How To Get To Zero Gravity Position On Your Adjustable Bed

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How To Get To Zero Gravity Position On Your Adjustable Bed

Zero gravity – this is the position many adjustable bed sales are made on, and it has many touted health benefits when you lie in the zero gravity position. But just how do you get to the zero gravity position on your adjustable bed?

There are three easy ways, but you MUST have an adjustable base that moves at both the head and the feet as you’ll be lifting your feet:

1. Get To The Zero Gravity Position In One Touch


The easiest way to get to the zero gravity position is to have an adjustable bed with a preset button on your remote. This might be labelled something like “ZG” or it might be a picture of the zero gravity position. Once you’ve figured out which button it is, all you need to do is simply press the button, and your base will automatically move your upper and lower body into the right positions. Easy!

2. Raise The Head And Feet Until They’re In The Right Position

Get to zero- g

Zero gravity on an adjustable bed is:

  • You’re not lying flat (180 degrees) and you’re not upright (90 degrees) – move the head end of your adjustable bed using the arrows on your remote until your upper body is somewhere in between the two at 120 degrees.
  • Your lower legs are raised and your knees bent: use the arrows on your remote to raise your legs until you can see that your bent knees are at the same level as your heart (do this AFTER you’ve got your top half raised from flat to 120 degrees)
  • You’re in zero g! Enjoy.

3. Save Zero Gravity As A Preset

If you followed the steps above and your adjustable bed remote has options for you to save favorite positions, go ahead and do that, so you can access the zero gravity position any time at one touch.

Adjustable Beds That Make Finding The Zero Gravity Position Easy:

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How To Get To Zero Gravity Position On Your Adjustable Bed: FAQ

What IS Zero Gravity?

A position to simulate weightlessness, like you’re in space! Both your head and feet are lifted in the zero gravity position, which can help ease back aches and improve circulation.

What Are The Benefits Of The Zero Gravity Position?

Four of the big benefits include:
1. Relief from back pain
2. Pressure relief for your muscles and joints
3. Improved circulation
4. Less snoring

Is Sleeping In The Zero Gravity Position Good For You?

Yes, it’s associated with lots of benefits.


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