Who Has The Best Mattress Warranty?

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Who Has The Best Mattress Warranty? Haven Does.

Buying a new mattress is a huge commitment. It’s a big investment in both your money and your health so it’s important to get it right, and it’s important to know you’ve got a good warranty if anything goes wrong down the line. So who has the best mattress warranty? And is the mattress any good?

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I’m here to tell you about a brand that not only has the best warranty I’ve seen from any online mattress company, but is also a really great mattress. Meet Haven, a new mattress brand by popular company Idle Sleep. Here’s what you’ll find in this article:

  • Haven Overview
  • Haven Mattress Features
  • Analysis Of The Sleep Trial And Warranty – What Makes It The Best?
  • Any Problems?
  • Final Opinion

Haven Overview

As mentioned above, Haven is the sister brand of Idle Sleep and the newest creation of Idle Group. The fact that Haven is a brand new mattress need not put you off: Idle is a company that has been in business for years and Idle Sleep make some of the best mattresses around.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a new mattress, you’ll know there’s a ton of companies out there competing to get your purchase. Haven have set themselves apart from the rest with both their high quality mattresses (detailed breakdown below) and their industry leading sleep trial and warranty, which I’ll analyze in more detail for you (that’s why you’re in this article after all, to find the bet mattress warranty).

Haven Mattress Features

Before we look at the warranty, let’s look at the mattresses so you can see if they match what you’re looking for.

Haven make two mattresses: the Haven Premier which is 12 inches high, and the Haven Boutique, which is 14 inches high and marketed as their more luxury option.

Haven Premier Mattress Details:Haven Premier Mattress Features
The Premier is the more “basic” of the two Haven models, if you can even say that. It has a high quality cotton cover that will feel soft at the top thanks to the 450 GSM cotton, a cotton fire barrier (vastly preferable over fiberglass or chemicals which cheaper brands use), 5 generous inches of comfort foams, and a high density base foam that is more durable than what you find in many other brands (2.4 lb vs 1.8 lb)

The Premier is the firmest of the two Haven mattresses, and is rated at around 6-7 out of 10 on the mattress firmness scale (how you experience the firmness of the mattress will depend on your weight, the way you sleep, and other factors). The buoyancy foam in the top layer will do a good job of offering pressure relief without you sinking too far into the mattress, and the transition foam layer backs this up. Both comfort foam layers have been engineered to sleep cool.

Haven recommends this mattress for back sleepers and those who want extra firmness. I recommend that you choose this mattress if you’re a stomach sleeper to ensure your hips are supported, and also if you’re a heavier person who needs a firmer mattress.

The Haven Premier is priced from $649. Haven offer big discounts, currently 20% off. Once you apply the discount I think you’ll really struggle to find a better quality mattress at this price point.

Haven Mattress - World's Longest Sleep Trial

Haven Boutique Mattress Details:

Haven Boutique Mattress Features

The Boutique is the more luxurious of the two Haven models, and it certainly gives other mattresses that market themselves as luxury a run for their money. It takes the cotton cover up a notch with a 500 GSM rating so it’s even softer. The cover of the Boutique also has one inch of cooling bouyancy foam quilted into it. It has the same cotton fire barrier as the Premier.

The Boutique has a further 2 inches of buoyancy foam under the fire barrier, but instead of the transition foam the Premier has, you’ll find 3 inches of memory foam underneath. This allows for extra body contouring, and deeper pressure relief.

The combination of the quilted top and the memory foam middle layer means the Boutique is a softer mattress than the Premier, with a rating of around 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. This will be great for side sleepers to give exceptional pressure relief through your shoulder. It will also be the best choice for lighter people (you need a softer mattress for your body weight to get any contouring support) and anyone wanting a luxuriously plush softer mattress.

The Haven Boutique is priced from $899. It’s more expensive than the Premier, but given the differences between the two mattresses I’d actually expect a bigger gap between the two. Again, Haven is bringing excellent value for money.

Haven - The Most Affordable Luxury Mattress

Analysis Of The Sleep Trial And Warranty

The Sleep Trial

Haven mattresses come with a massive 18 month sleep trial. That means you can try it in the privacy and comfort of your own home for a year and a half. I thought I’d seen it all when companies started offering one year sleep trials, but Haven have gone above and beyond here. Isn’t this so much better than awkwardly perching on a mattress in a store for 10 minutes?

What’s even better about it is that if you find the mattress isn’t working for you, Haven will simply arrange for it to be collected. There’s no need for you to worry about trying to send it back, trying to find a local charity to pick it up, or any of the other hoops other brands can make you jump through. Haven will handle your return with a minimum of fuss.

The Warranty

Your Haven mattress comes with a lifetime warranty. Without even going into the details, this tells you this is above and beyond what other mattress in a box companies can offer you, which is typically a ten year warranty for the better brands. What’s even more amazing is that Haven is confident to offer a lifetime warranty at this price point. They’re really backing their mattresses here.

If we go into the wording of the warranty for a deeper look, you’ll find the following details:

  • The warranty covers sagging greater than one inch. This is really good because other companies may not consider sagging a problem until it’s 3 inches, which to me is just too much. Foams will naturally soften with time, but they shouldn’t sag. One inch is the best you’ll find for a mattress sagging warranty, and it’s rare to find it in a mattress with a lifetime warranty.
  • If you make a warranty claim, Haven will repair or replace your mattress, as they deem appropriate. The only company who has a lifetime guarantee that will replace your mattress every time is Puffy but they have different definitions of sagging (1.5 inches).
  • As with all mattress warranties, the Haven warranty applies to the person who originally purchased the mattress. That is, if you sell the mattress or give it to someone else, they can’t make a warranty claim.
  • The warranty not only covers sagging, it also covers physical defects (like foam cracking) and manufacturing defects.

While much of the wording of the warranty is fairly standard, the two standout factors are the lifetime coverage and the guarantee against sagging more than one inch. These two factors are very reassuring. And let me just say again, don’t be put off by Haven being a new brand, they are owned by a company who has been making great mattresses for years.

Are There Any Problems With Haven Mattresses?

As Haven is a new brand, it is too early to say if there are any issues that have come up for existing customers. This in itself could be considered an issue, as how the mattress will perform is somewhat unknown.

What I can say though, is that Idle Sleep (who own the Haven brand) make fantastic mattresses that wear well, and have an excellent reputation for customer service. These factors, combined with the 18 month sleep trial and lifetime warranty you get when you purchase a Haven mattress means you are not taking a risk here.

I usually like to include testimonials from real people who love the mattress I’m reviewing, but it’s just too soon to do this with Haven. You will find customer testimonials on their website, but I prefer to wait until a mattress has been out a little longer before I include them in my reviews.

Haven Mattress

From $649

Warranty Cover


Value For Money


Overall Rating



  • Lifetime Warranty
  • World's Longest Sleep Trial
  • Quality Materials


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