Who’s The Best Online Mattress Company?

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The Best Online Mattress Company Is: It Depends On How You’re Judging!

Best Online Mattress Company

Sorry, there’s no one answer to who’s the best online mattress company! It depends entirely on how you’re judging them. Are you looking for the company with the best customer service? Perhaps you’re judging it by who offers you the most choices. Or who’s the most eco-friendly. The criteria are endless. I’ve put together a list of companies who I think are the best for five different criteria.

After all my time reviewing and researching online mattress companies, these are my top recommendations for you.

  • Best Online Mattress Company For Customer Service
  • Best In-Home Sleep Trial
  • Best For Variety
  • Best Company Offering Mattress Customizations
  • Best Eco-Friendly Mattress Company

Best Online Mattress Company For Customer Service

When buying a mattress online, customer service that goes above and beyond is the most critical factor. Why? A mattress is a big investment, and you’re putting a lot of trust in a company when they sell you theirs as “the best”, and you’re relying on them to follow through with their promises regarding sleep trials and warranties. Some companies do better than others. Here’s who does it best:

Snuggle Pedic: Snuggle Pedic is a memory foam mattress that is made in the USA. Sold on Amazon, it’s one of the few Amazon mattresses to offer you a 100 night in-home sleep trial. Your comfort is really important to them. If you find your mattress uncomfortable in any way, they’ll customize it for you. For free.

They’re really responsive to their customers, and will bend over backwards to ensure you’re happy. In fact, if you go and read the one star reviews for Snuggle Pedic, you’ll find a ton of comments like “the mattress wasn’t for me, but the customer service was so great I had to comment”.

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Best In-Home Sleep Trial

The big lure of buying a mattress online is that you can try it out in the privacy and comfort of your own home. No more awkward perching on beds while a hungry salesman breathes down your neck! You’ll find sleep trials of up to 100 nights is common, and this is more than enough to get a really good idea of how a mattress works for you (you only need 30). But there’s one company who offers the longest trial of them all, and if the mattress doesn’t work out for you they just pick it up. Simple.

Haven: Haven is a brand new mattress company. Don’t be scared to try them out though, they’re owned by Idle Sleep who have been around for years and have a great track record. Since Haven is brand new, they need something to really set themselves apart from the competition and their sleep trial is one of the ways they’ve done it.

Their in home sleep trial is a massive 18 months. Yes, you can try Haven at home for a full year and a half. And if you don’t like it, they’ll just pick it up.

Haven also use some great quality materials in their all foam mattresses and offer phenomenal value for money.

Best For Variety

Many online mattress companies offer just the one mattress, which they would like to be the right fit for everyone. Unfortunately this just isn’t possible. I always take time in my reviews to point out who mattresses are and are not suitable for. But there is a company who offers you huge variety, carefully thought out to suit every type of sleeper.

Helix: Helix is an extremely popular brand. Their “basic” range has six mattresses: two soft, two medium, and two firm. They’ve got mattresses best for side sleepers with more pressure relief for that shoulder, and mattresses with more body contouring for back and stomach sleepers to keep your spine in line.

They even have a luxury version of each mattress if you want to really treat yourself. If you think it might be harder to choose from a company that offers more than one option, don’t worry. Helix have a comprehensive sleep quiz where you can put all your data in and they’ll recommend the best Helix for you.

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Best Company Offering Mattress Customizations

Are you a couple who can’t decide on how firm you need your mattress to be? Do you have totally different needs, for example a light side sleeper sharing a bed with a heavy stomach sleeper? Or perhaps you’re feeling really nervous about buying a mattress online and want to know you can change the feel easily without having to go through a return? Here’s one that solves everything.

PlushBeds: PlushBeds have been making their high quality organic latex mattresses since before mattresses in boxes were even a thing. They’ve adapted to the times and their latex mattresses are some of the best out there.

Their Botanical Bliss mattress is made from layers of latex foams which you can choose in different firmness levels to individualize the feel of the mattress. You can even do this on each side of the bed so one side is softer and the other is firmer. This is a total game-changer for couples and extremely hard to find.

Learn More About How It Works Here

Best Eco-Friendly Mattress Company

Best Online Mattress Company - Eco Friendly

We’re becoming more and more aware of the importance of making environmentally friendly choices when we buy things. What can mattress companies do to ensure they’re looking after the environment?

Here’s what the winner of this category, Avocado Green, does:

  • First, and probably most important for you, the buyer, they make an exceptionally high quality mattress that will last a long time. In fact, this is one of my all time favorites. Oh, and it has a one year sleep trial + 25 year warranty.
  • They offset emissions from their California factory: they offset more than their manufacturing produces!
  • They are part of 1% For The Planet
  • They ensure that their organic mattress materials are sustainably and ethically sourced
  • They are Carbon Neutral Certified

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