Purple Mattress Vs Sleep Number – They’re Totally Different Beds

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Purple Mattress

Purple Mattress

  • Unique Memory Foam Mattress With Purple's Famous Cooling Grid Comfort Layer
  • Range Of Hybrid Or All Foam Mattresses
  • Best Budget Choice = Purple Original
  • Best Luxe Choice = Purple Hybrid Premier 4
  • Purple Is The Best Option For People Looking For A Comfortable Mattress
Smart Bed
Sleep Number

Sleep Number

  • Sleep Number Is More Than A Mattress
  • My Pick = Sleep Number 360 iLE
  • Can Cool Or Warm Depeding On Your Needs
  • Automatically Adjusts Firmness And Support
  • Control Each Side Of The Bed Separately: Perfect For Couples With Different Needs

Purple Mattress Vs Sleep Number – this is an interesting one because we’re comparing a mattress (Purple) with a smart bed (Sleep Number).  A comparison of this type would not be in favor of the Purple Mattress which, despite all of its quality, is just a mattress. If that’s all you need then great, but Sleep Number is a smart bed with all the bells and whistles.

Yet, as we’ll see, Sleep Number smart beds are not for everyone. A regular mattress like Purple might just be what you need. So keeping in mind the huge differences in terms of features and uses between the Purple Mattress, and the Sleep Number, let’s put them face-to-face to see which one works for you best.

In this analysis of the best features and drawbacks of the two products, I’ll cover the following points:

  • Overview of Purple vs. Sleep Number
  • Similarities Between Purple and Sleep Number
  • Differences Between Purple and Sleep Number
  • Close-up on the Construction
  • Mattress Sizes
  • Which Mattress to Buy
  • Price Breakdown
  • Final Verdict

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Overview of Purple vs. Sleep Number

 PurpleSleep Number
Price Range$649 to $1,848 discounted prices$899 to $5,299 discounted prices
MattressesPurple Mattress, Purple Plus, Purple Hybrid, Purple Hybrid Premier 3 & 4SLEEP NUMBER 360 c2, c4, p5, pse, p6, i8, ile, i10, m7
Mattress Construction2-inch Purple GelFlex Grid + two foam comfort layers for all-foam mattressesMinimal cushioning with dual air technology to adjust the firmness of each side.
Firmness6.5 out of 10 (medium feel)Adjustable 3 to 8
Sleep Trial100 nights100 nights
Warranty10 years15 years
Where is it made?USAUSA
Customer Rating4.4 (31,251)4.6 (16,159)

Similarities Between Purple and Sleep Number

As I mentioned it’s not fair to compare a smart bed against a mattress. So for the sake of doing justice for both products, I’ll focus on the mattress of the Sleep Number and any other features unrelated to the frame.

They both have excellent motion isolation which works best for sensitive couples. The two products also come in different sizes to suit all tastes and needs. They both offer the same sleep trial period of 100 nights.

Both Purple and Sleep Number use foam as a comfort layer. They also do an excellent job regulating the temperature of the bed. People who like to sleep hot will benefit the most from these features. 

Differences Between Purple and Sleep Number

The differences between Purple and Sleep Number couldn’t be any more obvious. One is a mattress while the other is a smart bed with more features than you know what to do with. Still, I’ll focus on the main differences between the two in terms of performance and basic construction.

The first difference is in the firmness and feel of both products. While Purple has a fixed firmness that you either like or dislike, Sleep Number is all about adjusting the firmness levels to your liking. It comes with over 100 settings ranging from 3 to 8 on the firmness scale.

There’s also a difference in the price ranges between the two as one would expect. The Sleep Number is more expensive since you’re not just getting a mattress but also a bed frame as well. Not to mention all the features that smart beds have to make your sleep more comfortable.

Close-up on the Construction

In order to give each brand a fair chance to show what it has to offer, I’ll cover the different products that both Purple and Sleep Number roll out.

Purple Mattress

purple mattress vs sleep number - purple staged

Purple offers 5 mattresses. Two of those are all-foam while the other three are hybrid mattresses. But whether it’s a hybrid mattress or not, they all have the grid layer at the top of the comfort layer. This proprietary material is bouncy, flexible, cooling, and quite responsive. It identifies the pressure points quickly and provides pressure relief. They also come with the same stretchable cover which repels stains and dust. All mattresses are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and quite durable.

Purple Mattress

The standard mattress is named after the brand and has gained a lot of popularity. This all-foam mattress has a 2-inch Purple Grid layer at the top that works together with the breathable cover to keep the mattress cool. It dissipates heat and wicks moisture quite efficiently. Another 3.5-inch polyfoam layer under it gives the mattress its medium-firm feel while balancing the weight of the sleeper to ease any aching or pain.

Purple Plus

The Purple Plus has the same construction as the Purple Mattress with an extra comfort layer. The 2-inch added layer is made of Premium Comfort foam. This new layer not only increases the profile of the mattress but also gives it a medium-soft feel averaging 5.5 on the firmness scale. The rest of the mattress follows the same structure of all-foam mattresses.

Purple Hybrid

The Purple Hybrid is the company’s attempt at courting sleepers who prefer to have a firmer mattress under them with more support than comfort. In addition to the 2-inch Purple Grid layer which is a staple of all Purple mattresses, there are two transition layers insulating the 7.5-inch pocketed coil layer. The coils are individually wrapped in fabric to reduce the noise.

Purple Premier

There are two Premier mattresses to choose from: Premier 3 and Premier 4. The first has a 3-inch Purple Grid layer for more comfort and a half-inch poly foam layer as a transition layer. The Premier 4 has a 4-inch Purple Grid layer giving it a 5 firmness score. While Premier 3 scores 6 on the firmness scale.

Both mattresses have the same 7.5-inch support layer made of pocketed coils wrapped in noise-suppressing fabric.

Sleep Number

purple mattress vs sleep number - sleep number staged

The Sleep Number brand has more smart bed options to offer than Purple has mattresses. These smart air beds are grouped together in series. They vary from the basic in the Classic series to the more advanced in the Innovation series. The most distinguishing feature of the Sleep Number mattresses is their adjustable firmness. You can change the firmness of the mattress by pumping more air into the air chambers.

Sleep Number Classic Series

The most standard and affordable smart beds the brand offers. This series includes two smart beds: c2 and c4. Both come with a comfort layer made of gel-infused polyfoam on top of two air chambers. The c2 has a 2-inch comfort layer while the c4 has a 3-inch layer.

Sleep Number Performance Series

This series has 3 smart beds and its focus is on providing a comforting and cooling sleep experience. The p5 is a smart bed with a 4-inch comfort layer with gel infusions. pSE has a similar layer while the p6 comes with a 5-inch layer made of polyfoam with gel and graphite infusions that wick moisture and prevent heat build-ups.

Sleep Number Innovation Series

If you’re looking for more comfort, luxury, and cutting-edge technology in your smart bed, the Innovation series got you covered. It has two smart beds: i8 and i10. The i8 has a 6-inch comfort layer while the i10 has a plush and luxurious feel with its 7-inch comfort layer. The smart beds offer more features and settings to help you adjust the bed to your liking.

Sleep Number Memory Foam Series

This series has one smart bed, m7. It has a 5-inch comfort layer. The only difference between this series and the rest of the air beds Sleep Number produces is that the comfort layer here is made of memory foam. It contours to the body more efficiently and is designed to appeal to people who prefer memory foam in the mattress.

Mattress Sizes

 PurpleSleep Number
Twin38” x 75”38” x 75”
Twin XL38” x 80”38” x 80”
Full54” x 75”54” x 75”
Queen60” x 80”60” x 80”
King76” x 80”76” x 80”
California King72” x 84”72” x 84”
Split King76” x 80”76” x 80”
FlexTop King76” x 80”
FlexTop California King72” x 84”
Split California King72” x 84”

Which Mattress to Buy

Should you splurge on a smart bed or would you rather buy a comfortable mattress? The answer isn’t a given as one might expect. In fact, the Purple mattress might be a better choice for you than the air bed with its flexible firmness settings. It all comes down to your personal preferences.

Buy Purple If

  • You prefer a hypoallergenic mattress with no toxins.
  • You like to sleep hot and want a mattress that regulates temperature more efficiently.
  • You have aches or pain and need a mattress with better pressure reduction.
  • Durability in a mattress is one of your top concerns.

Buy Sleep Number If

  • You have more money to spend on a smart bed.
  • You want flexible firmness levels that you can adjust with a push of a button.
  • You share the bed with a partner with different sleeping requirements.
  • You like to have many options to choose from since the Sleep Number offers more smart bed sizes and products than Purple.

Price Breakdown

To give you a clear idea of the average prices for each brand, the following prices are of the different sizes of the two most popular brands: Purple Mattress and Sleep Number. These are the discounted price ranges across the various products.

 PurpleSleep Number
Twin$799 – $1,199$499 – $2,399
Twin XL$999 – $3,199$569 – $4,699
Full$1,199 – $3,499$699 – $4,974
Queen$1,399 – $3,799$899 – $5,299
King$1,799 – $4,399$1,399 – $5,999
California King$1,799 – $4,399$1,399 – $5,999
Split King$1,998 – $6,398$1,599 – $6,899

Purple Mattress vs Sleep Number the Final Verdict

At first glance, a smart bed seems like the obvious choice for many sleepers when compared with a fixed-firmness mattress. But Purple has proven its mettle and with a good balance between comfort and support, the mattress has a growing fan base.

My top pick of the Sleep Number has to be the Sleep Number 360 iLE. It also happens to be the most expensive choice. The 12-inch smart bed offers maximum pressure relief with excellent cooling and support with a 6-inch comfort layer.

As for the top budget Sleep Number, this has to be the Sleep Number 360 c4. It’s quite affordable with a 3-inch comfort layer made of polyfoam with infused gel to keep it cool and prevent heat build-up.

My top choice of Purple is the Purple Hybrid Premier 4. It has a 4-inch comfort layer made of the proprietary Purple Grid. The mattress is the most comfortable that the brand rolls out with excellent responsiveness and support. The individually wrapped coils are noiseless and provide zero-motion transfer for sensitive couples.

For my top budget pick of the Purple brand, I recommend the Purple Mattress. It’s the most standard and most affordable of all Purple mattresses. But it offers a good balance between support and comfort and with a 2-inch Purple Grid comfort layer, your body will find its sweet spot immediately and you can drift into a deep sleep rather quickly.

Purple Mattress

Purple Mattress

  • Unique Memory Foam Mattress With Purple's Famous Cooling Grid Comfort Layer
  • Range Of Hybrid Or All Foam Mattresses
  • Best Budget Choice = Purple Original
  • Best Luxe Choice = Purple Hybrid Premier 4
  • Purple Is The Best Option For People Looking For A Comfortable Mattress
Smart Bed
Sleep Number

Sleep Number

  • Sleep Number Is More Than A Mattress
  • My Pick = Sleep Number 360 iLE
  • Can Cool Or Warm Depeding On Your Needs
  • Automatically Adjusts Firmness And Support
  • Control Each Side Of The Bed Separately: Perfect For Couples With Different Needs


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