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Kids weighted blanket NZ: you’ve got a lot of great options: the days of having to order via specialty stores/from overseas/waiting for ages are gone. BUT, this can make choosing the right blanket feel overwhelming. I’ve been given a Sleep Heavy kids weighted blanket, so let me take you through all its details so you can get a really good up-close look at what you’re buying (including video).

Here’s what I’m going to cover:

  • Who are Sleep Heavy (are they a nice brand to support?)
  • Video showing you the components of the Sleep Heavy minky kids blanket (and what I think of them)
  • Explainer of the inner
  • Explainer of the cover
  • Why I think this blanket is a good choice

Disclaimer: this article is purely to show you what you get when you buy a weighted blanket, and what the materials look like. NEVER use a weighted blanket with toddlers or babies. I cannot advise you whether a weighted blanket is appropriate for your child, please discuss this with a health professional such as an Occupational Therapist.

About Sleep Heavy

Cory and Indy Of Sleep Heavy
These guys, Cory and Indy, are Sleep Heavy

Sleep Heavy is a New Zealand owned brand specializing in weighted blankets.

The founders, Cory and Indy, are based in Christchurch, like me. I met up with them recently and they’re genuinely awesome people who started Sleep Heavy out of a desire to get better sleep, and solve the problem of weighted blankets being difficult to access.

While they use weighted blankets themselves as a lifestyle item like I do, they work with Occupational Therapists who support their children’s blankets.

What this means for you is:

  • Sleep Heavy are awesome people who are kiwis wanting to help fellow kiwis
  • Their children’s size weighted blankets are trusted by health professionals

When you buy from Sleep Heavy, you get:

  1. An inner blanket made from grey cotton, containing small glass beads (this is the weighted part)
  2. A cover of your choice, either minky blue with sensory dots (this is what I’m showing you), mountain pattern (mink fabric, no sensory dots), or grey cotton
  3. A sturdy bag to put it away when not in use

Video Tour Of A Sleep Heavy Kids Weighted Blanket

In this short video I’m taking you through the blue mink with sensory dots blanket.

The Blanket Inner

The inner of the blanket consists of the following:

  • A sturdy and well stitched grey cotton (you won’t need to worry about it ripping and spilling its contents)
  • The cotton is quilted into squares to keep the weighted beads evenly distributed through the blanket
  • Glass beads inside: these are very fine beads, and when you rub the blanket between your fingers, they almost feel like large grains of sand. The beads are coated with a special material to stop them sticking together

You have three weight options for the kids blanket inner: 2.2kg, 3.2kg, and 4.5 kg.

The Blanket Outer

I’m just going to talk about the blue sensory dot blanket that I have.

  • Blue dots punched into the fabric on one side
  • Smooth on the other side (this means you’ve got two options in the one blanket)
  • Beautiful, cozy, minky feel (popular with kids AND adults)
  • Attaches to the inner with easy-to-use ties
  • Easy to keep clean: simply detach it from the inner and wash on a gentle cycle in your machine, then air dry

Why I Think This Blanket Is A Good Choice

I think this is an all-round great weighted blanket, and a really nice option if you want to make sure you’re getting a great weighted blanket for your child. Here are all the reasons why:

  • You get a generous 30 day trial of the blanket (don’t like it? Return it with no questions asked)
  • The blanket has a 5 year warranty so you’ll get lots of mileage from it
  • The cover is great: the sensory dots feel amazing, and the option to flip it over for a smooth mink feel is great
  • The beads inside are very fine
  • Good weight range for kids (3 options as above)
  • It’s trusted by health professionals
  • Sleep Heavy is a small NZ businsess run by nice people, which always feels nice to support

If one of my children ever needed a weighted blanket I’d be getting them this one without thinking twice.

Sleep Heavy Kids Weighted Blanket




Value For Money


Range Of Options For Kids



  • 3 Weight Choices
  • 3 Cover Choices
  • 30 Day Trial


  • Sensory Dots Only Available In Blue (I had a really hard time thinking of cons, to be honest)


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