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Mattress Reviews NZ – I’m Emily, a writer/mattress reviewer based in Christchurch. I love my sleep, and I love helping others improve their sleep, too. Choosing the right mattress is a pretty important life decision. Whether you’re looking to try one of our online mattress options or you’re heading to the shops to try some out, I want to help you understand your options and buy with confidence.

If you want to go straight to the mattress I sleep on myself, and is truly NZ’s most comfortable mattress, click here for my full write up on Winkl Lux.

Keep reading if you want to find out more about:

  • Mattress Reviews NZ – What Goes Into My Reviews?
  • My Reviews Of Online Mattress Brands (and why you shouldn’t be scared to buy online)
  • Videos Showing Mattress Unboxings And What They Look Like Inside

Mattress Reviews NZ – What Goes Into My Reviews?

I want you to have as much information as I can possibly give you when I write a review of a mattress. If I’ve bought a mattress myself, I’ll carefully note every step of the process and report on how the transaction went. If I want to test out an online mattress brand’s customer service, I’ll ask them curly questions at awkward times of the day and see how they respond. If I go in store, I’ll pretend I’m a mystery shopper!

Inside each review, you’ll find:

  • An overview of the mattress brand, including whether they are New Zealand made or New Zealand owned.
  • The details of the mattress: I like to explain a mattress to you layer by layer. I take you inside the mattress to show you every piece of foam and fabric, what its purpose is, and if it’s any good.
  • What a mattress feels like to lie on. I describe the firmness rating of the mattress, and tell you whether it feels conforming, flat, bouncy, etc. Based on my experience reviewing mattresses, I’ll also make recommendations on specific groups of people I think the mattress is suitable for (there is not a one size fits all, we are all different).
  • I’ll share experiences from real customers, because the opinion of just one person is never enough.
  • If there are any problems with a mattress, I won’t hide them. It’s just as important to know the bad stuff as it is the good stuff.

Ultimately, I want you to feel like you’re getting good information from my reviews and nothing makes my day more than getting a message or comment from someone saying they found my articles helpful.

My Reviews Of Online Mattress Brands

Mattress Reviews NZ - Buying Online

Buying a mattress online is not as scary as you think. Most of my reviews are of these online brands, to help people understand them and buy with confidence from them. In fact, if you buy from one of our 5 “mattress in a box” brands I’m going to introduce you to below, it can be a lot better than buying in store. How? There are 4 main reasons:

  1. You get an in-home sleep trial of at least 100 nights. Yes, you get more than three months to sleep on the mattress in the comfort of your own home. That beats an awkward perch on a bed in Harvey Norman any day, surely? If you end up not liking the mattress during the trial period, you simply arrange a return with the company and they donate your mattress to a charity like the Salvation Army or Habitat For Humanity, who then sell it in their second hand stores. Our brands all have great customer service: the record I’ve heard for getting a refund is 5 minutes from the time the refund request was sent!
  2. You’ll get free delivery. If you buy from a physical store, you’ll have to pay anywhere from $75-150 for your mattress delivery.
  3. You’ll pay less than $2000 for even the most luxurious of King size mattresses. How? Mattresses in boxes are “direct to consumer” items. There are no middlemen, so you’re pretty much getting factory direct prices. You’re getting a cut cost deal without a cut in quality.
  4. You’ll get a warranty of at least 10 years. In my local bed stores, they only offered 5 years on many of the models available.

Want to know who these brands are? You can either read my Mattress in A Box NZ article here, or follow the links below to my detailed individual reviews for each mattress:

  • Napp: a medium firm mattress with a memory foam feel, it also features NASA cooling technology in the cover. It’s the only mattress in a box brand that is both NZ owned and made right here in NZ. Click here to read my Napp review.
  • Winkl: two mattresses, my favourite of which is the Winkl Lux, one of the most luxurious mattresses in the country. Winkl is NZ owned and donates a portion of profits to kiwi protection. Click here to read my Winkl review.
  • Emma: updated in July 2022 to make their very firm mattress a touch softer and more universally appealing, Emma now sells the Emma comfort mattress, which is one the best value medium firm mattresses on the market. Click here to read my first impressions of Emma.
  • Ecosa: this Australian owned mattress is probably the best known mattress in a box brand we have. The Ecosa mattress features foam layers you can change around to adjust the feel of the mattress, but your options are “firm” or “very firm” in my opinion. I actually bought an Ecosa mattress in 2019 and have been sleeping on it just fine that whole time, but recently bought a Napp to replace it for a touch more softness. Click here to read my Ecosa review.
  • MyBed: MyBed make the only mattress in a box we have here that features a pocket coil support base instead of foam. They are New Zealand owned and have been in the bedding industry for many years.

Buying A Mattress In Store

Buying A Mattress In Store Can Be Overwhelming

To be quite honest with you, I find it quite overwhelming going into a shop to look at mattresses. I’ve done it several times as a real buyer, and made several research trips to help with writing this site.

I don’t think you can get a good feel for a mattress just from lying on it in a shop, with a sales person hovering over you.

There are so many options and to me, they all just feel the same after a while.

However, I did go in store (Harvey Norman) specifically to get information to write about Tempur, which is the “premium” memory foam mattress brand sold around the world. I wanted to compare it with our mattress in a box mattresses, which I described above. If you want a review on how Tempur matches up to those brands, you’ll like reading this article.

While I don’t usually do reviews of in store mattresses, if there’s one you’d really like my opinion on, please leave a comment below this article and I’ll do my best to go and check it out for you!

Watch My Videos

Videos can be a really helpful part of a mattress review. You can watch mattress unboxings (it’s quite cool to see how fast a mattress in a box expands out to its full size!), get a better visual idea of the feel of the mattress, and also I’ll show you what the foams look like inside. Here’s a selection of my videos:

Unboxing Videos

Emma Diamond Mattress Unboxing

Napp Mattress Unboxing:

Ecosa Mattress Unboxing:

Look Inside The Mattress Videos

Inside Napp:

Inside Ecosa:


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