Sleep Number P5 Review – Layered Comfort And Deep Pressure Relief

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Smart Bed
Sleep Number p5 Smart Bed
  • Breathable Cover
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial And 15 Year Warranty (5 Years Longer Than Other Brands)
  • Generous 4 Inch Comfort Layer Engineered For Targeted Support
  • Temperature Regulating
  • Air Chamber Support, Which You Customize To Fit Your Exact Needs
  • Available As A Bundle With Sleep Number Bases

Sleep Number P5 Review – With every gadget, appliance, and piece of equipment getting smart these days, it was only a matter of time before we started to have smart beds. You can think of a smart bed as this highly customizable bed that tracks your sleeping patterns and adjusts to your habits and favorite sleep positions. And when it comes to smart beds that offer a luxurious and comforting sleep experience every night, Sleep Number P5 stands out above the crowded pack.

Part of the Sleep Number Performance Series, The Sleep Number P5 (P for Performance and 5 is the number of targeted body zones) has the right balance between pressure relief and softness. In fact, the whole series is all about temperature control, contouring, and giving you a luxuriously comfortable sleep experience. This extra attention to comfort is manifested in the 6 layers of comfort at the top of each mattress of the Series. The fabric of the cover absorbs heat and moisture to keep the surface.

The difference in performance in each one of the mattresses and smart beds that belong to the Performance Series comes down to the pillowtop style and the cooling features. Of course, all this tender loving care that the bed shows the sleeper consistently night after night comes at a price. But let’s be honest, can one really put a price on a good night’s sleep?

That’s not a rhetorical question either. It’s true that Sleep Number P5 is quite more expensive than other brands in the market, but that steep price could very well be justified. In this review, I’ll try to show whether the costly mattress is well worth the money. I’ll also cover the following points.

  • Sleep Number P5 Overview.
  • Sleep Number P5 Features.
  • What Customers Think About Sleep Number P5 Mattress.
  • Alternatives to the Sleep Number P5 Mattress.
  • Final Thoughts.

Sleep Number P5 Review – Mattress Overview

sleep number p5 mattress staged
  • Price: $2,229 a discounted price for a queen-size bed.
  • Ships for free and the technicians will also set up the bed for you for free.
  • 100-night free sleep trial.
  • 15-year limited warranty.
  • The rayon/polypropylene fabric of the cover is breathable and absorbs heat and moisture to keep the sleeper cool and dry for longer hours.
  • The 10-inch high mattress has the following layers:
    • PlushFit Foam: A 4-inch comfort layer that sits on top of the air chambers. It targets 5 zones in the body to provide comfort, cooling, and pressure point relief.
    • Air Chambers: these are the key features that make the Sleep Number P5 stand out. You can inflate and deflate them according to your need to achieve the firmness and support you desire.

The Sleep Number P5 comes in 5 variations. From the simple P5 mattress to the more complex smart bed which includes the mattress, a bed frame, and a remote control unit attached to it. Here are the different options and what each one has to offer.

  • P5: The mattress alone. It offers adjustable comfort and firmness for each side. The mattress responds quickly to your movement and conforms to your body to ease the pain and relieve pressure.
  • P5 Integrated Base: Has all the features of the P5 mattress with an added base. This option saves you the cost of buying a separate base.
  • P5 Integrated Base & Frame: Similar to the above option but with a frame attached to the integrated base. This works as a complete bed.
  • P5 With Flexit Base: This option has the P5 mattress with all its unique features with the added advantage of the Flexit base which gives you endless head and foot positions and comes with an attached remote control to adjust the base.
  • P5 With Flexit 3 Smart Base: the most advanced product with under-bed lights, the ability to adjust the other side of the bed, endless head and foot positions, foot warming features, and a smartphone app to customize the settings and control the bed remotely.

Analysis Of The Materials Inside The Sleep Number P5 Mattress


The cover of the Sleep Number P5 mattress is made of knit fabric. The rayon/polypropylene fabric is both breathable and plush. It feels soft under the skin and thanks to its superb heat wicking, it keeps the surface of the bed cool for many hours. I also liked how the cover absorbs moisture and channels it quickly to keep me dry. And since it’s removable, washing the cover is quite easy. Once it’s dry, you can fit it back over the mattress to prevent allergies, dust, and mold buildup.

Comfort Layer

That’s where things get quite interesting with the Sleep Number P5. The comfort layer is by far the most distinguishing feature of this series. The mattress has a pillowtop style design that combines the best of two features: foam layers and air chambers.

The comfort layer of the mattress is made up mainly of PlushFit foam. Out of the 10 inches that make up the height of the mattress, the foam layer alone is 4 inches thick. As the P5 name implies, the PlushFit layer targets 5 zones in your body. These are the head, neck, shoulders, lower back, hips, and feet. This makes the mattress ideal for side sleepers who crave above all else extra softness and comfort that provide maximum pressure relief.

Although the comfort layer is 4 inches thick, the P5 still falls short of other mattresses in the Performance Series. The P6 for example has a 5-inch thick comfort layer made of the same PlushFit material. So if you’re looking for a mattress that provides even more comfort and softness, especially if you’re a side sleeper, then I recommend the P6.

Support/Base Layer

The support layer of the mattress that gives its distinct plush soft firmness is made up of air chambers. The P5 comes with 2 air chamber layers. Each layer contains 24 vulcanized rubber pockets. When inflated, the mattress gets the firmness level you seek. Thanks to the patented DualAir technology, you can change the firmness and support you get from the mattress on the fly and sleep on a different sleep feel every night if you want. The air chambers also minimize vibrations to promote better motion isolation. Built-in sensors allow the mattress to detect your body motion and weight and adjust accordingly.

Sleep Number P5 Mattress Reviews From Real Customers

Earlier in the review, I posed a question and promised to give an answer to it. The question was whether the Sleep Number P5 mattress was worth the high price tag or not. To help me give a complete and accurate answer, I turned to user reviews, experiences, and feedback from real customers. The reviews were candid, honest, and to the point. They all painted a good picture of what it feels like to sleep on the P5. Judging by the number of positive reviews and my own experience, it becomes clear that the P5 is well worth the money. Here’s the breakdown of what I came up with after perusing those thousands of comments.

  • Out of 14,354 reviews, 96 percent awarded the mattress 4 or 5 stars. That shows a high rate of satisfaction considering the large number of reviews.
  • Many users mentioned the temperature regulation features including the feet warming feature at the top of their positive reviews.
  • The adjustable base of the bed also got some good mentions. The users were happy with the way they could adjust the head of the bed to help a snoring partner without having to wake them up.
  • Adjusting both sides of the bed separately was one of the best features of the bed. It lets sensitive couples with different needs to sleep comfortably in the same bed.
  • The extra comfort of the bed with its 4-inch comfort layer and air chambers made a difference in the sleep experience of some users even after trying the mattress for just one night.
  • There were other comments from users who were not happy with the mattress. For the most part, they complained about the time it took to find the custom firmness level that suited them.

“We bought this bed a few months ago to get a little more space and have the option to raise the head to help with snoring. The bed is extremely comfortable and a great size!”

Sleep Number P5 Mattress Review Verdict

If you’re a side sleeper who enjoys an extra comfortable bed that hugs your joints and provides excellent pressure relief, then the Sleep Number P5 mattress is definitely for you. It has 4 inches of PlushFit foam layer that sits on top of two air chamber layers. The vulcanized rubber pockets in the air chambers let you inflate and deflate the mattress according to your specific needs that night. The 5 body zones the P5 targets make it a good choice for side sleepers below 230 pounds to enjoy a comfortable sleep at night.

Smart Bed
Sleep Number p5 Smart Bed
  • Breathable Cover
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial And 15 Year Warranty (5 Years Longer Than Other Brands)
  • Generous 4 Inch Comfort Layer Engineered For Targeted Support
  • Temperature Regulating
  • Air Chamber Support, Which You Customize To Fit Your Exact Needs
  • Available As A Bundle With Sleep Number Bases


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