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If you’re looking for a latex mattress topper in Canada you’re in luck: there are some really great options for you. You’ve got your choice from a range of heights, a range of price points, and whether you want Canadian made. You can choose organic latex or natural latex, there are a ton of options! Don’t feel overwhelmed though, I’ll take you through all the options so you can buy your topper with confidence.

Inside this overview you’ll find:

  • The Best Latex Mattress Toppers On Amazon.CA
  • Other Great Toppers Available In Canada
  • Latex Mattress Topper FAQ

In a hurry and just want to see which topper I think is best and would happily buy myself?

Latex Toppers On Amazon.Ca

Amazon is a great place to find bedding accessories in Canada. Take advantage of Amazon’s great customer service and 30 day returns policy to try one of these three, which I think are the best Amazon has to offer.

1. Stumix Natural Latex Mattress Topper

This is a good budget option, with the Queen size topper costing around $269 (check Amazon prices, they do fluctuate). This topper is made in China, using latex sourced from Thailand.

  • Two inch thickness
  • Natural dunlop latex
  • Soft and supportive
  • Comes with a removable bamboo cover (this is a great feature, others either have no cover or charge you to “upgrade” to a cover)
  • Available in Double, Full, Queen
Stumix Latex Mattress Toppers Canada - Check Price

2. Naturelle Organic Latex Mattress Topper

Naturalle have a strong option for you here, with their organic (not just natural) latex topper with latex sourced from Sri Lanka and then made in Canada. Naturelle work with Latex Green: the world’s first organic latex manufacturer. Prices for the Naturelle organic latex topper start at around $350.

  • Two inch thickness
  • Organic dunlop latex
  • You choose the firmness level: gentle, medium, or firm
  • Choose to buy without a cover, or opt to upgrade to an organic cotton cover
  • Available in Single, Double, Queen, King
Naturelle Organic Latex Mattress Topper - See Price Button

3. Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper *Editor’s Top Choice*

Pure Green is an American company whose latex products are extremely popular. They make their latex mattress toppers in their Chicago facility using latex sourced from Sri Lanka. I think Pure Green offers you the best value for money of all the toppers in this overview, with prices starting from around $100, an absolute steal for this quality.

  • Choose your thickness: one, two, or three inches
  • Natural dunlop latex
  • Soft but supportive
  • No cover
  • Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

I’ve rated this topper as one of the top three latex mattress toppers in the North American market. Not only is this topper excellent value for money, you’ve got the most size and thickness options. You can find more information here.

Pure Green

Other Options

Outside of Amazon Canada, I’ve found these four latex topper options for you:

1. Nature’s Embrace 

Similar to the Naturelle above, the Nature’s Embrace latex topper is made in Canada using organic latex (sourced from India). You can buy this topper either directly from the Nature’s Embrace Website or popular sleep solutions webstore Resthouse. Prices start from $285 so this option is a bit cheaper than Naturelle for a similar product.

  • Choose your thickness: two, three, or four inches (Nature’s Embrace is one of the few to offer a latex topper in a 4 inch thickness, the maximum you’ll notice from most of the others in this article is 4 inches)
  • Organic dunlop latex
  • Choose your firmness: soft or medium
  • Comes with organic cotton cover (no upgrade payment required to get your cover)
  • Available in Twin, Twin XL, Double, Queen, King

2. Foam Factory

Foam Factory is a US based company (HQ is in Michigan) offering a topper that is made in Europe. This is a lot more international than the other options on the Canadian market, but don’t worry, shipping is free for Canadian customers spending more than $100. Prices start from $71.

  • Choose your thickness: one, two, or three inches
  • Natural dunlop latex
  • Medium firmness
  • No cover, but Foam Factory do sell covers in their “mattress accessories” category should you wish to purchase one
  • Available in Twin, Twin Long, Full, Full Long, Queen, King, California King

3. Foam Zone

Foam Zone has the only TALALAY latex topper I found when searching all of the Canadian options. What’s the difference? It’s in the foaming process, which turns rubber into latex. Talalay is bouncy while dunlop is springy. Talalay is a less dense latex than dunlop and takes more energy to produce. Most people prefer dunlop, but some prefer talalay, so it’s good to show you this option. Here’s a full low-down if you want more information.

Foam Zone is a Canadian company, but the topper they sell is sourced from America. Prices start at $180

  • Choose your thickness: one two, or three inches
  • Natural talalay latex
  • Biggest range of firmness options in this article: super soft, soft, medium, firm, or extra firm
  • Comes with a cotton cover, you can pay extra to upgrade this to organic cotton, bamboo, or tencel (I like tencel for its softness)
  • Available in Single, Single XL, Double, Double XL, Queen, Queen RV, King, California King

4. Go Rest

Last but not least is Go Rest, a Canadian owned company who make their latex bedwares from sustainably sourced organic latex. Prices start from $299.

  • Choose two or three inch height
  • Organic dunlop latex
  • Choose your firmness: super soft, plush, medium, or firm
  • Comes with no cover, you can pay to add an organic cotton cover if you wish
  • Available in Twin, Twin XL, 3/4, Double, Queen, King, California King

Latex Mattress Toppers FAQ:

Latex Mattress Topper Canada - Latex Close Up

How Thick Should A Latex Topper Be?

Most people find that 1 – 3 inches is enough. If you’re looking to really change the depth of your bed then a four inch topper will work, but 1 – 3 inches will be enough to give you the feel and support you’re looking for.

Are Latex Mattress Toppers Good?

Where to start! Yes! They are great. Here are all the reasons why:

  • Latex is the most durable mattress material around, so your topper should last a long time
  • Latex is naturally thermoregulating, so it helps maintain your best body temperature for sleep (this is great if you’re looking to use the topper on top of a mattress that you find traps heat, like some memory foams do)
  • Latex is naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic
  • Latex can be naturally and sustainably sourced: it’s not made from synthetic chemicals or products

Is Latex Better Than Memory Foam?

I think latex will last longer and do a better job at cooling, but you need to consider how these two materials are going to feel. Latex is naturally bouncy or springy, so it’s a very fast responding foam. While it’s great at pressure relief and support, if you want more of a contouring/cradling feel, only memory foam will give you that.

Look for memory foams that have cooling technologies such as open cell construction and gel infusions.

Do you have any other questions about latex toppers? Leave them in the comments and I’ll answer ASAP!


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