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Best Mattress Topper Canada – 2021 Best Buys (Top 2)

Best Mattress Topper Canada: your top two are GhostBed for a memory foam topper and Pure Green For latex. At a glance:

Best Overall:

GhostBed Memory Foam ​

  • 7.6cm Gel Infused Memory Foam
  • Cooling And Waterproof Cover Included
  • 5 Zones For Targeted Pressure Relief
  • Universally Comfortable Medium Feel
  • Prices From $319 (But Is Often On Sale)
Best Value:

Pure Green Latex

  • 7.6cm Gel Infused Memory Foam
  • Cooling And Waterproof Cover Included
  • 5 Zones For Targeted Pressure Relief
  • Universally Comfortable Medium Feel
  • Prices From $319 (But Is Often On Sale)

This was a big call, because you’ve got a LOT of options in your market! I’ve taken my years of experience reviewing and testing mattress products to whittle it down to a these top to best mattress toppers in Canada, and they’re both toppers I’d happily buy and use myself.

Want more? You’ve also got a ton of options available on websites like Amazon Canada, so if you want to read more detail about the best mattress toppers there, then this detailed guide to mattress toppers on Amazon will help you out.

Best Memory Foam And Best Overall: GhostBed

Best Mattress Topper Canada - GhostBed

GhostBed have been in the bedding industry for more than 20 years, so they know a thing or two about how to make great quality products to help you sleep better.

Famed for their ultra cooling memory foam mattresses, you’ll find amazing cooling features (and more) inside their ultra-comfy memory foam mattress topper

  • Made from gel memory foam (gel infused memory foam provides superior cooling to regular memory foam)
  • Cotton cover doubles as a breathable, waterproof mattress protector
  • 5 Different zones for targeted support (it’s quite rare to see zoning in a mattess topper, so kudos to GhostBeds for this luxury point of difference)
  • One medium feel, designed to improve the comfort of your mattress
  • 7.62 cm height (3 inches, a great depth to change the feel of your mattress)
  • 5 Year warranty on the topper, 1 year warranty on the cover
  • Price: starting from around $319 (follow my links to get current discounts)

GhostBed Topper Pros And Cons


  • 5 Different Zones For Targeted Pressure Relief
  • 7.6cm Of High Quality Gel Memory Foam
  • Waterproof Cover Made From Patent Pending “Ghost Ice” (cooling) Fabric
  • Amazing Value For Money


  • One Firmness And Thickness
  • No Sleep Trial

My Comment:

This GhostBeds mattress topper is my easy top pick for the best mattress topper in Canada. Why? I like the innovations GhostBed have included: the easy to use cover/protector which is embedded with patent pending cooling material, and the zoning which has been thoughtfully designed to target all your pressure points.

I also like that they’ve used a beautiful gel infused memory foam to help draw away heat, and the 7.6cm (3 inch) height is perfect to change the feel of your mattress below. I’d expect to see similar price toppers starting from around $400-$500 so I think GhostBed also deliver amazing value for your money.

Best Latex Mattress Topper In Canada: Pure Green By Sleep On Latex

Best Mattress Topper Canada - Pure Green Latex Mattress Topper

Latex is the perfect bedding material: famed for its cooling properties, support, cushioning, and durability.

Sleep On Latex pride themselves on their high quality, reasonably priced “Pure Green” latex products that are absolute runaway best sellers. You’ll find them on Amazon Canada. Organic latex is the highest grade of latex and often comes with a hefty price tag, but not this Pure Green organic latex topper.

  • Construction: 100% certified organic, natural latex foam (no synthetic latex or fillers used here)
  • Made from natural, sustainably sourced materials
  • Your choice of soft, medium, or firm feel (I generally recommend medium)
  • Choose 1 (2.54cm), 2 (5.08cm), or 3 (7.62cm) inch height (I generally recommend 2 or 3 inches, I don’t think 1 inch is enough)
  • 5 Year warranty – longer than foam toppers at similar price points
  • Price: starting from around $200 (the link above will take you to today’s best Amazon.Ca price)

Pure Green Latex Topper Pros And Cons


  • Choose Your Firmness
  • Choose Your Thickness
  • Certified Organic Latex
  • Amazing Value For Money


  • Cover Costs Extra (you’ll use sheets anyway, so no biggie)
  • 30 Day Right Of Return But No Big Sleep Trial

My Comment:

Latex will give a different feel than a memory foam topper will. Latex is naturally a highly responsive and buoyant material. This means a latex topper will feel a bit more bouncy than a memory foam topper, and will hold you “up” on the mattress rather than giving a cradling hug something like Tempur will. This by no means indicates you’ll get less pressure relief and softness, it’s just a different feeling material that I needed to explain to you.

Natural latex is an expensive material, and I think this Pure Green latex topper is amazing value for money.

Best Mattress Topper Canada: FAQ

Which Is Better, Memory Foam Or Gel Memory Foam?

This one’s easy: definitely go for gel memory foam where you can. Why? Memory foam is infamous for trapping heat, which can leave you feeling hot and sweaty during the night. Not nice. A gel infused memory foam is a memory foam that’s been shot through with tiny gel particles which absorb and dissipate that heat, giving you a temperature neutral sleep experience. Gel memory foam allows you to experience the contouring comforts of memory foam without overheating.

Do Mattress Toppers Make You Hot?

This depends on the material used. I have specifically chosen a gel infused memory foam topper and a natural latex mattress topper for you because these both do a great job at naturally regulating your body temperature and should not make you hot. A standard memory foam would make you hot.

Is A Thicker Mattress Topper Better?

Generally, yes. If you’re buying a mattress topper it’s usually because you’re looking to change the feel of your mattress and I believe you need at least 5cm (2 inches) of topper to achieve this. 7cm (3 inches) tends to be the most popular height across the different brands I researched.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Mattress Topper?

They should generally last 3 – 5 years. The two toppers I’ve chosen as the best in Canada both give you a 5 year warranty so you can get the absolute most from them. That said, latex is a very durable material so you may find if you go for the Pure Green Topper by Sleep On Latex, it lasts even longer.

Will A Mattress Topper Extend The Life Of My Mattress?

Yes. If you’re not happy with the comfort from your current mattress, using a topper can be an affordable way to get more life out of it. However, if it’s already a very old mattress that is sagging badly, I’d generally recommend that you replace your mattress instead of buying a topper because overall that’s going to be better value for your money.

Can I Wash My Mattress Topper?

Always follow specific instructions from a manufacturer, but spot cleaning is generally recommended. A great feature of the GhostBeds mattress topper is the removable cover, which is easily machine washable.


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