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Platform Bed Frame

  • Price: From $159
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Trial: 30 Days
  • Set Up: Easiest
  • Durability: 1 – 3 years
Best Overall:

Upholstered Bed Frame

  • Price: From $638
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Trial: 30 Days
  • Set Up: Easy
  • Durability: 5 years

Adjustable Bed Frame

  • Price: From $1399
  • Warranty: 10 Year
  • Trial: 100 Days
  • Set Up: 2 People
  • Durability: 10+  years

Purple Mattress Foundation – Some companies are innovators while others copy. Purple, as a company, belongs to the first category. Not just in their award-winning mattresses, but also in their foundations. bed frames. For a mattress to give you the right firmness, back support, and luxurious comfort you desire, you have to put it on the right foundation.

  • The Purple Ascent Adjustable Bed Frame
  • The Purple Upholstered Bed Frame
  • The Purple Platform Foundation

The three bases vary in the number of features they offer. They range from the simple yet sturdy Purple Platform Foundation to the hi-tech and wonderfully customizable Purple Ascent Adjustable Bed Frame. The Purple Upholstered Bed Frame sits pretty much somewhere in the middle. So which one to choose?

Now if money is not an issue, I’d recommend the Purple Upholstered Frame with its nifty design, sturdy steel frame, and adjustable headboard. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. As usual, we’ll take a methodical approach in analyzing each bed frame, uncovering its strengths and weaknesses, and looking for the best one that gives you a bang for your buck.

The Purple Platform Foundation

Purple Mattress Foundation - Platform Base

Designed for simplicity and strength, the Purple Platform Foundation is made of steel and comes at an affordable price. Besides its affordability, it offers a solid base for just about any mattress you have. If you like your bed to have a high profile, the bed frame keeps the mattress not just off the ground but also offers you plenty of storage space underneath.

Although the Foundation is suitable for any mattress you put on top of it, you should be careful about choosing a high-profile mattress. With those 13 inches of space under the bed frame, a 13-inch mattress such as the Purple 4, for example, would raise the bed almost 2 ½ feet above the floor. Unless you want your feet dangling over the side of the bed, you’d want to use a low-profile mattress with this bed frame.

Of the three bed frames, the Foundation is by far the easiest one to set up. It doesn’t give you much hassle unboxing it and putting it together. The frame is easy to fold and unfold, which makes it quite portable. You can pack it and stow it away for when you have a surprise guest. It also has the added advantage of being quiet and squeak-free. You can roll on it all you like, you won’t get a beep out of this sturdy frame.

Key Features

  • Affordable Price: The bed frame sells at $179 for the queen-size.
  • Free Shipping: The Foundation ships for free within the US and has a 30-day full refund policy.
  • Warranty: One year.
  • Weight Capacity: This strong base can take up to 2,000 pounds at a time.
  • Squeak-Proof: The steel frame has joints made of polypropylene which act as buffers to prevent and suppress squeaking.
  • Setup: No need for tools or special skills to set up the bed. It only takes a couple of minutes to unfold the frame and straighten up the legs.
  • Storage Space: The Foundation gives you 13 inches of under-bed space to store all your extra blankets, quilts, and those suitcases that you don’t know where to put them.

What Customers Say

Satisfaction was the overwhelming sentiment that colored the user experience when it comes to the Purple Platform Foundation. Sturdy, noise-free, and budget-friendly are the recurring themes throughout the comments and reviews. Here’s the lowdown of what customers had to say about this bed frame.

  • Out of 645 reviews, about 80 percent gave the bed frame 4 or 5 stars.
  • Users complimented the Foundation for being easy to assemble, durable, and hassle-free.
  • The storage space under the bed got its fair share of mention since the bed frame offers as much storage space as the space it takes up in the room.
  • Other users were not happy with the support the Foundation offered. A 400-pound person complained that the bed frame sagged under them when they lay on it.

The Purple Upholstered Bed Frame

Purple Bed Frame - Upholstered

The Purple Upholstered Bed Frame is a step up from the basic Purple Foundation Platform. It has an accordion structure that allows you to unpack and install the bed frame in a few minutes. Built on top of a folding steel structure, it has a weight capacity of 2000 pounds.

The upholstered foundation also goes a step further by paying extra attention to the look and feel of the bed frame. The color comes in two shades of gray and has a stylish concertina design with tapered wooden legs. But the one feature that you will come to appreciate about this bed frame is the adjustable headboard. As you change mattresses of different profiles, the headboard can adapt to any mattress height, which allows you to fit the mattress on the bed frame snugly.

Key Features

  • Price: $678 for a queen-size bed frame with a headboard.
  • Free Shipping: It ships for free all over the USA and has a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Warranty: 5-year warranty.
  • Weight Capacity: The bed frame can take up to 2,000 pounds.
  • Accordion Design: The steel frame can be folded and unfolded within minutes, like an accordion. No need for special tools or spending time fitting parts together.
  • Adjustable Headboard: When you change mattresses with different profiles, you can raise or lower the headboard to adjust it to the height of the new mattress. No more mattresses dangling out of the bed frame because they won’t fit into the headboard.
  • Storage Space: The wooden legs of the bed frame raise it about 7.75 inches above the floor. This is enough space to store your containers or for your dog to crawl into without giving the bed an exceptionally higher profile.

What Customers Say

Despite a few negative reviews, the majority of users were happy with their Purple Upholstered Bed Frame. The sturdiness and design of the bed frame won the most praise. While the creaky noise was the main concern of those who didn’t like this frame. But if we let the numbers talk, then we can safely say that the Upholstered is a popular choice if you have a decent budget. Here’s what else we came out with.

  • Out of 985 comments, 83 percent gave the bed frame 4 or 5 out of 5 stars.
  • The steel structure of the bed frame was mentioned a lot, and some users recommended using a surge protector with it.
  • Many users were happy with the lightweight frame and that it didn’t require much time or work to set it up.
  • Those who didn’t like the Upholstered mainly complained about the creaky noise it made whenever they moved.

The Purple Ascent Adjustable Base

Purple Adjustable Bed Frame

If you have some extra money to splurge on a bed frame, then I recommend the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base. Its high price tag might make it unaffordable for some people, but the quality of the materials and the adjustable presets make up for the high price.

The top feature that would get anybody’s attention is how adjustable the bed frame is. You can try the Sitting preset to sit comfortably in bed, watch a movie or get some work done. And when you’re ready to lie down, switch to the Zero-Gravity preset for a comfortable feeling of near-weightlessness. If your bed partner snores, simply adjust the preset to Anti-Snoring with the help of the remote control unit.

That said, and for its steep price, the Ascent lacks some important features that other adjustable bed frames have. For example, it lacks the massage features that both Puffy and GhostBed have. The legs are not adjustable either, which is a serious shortcoming. 

Key Features

  • Price: $1499 for a queen-size bed frame.
  • Free Trial: 100-night free trial (the only one of the three Purple Mattress Foundation options offering you a full 100 night sleep trial)
  • Free Shipping: Free shipping inside the USA.
  • Warranty: 10 years.
  • Anti-Snore: If you or your partner snores in bed, simply choose this preset to elevate the head and torso of the sleeper to minimize snoring.
  • Zero-Gravity: This setting positions your feet and head at a certain angle to reduce the stress on the body, improve breathing, and alleviate back pain.
  • Sitting: This preset raises the head of the bed frame to support you while you sit in the bed doing your work or just relaxing.
  • Remote Control: The bed frame is controlled remotely and has two USB charging ports on both sides.

What Customers Say

Since this is a costly bed frame, the Ascent appeals only to a niche market. It still got some raving reviews and, overall, customers were happy with it.

  • The Ascent got a modest 100 reviews as of this writing with 84 percent rating it 4 or 5 stars.
  • The adjustable presets won the most praise with people commenting about the Zero-Gravity helping with their back pain and muscle ache.
  • Some users had trouble setting up the bed on their own and needed someone to help them.

The three bed frames that Purple offers cover just about every niche in the market. Those on a budget can get the basic but sturdy Purple Platform Foundation. It gets the job done without breaking the bank. And if you have some extra money to spare, you could invest in the Purple Upholstered Bed Frame. I recommend this product as it’s not too expensive, and it has an adjustable headboard. If you want to go all out and want to enjoy luxurious sleep, then the Purple Ascent Adjustable Base with its different presets got you covered.

Purple Mattress Foundation Alternatives

These are some of my personal favorite mattress foundations, from other brands. They offer superb quality, features, and value for money. So if you’ve decided you don’t want Purple after all, you’ll love any of these.

GhostBed Metal Foundation

Top Pick
GhostBed Metal Foundation
  • Sturdy Construction Holds Up To 3,000lb
  • 12 Inches Of Storage Space Underneath
  • Replaces Your Box Spring, Does Not Need Separate Frame
  • Free, Fast Shipping
  • Lifetime Warranty

Puffy Split King Adjustable Base

Best Value
Puffy Split King Adjustable Base
  • One Of The Only Bases That Offers A Sleep Trial
  • Massage Settings
  • Easy To Use Presets Including Zero Gravity
  • Adjustable Legs
  • Excellent Value for Money
  • Lifetime Warranty

GhostBed Split King Adjustable Base

Best Massage
GhostBed Split King Adjustable Base
  • 15 Different Massage Modes
  • Easy To Use Presets Including Zero Gravity
  • Adjustable Legs
  • USB Ports On Both Sides
  • Under Bed Lighting
  • Get Great Discount Deals

BeautyRest Low Profile Box Spring

Simple Box Spring
BeautyRest Low Profile Box Spring
  • Designed By Same Team As The Famed BeautyRest Mattresses
  • 5 Inch Height - Perfect For Those Wanting A Low Profile Option
  • Spruce Wood & Welded Steel Constrution
  • Free Delivery


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