I Found The Best Split California King Adjustable Bed On The Market

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Best Buy
Saatva Split California King Adjustable Bed
  • Free Delivery + Set Up (Not Many Brands Offer This, And It's A Biggie Because These Bases Are HEAVY)
  • Adjustable Legs
  • Moves At Head And Feet
  • Made In USA + Huge 25 Year Warranty
  • Underbed Lighting
  • Massage Functions
  • Buy With A Saatva Mattress And Save Even More Money (I Recommend Pairing With The Saatva 11.5 Inch Classic Mattress)
  • By Far The Best Split CALIFORNIA King Adjustable Bed Frame You Can Buy

BEST SPLIT CALIFORNIA KING ADJUSTABLE BED: I actually own an adjustable base myself and I love it. From my own experiences, I understand how important things like quality sturdy build, quiet motors, ease of assembly, and good presets are for you to get the most from your base. Sure, there are a ton of options out there up to a split king size, but finding the best split California King adjustable bed was harder because you’ve got significantly less options. I’m SO happy that Saatva make a split California King adjustable bed because they’ve been my top adjustable bed base recommendation for ages anyway!

All About The Saatva Split California King Bed

  • Structure: The Saatva has a metal frame with a polyester finish for durability and sturdiness. The base is covered with a thin layer of foam, which serves nicely as a pad for your mattress to rest on. The sleek grey look serves as a stylish frame on its own.
  • Warranty: The bed is made in the USA and has a MASSIVE 25-year warranty. Most other adjustable bases only have a 5-10 year warranty (the one I own only has 2 years!) so this is actually rare and special.
  • Delivery: Shipping, delivery, and setup are all free. Don’t undervalue the free set up here: adjustable bed frames are HEAVY, and other brands will charge big $$ for this service. I speak from the experience of setting up a king size adjustable base on my own, which I do NOT recommend, because I was lucky I didn’t injure my back.
  • Adjustable Legs: The legs of the bed are adjustable. This allows you to change the profile of the bed to suit your needs, and increase the storage space under the bed. This is important because you can change the height depending on your mattress and customize it. I made sure my own adjustable base has this feature too.
  • Two Motors Per Base: The bed has two motors. One is near the head and the other is in the bottom half. They’re responsible for most of the features including massage, and adjusting the head and foot among others. A split California king adjustable bed will have a total of FOUR motors, because you’re pairing two bases to make your full bed.
  • Zero Gravity: One of the best features of the bed is zero gravity. It brings your body into a position where you almost feel weightless. This eases the stress and alleviates any pain and aching in the body. I enjoy using zero gravity when I’m tired and want to just rest during the day, or after a hard workout (I’m doing marathon training at the moment)
  • Anti-Snore: This feature is handy when your partner tends to snore. With the press of one button, you can adjust the head of the bed slightly to open the passageways for them to breathe easily without waking them up or disturbing their sleep.
  • Memory: You can customize the factory settings of the bed or even create your own settings. Then save these settings and access them with one touch of the button through the remote control. I’ve got a personalized reading setting in my base, because I didn’t like the preset, and the Saatva split California King adjustable bed allows you to do this, too.
  • Massage: The massage functionality has three settings. These are full-body wave, head, and leg-focused massages. To be honest, massage isn’t the strongest feature of an adjustable bed, so these three functions are more than enough.
  • Under-bed Light: The under-bed light is a nifty feature that lets you find your way around the bedroom without disturbing your sleeping partner or banging your leg on the corners (ouch, we’ve all been there). If you don’t like to sleep in pitch-black darkness, keep the gentle and glare-free light on all night.
  • Flashlight: The remote control unit has a flashlight feature similar to the one on your phone. This is a nice touch, as many adjustable bases only offer you the under-bed light.
  • USB Ports: Both sides of the bed have a charging USB port that lets you charge your phone, tablet, or laptop and spend long hours of work or entertainment in the bed.

Why’s It The Best Split California King Adjustable Bed?

Best Split California King Adjustable Bed Is Saatva

You probably got these points from reading through the features, but for the price of just $2598 (that’s the RRP, you’ll get a discount with my links) Saatva really offers some things that make it stand out head and shoulders above the competition. Those are:

  • The 25 year warranty. Remember, most other brands will only offer you 10 years at best, and their bases are the same price (or more). This means your Saatva base is the BEST VALUE on the market, because if you bought something else, you’d probably be buying it twice to get the same lifespan out of it.
  • The white glove set up: this is hundreds of dollars of value, and potentially saves you injuring yourself. With the motors, adjustable bases are HEAVY (I’m speaking from personal experience, do NOT set one up by yourself) and require more than one person. This is especially the case with split bases, where you’ve got to line two bases up side by side.
  • The flashlight: this is a nice extra feature that you don’t often see.
  • The USB ports: again, not all bases offer these. Let’s face it: many of us have devices in our bedroom, and even if you just have an alarm clock it probably uses a USB charger these days. In today’s world, USB ports in your bedroom are more of a necessity than a “nice to have”.
  • The adjustable legs: once more, these are not guaranteed with other brands, and they really help you personalize the bed to your preferences and to work with your mattress.

Split California King Adjustable Bed FAQ

What Is The Difference Between A Split King And A Split California King?

The difference is the dimensions:
Split King: 76″ x 80″ (this is the same as two twin XL size beds)
Split California King: 72″ x 84″ (this is a specialized size with no twin equivalent, Saatva have matching mattresses to make your purchase super easy and hassle free)

Is A Split Cal King The Same As Twin XL?

No. A split king is the same as Twin XL. A split CALFORNIA king is a specialized size. If you want a split king instead, I still recommend Saatva as your best split adjustable bed choice.
The Saatva 11.5″ split California king mattress is the perfect mattress for your split California King base.

What Size Sheets Do You Buy For A Split California King Adjustable Bed?

If you want the two sides of the bed to articulate on their own, you will need to buy special split California King adjustable bed sheets. Unfortunately, Saatva don’t make any at the moment to pair with their base and mattress, but you can find them on Amazon.


Saatva Split California King Adjustable Bed

$2598 Before Discount

Quality Of Construction




Value For Money



  • Best Warranty On The Market
  • Pairs Perfectly With Saatva 11.5" Split California King Mattress
  • More Features Than Other Brands


  • Saatva Have No Sleep Trial On Their Adjustable Beds
  • Adjustable Split California King Beds Need Special Mattresses And Sheets


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