The Best Luxury Mattress: Top 5 Options

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Spoiler Alert: the overall best luxury mattress is, hands down, the Saatva mattress.

Saatva Classic Mattress
  • NOT A Mattress In A Box
  • Free Delivery And Installation Included
  • Choose Plush, Luxury Firm (Most Popular) Or Firm
  • Luxurious Pillow Top
  • Inbuilt Spinal Support
  • 365 Night Sleep Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty


The Best Luxury Mattress: Top 5 Buying Options

The best luxury mattress: is there just one? No! You have a choice of the best foam luxury mattress, the best hybrid luxury mattress, and if you want one that is firm or soft. You can choose one that’s delivered to you in a box, or one that comes with white glove delivery. You might want latex foam, you might want memory foam! With so many options, I’m here to help.

I’ve narrowed down the definition of a luxury mattress and share my five picks for the best. Read through them all, or skip right to the end to find the one that I think is the best luxury mattress of them all.

What Defines A Luxury Mattress?

If you haven’t read my post on how luxury mattresses stand apart from standard mattresses, here’s a quick guide:

  • Mattress height of at least 13 inches, which is about 30% higher than most standard mattresses
  • A premium cover that includes breathable, soft-to-touch natural fibers
  • Thicker comfort layers: more foams, good quality
  • Carefully thought out comfort layers: if more than one, they should be carefully arranged to ensure optimum support and comfort
  • Strong support core: either with a high density foam or strong pocket coils. Some may offer zoning for even more targeted support.
  • May offer you a selection of firmness options rather than taking a “one size fits all” approach
  • A sleep trial of at least 100 nights so you can try it out in the comfort of your own home (no awkward perching on mattresses in shops)
  • A warranty of at least 10 years, if not longer

The Top 5 Best Luxury Mattresses Are:

1. Helix Luxe Range: The Brand With The Most Luxury Choices

Best Luxury Mattress - Helix

Helix has always set themselves apart from the competition by making mattresses that suit every sleeper. They have six mattresses in their range that include soft, medium, and firm options made specifically for side sleepers, or back and stomach sleepers. The three mattresses designed for side sleepers offer more contouring for deep pressure relief through the shoulder, while the three for back and stomach sleepers use different foams that are more responsive, but still contour to keep your spine supported.

  • Helix Luxe mattresses are 14 inches high: 2 inches taller than the standard range
  • Choose soft, medium or firm. Choose your foam preference: deep pressure relief (side sleepers) or gentle contouring (back and stomach sleepers)
  • Quilted pillow top with tencel cover (a beautifully soft plant based fiber)
  • Zoned support coils (pocket coils – individually wrapped) with reinforced coils around the edges
  • 100 Night sleep trial and 15 year warranty

If choosing between the six Helix mattresses sounds overwhelming, I’ll tell you straight out that my favorite is the “Midnight Luxe”. This is their medium feel luxe mattress with the pressure relieving foam. I love it because I’m a side/back sleeper of average weight so the medium feel would suit me perfectly. It’s not just my favorite, it’s also one of their top selling mattresses because it suits so many people.

Read more about Helix here

2. Saatva: The One That Doesn’t Come In A Box

“The Saatva”, the flagship mattress from popular mattress company Saatva, is unique in the online mattress market.

It’s one of the few out there that has an innerspring support unit and does not come compressed in a box. In fact, your Saatva will come with free white glove delivery (which means your mattress will be installed for you, and the team will remove up to two old mattress items for you if you need).

  • 14.5 Inch height
  • Choose soft, medium (best seller) or firm
  • Euro pillow top with an organic cotton cover
  • Memory foam and lumbar zone wire for great back support (the wire is basically a wire that goes right around the middle of the mattress to enhance its supportiveness, a feature I haven’t seen in other mattresses)
  • Dual coil support system: a layer of individually wrapped pocket coils for targeted support sits on top of a super strong innerspring unit
  • Durable foam encasing around the mattress for superior edge support
  • 365 Night trial and lifetime warranty

Read More About Saatva Here

3. Puffy Royal: Hybrid Mattress Packed With Features

Puffy Royal Luxury Mattress

Puffy is one of the best known online mattress companies. The Puffy Royal was added to their collection in late 2019 and became an instant hit. Jam packed with features that the other two Puffy models don’t have, it towers above them as a luxury option. With innovations and luxury touches in every layer, it truly is a special luxury mattress.

  • 14 Inch height
  • Plush feel (no firmness options, but you can add a Puffy mattress topper at relatively low cost if you need to change this later)
  • Oeko-Tex certified cover
  • Exclusive comfort foams (memory foam) only found in Puffy Royal
  • 5 Layer system carefully engineered for cooling, comfort, and support
  • Contour coil support core system
  • 101 Night sleep trial and massive lifetime warranty
  • Make the most of Puffy’s current deal: get $300 off AND a free accessory bundle worth up to $455

Read More About Puffy Royal Here

4. Avocado Green: Eco-Friendly, Organic, Luxury Craftsmanship

Avocado Green Luxury Mattress

By itself, the Avocado Green mattress is a little short (11 inches) to be classed as a luxury mattress on it’s own, but it has such powerful features that I simply couldn’t ignore it when compiling this list. It’s a reasonably firm mattress, so it comes truly into the luxury category when used with the Avocado Green Mattress Topper or their ultra luxe Alpaca Topper to soften it up a little and add height.

  • 11 Inch height (+ 2.75 inches when you add the topper)
  • Medium firm feel: change to softer or firmer with the topper
  • Certified organic cotton cover with hand tufted buttons for luxury detailing
  • Organic latex comfort layers (also inside the topper) – it’s extremely rare to find organic latex at this price point, you’ll often only find synthetic blends that are not as durable
  • Zoned pocket coil support core with reinforced edging
  • 365 Night sleep trial (yes, a whole year) and 25 year warranty
  • Zero carbon manufacturing and 1% For The Planet member

Avocado makes a lot of my “best mattress” lists. It’s just such a great quality mattress carefully made with such beautiful materials I really find it hard to look past.

Read More About Avocado Here

5. Haven Boutique: The One With The Biggest Sleep Trial

Haven Luxury Mattress

Haven is a brand new mattress brand but don’t let that put you off: they’re a sister brand to Idle Sleep, who have been making much loved and high quality mattresses for a long time. Haven was created to set the market on fire with a massive sleep trial, high quality materials, and a price point that blows everyone out of the water.

  • 14 Inch height
  • 500 GSM cotton cover
  • Medium Feel (just a touch on the softer side of medium in my opinion)
  • Generous layers of cooling buoyancy foams and memory foams
  • Sturdy foam core with higher density polyfoam than any other mattress at this price
  • 18 month sleep trial (yes, a YEAR AND A HALF) and lifetime warranty – Haven and their sister brand Idle Sleep are the only brands who offer this huge trial and warranty combo

Read More About Haven Here

Overall Supreme Winner:

The top pick has to be Saatva. The reasons I would buy it are:

  • Three choices of firmness options – I prefer to choose rather than being forced into one option
  • The soft cover with the pillow top – this gives the mattress a beautiful soft-to-touch feel no matter which firmness you choose, and the pillow top feels like luxury
  • The double coil system – the best (and most expensive) mattress I have owned in my life had a similar support system. Both my husband and I agree it’s been the most comfortable mattress we’ve ever slept on, and it lasted more than 10 years.
  • I like the fact that this one does not get compressed into a box, instead it is delivered and set up for you, at no extra cost! Add in the fact that Saatva will remove your old mattress for you if you like, and the convenience of buying with them is really hard to look past.


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