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Designed With YOU In Mind
Helix Plus Mattress
  • Specifically Designed For Plus Size (Big And/Or Tall)
  • 13 Inch Height
  • Extra Layer Of High Density Foam For Support And Durability
  • Engineered For Contouring Support Without Sinking Through The Mattress
  • Top-Notch Edge Support
  • Free Shipping, 15 Year Warranty, 100 Night Sleep Trial

Helix Plus Mattress Review – If you’re big and tall, it’s not always easy to find the right mattress for you. I’m talking about a mattress that provides firm support while staying comfortable and not forcing your body into unusual sleeping positions.

Such a mattress should provide the right amount of support. Little support makes your body sink in and twists your joints and spine. Too much support and you wake up with a stiff back and aching neck. Helix, an established brand in the American bed and mattress market, have harnessed their vast experience and proprietary technology to create Helix Plus, a top-notch mattress for plus-size people. 

Helix Plus is a 13-inch hybrid specialty mattress. It comes with 3 layers of proprietary foam to relieve the pressure and provide extra bounce and springiness. As for the coils, the mattress has inner springs and outer reinforced taller coils for more edge support. This combination of reinforced coils offers comfort, durability, and the right amount of medium firmness.

That’s the mattress in a nutshell. In this Helix Plus Mattress review, I’ll cover the following angles of this extra comfy mattress in more detail:

Helix Plus Mattress Overview

Helix Plus Mattress Cross Section
  • Price: $1498.80 for a queen-size mattress with two free Dream Pillows.
  • Ships in a box for free inside the United States.
  • 100-night sleep trial from the day the mattress arrives at your doorstep.
  • 15-year limited warranty (5 years longer than standard mattresses, this extended warranty speaks to the increased strength and durability of this mattress)
  • Ultra-Breathable Tencel outer cover that increases airflow and keeps you cool.
  • The 13-inch high mattress has the following foam layers:
    • Ultra-Dense Memory Foam: for extra cushioning and deep impression support that provides pressure relief for heavy sleepers.
    • Helix Dynamic Foam: this is a proprietary foam layer that hugs your body and adjusts to its contours while offering more bounce.
    • Firm Memory Foam: this is a transition layer that sits on top of the reinforced coils. It provides firm support for the body.
    • High-Grade Polyfoam: this base layer sits at the bottom of the mattress under the coils. Its high-density foam gives the mattress more durability and firmness.

But that’s not the whole story about the materials and the quality layers that make up this mattress. To avoid the regular body impressions that you see on the mattress in the morning, Helix Plus uses foams with extra high density. On average, the different layers of foam have between 3.75 and 4 pounds per cubic foot (PCF). This mattress doesn’t sag after a few months of use even if, like me, you sleep in the same spot every night.

Analysis Of The Materials Inside The Helix Plus Mattress


The cover of the Helix Plus mattress is more than an aesthetic addition that gives the mattress its distinctive look and style. It is one of the main reasons that this mattress is so comfortable and doesn’t heat up as easily as other mattresses. That’s because it’s made of ultra-breathable Tencel. Tencel has more advantages than other fabrics.

  • As a plant-based fabric (sustainably sourced from bamboo), it stays cool and regularly dissipates heat to keep you comfortable all night long.
  • It’s more breathable, which promotes better airflow through the higher layers of foam.
  • It has a natural feel against your skin and is known for its silkiness.
  • Its antibacterial properties make it an ideal repellent against mold and pathogens. These are responsible for skin conditions and that off-putting smell old mattresses have.

Comfort Layer

It doesn’t matter what sleeping position you prefer. Helix Plus has found the right formula for those who sleep on their back and those who prefer to sleep on their side or stomach. So what’s that formula is all about? 

The big secret revolves around the comfort layers right under the cover. There are two comfort layers that give the Helix Plus its unique comfort qualities.

  • Top Comfort Layer: This layer is made from Ultra-Dense Memory foam that relieves pressure and gives the body much-needed impression support. With an average of 4 PFC, it also prevents that unpleasant feeling of being stuck to the mattress. 
  • Second Comfort Layer: Here, the proprietary Helix Dynamic Foam comes into play as it adjusts to the contours of your body without letting you sink into the mattress. It’s the main reason the mattress has equal amounts of softness and support.

Support/Base Layer

A transition layer separates the reinforced coils and the comfort layers on top of it. This transition layer is made of firm memory foam to shield your body from the springs. But it’s those springs that give the Helix Plus the support every sleeper with a high BMI needs.

The coils come in two varieties with each having a specific role to play. 

  • Outer Coils: These are taller, reinforced coils that surround the outer edges of the mattress. They provide edge support and prevent that all-too-familiar feeling that you’re going to fall off the edge of the bed. 
  • Inner Coils: The inner springs are also reinforced. Besides providing support and firmness, they also react to the weight of the body and help the mattress recover quickly when the weight lifts.

Both types of coils are behind that feeling of medium firmness the mattress is known and praised for. On a scale of 10 where 10 is the firmest and 0 is the least firm, the Helix Plus scores between 7 and 8. It’s firm enough to support your body without going to either extreme on the firmness spectrum.

Helix Plus Mattress Reviews From Real Customers

Customer reviews are behind the success of every established brand. The Helix Plus mattress is no exception to this rule. As I sifted through the feedback this mattress received, I was more than touched by the heartfelt stories of people finally finding a mattress specifically designed for their high BMI. 

Here’s what I gleaned from the different customer comments and feedback.

  • Overall, there are around 2,000 reviews of the Helix Plus mattress on different forums and platforms.
  • About 90 percent of the reviews are on the positive side and the mattress scores 4.6 out of 5 stars. 
  • Even the reviews on the Helix website are managed by a third-party entity. So it’s easy to find negative reviews, not just positive ones.
  • Since this is a specialty mattress designed for people with a high BMI, many commenters took that opportunity to reveal their actual weight. Most users’ weights range from 200 to 380 pounds. This lends more credibility to their feedback since each customer puts the mattress through the wringer, so to speak.
  • Many of the positive reviews centered on the comfort and level of support the mattress provides.
    • Users were happy with how easy it was to unbox the mattress and set it up without help.
    • Others liked the fast shipping and the convenience of picking the day of delivery themselves.
    • Users who had back pain from sleeping on old mattresses were quick to point out the advantages the Helix Plus has, and how their back pain had disappeared.
    • Praising the firmness of the mattress, one user said that he hadn’t slept 7 hours a night in 30 years until he bought the Helix Plus.
  • But there were negative reviews as well. Although these are a small fraction of the total number of comments, they still deserve a mention here for the sake of balanced reviewing.
    • Some negative reviews complained about the mattress being too firm. These users had to use two foam toppers to make it less firm.
    • Others said the mattress was still too soft for them. Perhaps that’s why there’s a Sleep Quiz on the website to help buyers pick the right mattress for their specific needs and conditions.

“Helix Plus has saved my back, and makes sleeping fun again! Quality of the mattress is unbeatable; it does not sink or sag after hours of laying in. There’s plenty of room to stretch out, and the cats love it too!” 

Helix Plus Mattress Alternatives

If you’re not 100% sure that the Helix Plus Mattress is the right choice for you, there are other specifically plus sized mattresses you might want to investigate before you make your final choice. Here are 3 alternatives that are worth a look:

Best Alternative: Big Fig
  • Hybrid Construction (Latex, Foam, Coils)
  • Specifically Designed For Heavy People
  • Weight Limit: 550lb Per Person
  • 120 Night Trial + 20 Year Warranty
  • Prices From $1499 (Including Specially Crafted Foundation)
Runner Up: Avocado
  • Great Sturdy Choice If You Don’t Want A Specific “Plus Size” Mattress”
  • Hybrid Construction (Organic Latex, Zoned Coils)
  • Contains The Most Natural Materials
  • Weight Limit: 350lb Per Person
  • 1 YEAR Sleep Trial + 25 Year Warranty 
  • Prices From $1099 (Add A Pillow Top From $400)
Best Budget Option: Titan
  • Hybrid Construction (Foam And Coils)
  • Includes High Density Foam Base
  • Weight Limit: Not Stated
  • 120 Night Sleep Trial + 10 Year Warranty 
  • Prices From $699 (Add A Cooling Panel From $100)

If you just want a firm mattress from the Helix range, you might want to check out the Dawn if you’re a back or stomach sleeper, or the Twilight if you’re a side sleeper. These are both firmer mattresses from Helix’s standard mattress range.

Helix Plus Mattress Review Verdict

If you’re a plus-size and haven’t found the right mattress for you yet, I hope that reading this review about the Helix Plus mattress points you in the right direction. The structure and design of the mattress cater to people on the heavy side. Whether you’re big and tall or just have a high BMI, the Helix Plus is the right mattress for you.

I like how the company uses proprietary foam and two types of reinforced coils to give the mattress the right degree of firmness and extra support without sacrificing comfort. The ultra-breathable Tencel cover is the icing on the cake. It increases the airflow and keeps you cool throughout the night.

For all of these reasons and more, I recommend the Helix Plus mattress for all the big sleepers out there. 


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