mattress initially felt a bit firm then felt just right after a couple of nights (to me, this is a good sign that it’s supporting you just right and is not going to get too soft)
  • The mattress was exactly as described (this is really important when you’re making such an important decision online)

Summary Of The Negative Comments:

To give you balance, it’s important to show you the good with the bad. I always look for recurring issues to see if the negative comments are actually things you need to worry about. Here’s what I found:

  • A couple of people had issues with delivery. However, this isn’t really to do with the mattress and is more likely to be a local freight company issue.
  • A couple of people found the mattress was either too soft for them, or too firm. Everyone experiences a mattress differently, and there is absolutely not one size fits all so these comments are valid. You can see above who I think the mattress will work well for, and remember you’ve got that reassurance of the 100 night risk fee in-home sleep trial.

I was pleased to see no negative comments or negative themes relating to the quality of the mattress.

Pros And Cons


  • Good Value For Money With Lots Of Great Features
  • Should Be Comfortable For Most People
  • Try In Your Own Home For 100 Nights
  • Made In The UK


  • No Foam Casing Around Sides Of Coils
  • No Zoning For Targeted Support

Eve Hybrid Mattress Review UK: Summary

Overall, I think the Eve Hybrid is a pretty good buy and I’m happy to recommend it to you. This is a mattress that’s packed with features, is made in the UK, and has a 100 night in home sleep trial with prices from just £519 (don’t forget you’ll probably get a discount!)

Sure, I’d probably upgrade to the Premium Hybrid if I was buying from Eve, but that comes with a steep price hike. I think that of the entire Eve range, the Premium Hybrid is the best budget friendly option that will work well for the vast majority of people.

Eve Hybrid Mattress

From £519

Value For Money




Overall Customer Satisfaction



  • Great Features For Your Money
  • Medium Firm Feel Works Well For Most
  • Made In The UK


  • No Foam Casing Around Coils
  • No Zoning For Targeted Support


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