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Best 4th Of July Mattress Sales 2021 – you’re here to find the top deals. Well, I’ve been reviewing mattresses for a while now, and am confident in my ability to spot the winning combo of a good price and top quality. Out of the hundreds of mattresses (and 4th of July deals that go with them), I’ve carefully selected what I believe to be the best picks of the 4th of July mattress sales for you.

I’ll also share the mattress deal I’d choose for myself if I needed to buy a new mattress right now. Happy shopping!

Here’s a quick list of the best deals:

  1. Biggest Discount: PlushBeds. Get $1200 off your organic latex mattress, free luxury sheet set included with your purchase.
  2. The Name You Know: Sealy. Save 35% on the Sealy Cocoon range: an advanced cooling mattress available as hybrid or all foam. You’ll also get free pillows and sheets.
  3. Best All Foam: GhostBed. Save 30% on one of my favorite all-foam mattresses and get free pillows, or pair it with an adjustable base for a whopping 40% saving this 4th of July.
  4. Best Hybrid Deal: Awara. Save $300 on your mattress and receive a gift set worth $499.
  5. Best Luxury Mattress: Saatva. Save $200 on one of my all time favorite mattresses.

1. Biggest 4th Of July Mattress Discount: PlushBeds

Best 4th Of July Mattress Sales 2021 - PlushBeds

PlushBeds make what I think are the best all-organic latex mattresses in the market. Not only is it pretty impossible to find organic latex, but at this price point it’s somewhat miraculous. If you’re after a natural bed that’s going to stand the test of time, you really can’t look past PlushBeds $1200 off deal.

Why I Love This PlushBeds Deal:

  • Best price for the best quality latex
  • 100 Night sleep trial and massive 25 year warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • You choose if you want firm or medium firm
  • You can flip the internal layers around to customize the feel of the mattress (including customizing each side of the bed if you share with a partner who has different firmness preferences)
  • Choose your height: 9, 10, or 12 inches

2. The Sale On The Name You Know: Sealy

4th July Deals - Sealy Cocoon Staged

Coming in hot with the second biggest discount I came across is a name you’re probably familiar with: Sealy. Sealy have been helping people get comfortable sleep for more than a century, so it’s no surprise they’re one of the biggest names in beds.

Sealy are great at evolving with the times: their Cocoon mattresses contain smart cooling foams to keep you comfy all night, and the 35% discount is one of the most generous you’ll find from ANY mattress brand in ANY of the big sales.

Why I Love This Sealy Deal:

  • With the discount, you can shop for this Sealy mattress for less than $800 AND you get free pillows and sheets. This is exceptional value
  • You can choose if you want an all foam mattress or a hybrid mattress: the hybrid features individually wrapped pocket coils with reinforced edges
  • Both models (all foam and hybrid) feature a cooling cover and two layers of memory foam to support and contour your body
  • Medium firmness rating is designed to be comfortable to most people
  • 100 Night sleep trial and 10 year warranty
  • Sealy controls every point of the manufacturing process from design right through to durability testing (not every brand does this testing, so this is reassuring for you to know!)

3. Best All Foam Mattress Deal: GhostBed

GhostBed Luxe Staged For 4th July Sale

GhostBed make some pretty big claims on their website: saying they’ve made the coolest mattress in the world. This may sound audacious, but with the materials they use it’s actually pretty accurate. Pair this beauty of a mattress with a big saving (30% off mattresses or 40% off a mattress and base combo) and it’s pretty hard to look past this 4th of July mattress deal.

Why I Love This GhostBed Deal:

  • 30-40% off is a massive discount, no more needs to be said really!
  • The mattress is a luxurious 13 inch height and is made of 7 layers in total. That’s a lot of mattress for your money
  • 5 Of the 7 layers feature cooling technology, including a patent pending cooling fabric you’ll ONLY find in GhostBed
  • Rated a 5-6 for firmness, this mattress has a slightly softer feel that will appeal greatly to side and combo sleepers
  • 101 Night sleep trial and a 25 year warranty (this is massive for a memory foam mattress, warranties this long are usually reserved for latex)
  • Endorsed by Consumer Reports
  • Made in the USA

4. Best Hybrid Mattress Deal: Awara

Awara Staged For 4th July Mattress Deals

Awara makes a beautiful hybrid mattress that features natural latex, organic cotton, and New Zealand wool. These are high quality materials for an amazing price, even before you start factoring in their generous 4th of July discounts.

Why I Love This Awara Deal:

  • Premium materials for a mid-range price
  • The cover has handles built in for easy moving and rotation (not as common a feature as you might think)
  • Plush Euro top that feels silky to the touch
  • Unbeatable 365 night sleep trial (yes, that’s a whole year) and lifetime warranty (that’s no typo either)
  • Latex and pocket coils are a great combination for hot sleepers
  • Firmness rating of 6.5, which should feel comfortable to most people

5. Best Luxury Mattress Deal: Saatva

Saatva Luxury Mattress Staged

Saatva has a big point of difference: it’s not a mattress in a box. So if you’re worried about buying a mattress off the internet and it arriving compressed in a box sounds weird to you, Saatva is the way to go. It’s also one of my all-time favorite mattresses in the US market. Sure, the 4th of July discount isn’t as generous as some of the others in this list, but it’s an amazing quality mattress which is an absolute steal at this price.

Why I Love This Saatva Deal:

  • Not a mattress in a box: instead, your mattress will be delivered at full size, and set up for you (some companies charge up to $150 for this service)
  • The only mattress in this article that features an innerspring support unit
  • Extra lumbar support from a special coil through the mattress
  • Your choice of soft, medium, or firm
  • Your choice of 11.5 inch or 14.5 inch height (here’s a breakdown of the differences between the two)
  • 180 Night sleep trial (that’s 6 months) and 15 year warranty

The One I’d Buy Myself Is:

I’d buy GhostBed. Why? I think you get a lot of bang for your buck with their 4th of July deal. They’ve really pushed the boat out with the cooling features inside the mattress, and the firmness rating is just right for me as a combo sleeper. PLUS, you don’t just have to take my word for it, you know the Consumer Reports team have rated this mattress too.

Team the amazing price with the amazing materials and I’d find this an easy choice to make.


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