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Sweetnight Mattress Review: Sweetnight is an extremely popular budget mattress brand. This review focuses on their most popular all foam model, the “Sunkiss”. This is a versatile all foam mattress with a flippable design, giving you two sleep surfaces and two firmness options. It’s available to buy either on Amazon or direct from Sweetnight (I’ve got a strong opinion on where you’re best to buy, I’ll let you know in the last section of this article).

Here’s what’s covered inside this Sweetnight mattress review:

  • Sweetnight Overview
  • Sweetnight Mattress Features
  • Prices
  • What Are People Saying Who Love Theirs? (Reviews From Real People)
  • Best Place To Buy

Sweetnight Overview

This short video from Sweetnight gives a good overview of the mattress, from the unboxing through to a quick look at the features.

Sweetnight Mattress Features

Sweetnight Mattress Review - Cross Section

The Sweetnight Mattress is an all-foam mattress. It has a four layer construction, and has been designed to be flippable: each side has a different firmness so you can try out two comfort levels in the one mattress. It offers you the choice of a medium (6/10 on the mattress comfort scale) feel on one side and firm (7.5/10) on the other.

Here’s a breakdown of exactly what this mattress is made of (based on the 10 inch mattress):

  • Cover: A breathable rayon (cotton). I like the fact that it’s not polyester, it’s nice to see a natural material at this price point.
  • Foam Layer 1: 2 inches of gel infused memory foam. This is the side you have facing up when you want the “medium” feel (the most popular). This is a foam that’s responsive to pressure, cradling your pressure points and offering good support. The gel infusion is tiny beads of gel which draw body heat away and out from the mattress: you’ll see this in any decent foam mattress where the manufacturers don’t want you to sleep hot.
  • Foam Layer 2: 1 inch of ventilated comfort foam. This will be an open cell foam to allow air to flow through it, but it won’t be a memory foam. This is a good layer to have directly under the memory foam as it’s the first foam layer that will stop you sinking too deep into the memory foam, and continues to provide good temperature regulation.
  • Foam Layer 3: This is an open cell comfort foam as well. The difference between this layer and the foam layer above it is that this one is 4 inches thick and has been divided into three zones (which is something you don’t usually see at this price point, it’s often in more expensive or “luxury” mattresses.
  • Foam Layer 4: 3 inches of high density base foam. This will be a standard polyfoam base like you seen in most all foam mattresses.

My Comment: I think Sweetnight have created an interesting mattress here. There’s an incredibly generous amount of comfort foams: a massive 7 inches of the total mattress height.

Most other brands won’t have you sleeping directly on their polyfoam layer, but this is an option for you with Sweetnight if you flip the mattress over for a firm feel. The fact that this layer is only 3 inches deep (instead of 7 inches, the common amount when this foam is used as a base only) means it will provide a firm sleeping surface, while the comfort foams which have been flipped to the bottom will help soften the feel just enough so you’re not sleeping on a plank.

One thing to note though, if you flip the mattress over to the firm side, there is no cooling tech in foam layer 4 so it may not suit you if you’re a hot sleeper looking for a firm mattress.

If you want to get an idea of how this mattress compares to other budget brands, read this.


Sweetnight sells their mattresses on both Amazon and directly from their website. The prices below are direct from the Sweetnight website.

I’ve chosen to show you these because Amazon varies prices regularly so it’s hard to tell you an accurate number.

When you buy direct from Sweetnight, they offer a best price guarantee AND they give you a 100 night sleep trial so I strongly recommend you buy from them.

10 Inch Mattress:

  • Twin: $318
  • Full: $398
  • Queen: $438
  • King $548

12 Inch Mattress:

  • Queen: $528
  • King: $658

Note the 12 inch mattress is currently only available in a Queen or King size, and it’s only available direct from Sweetnight.  Amazon do sell a 12 inch Sweetnight mattress model, but it’s the Breeze mattress which is not flippable.

What Are People Saying Who Love Theirs? (Reviews From Real People)

This mattress is extremely popular, and has a high satisfaction rate. Around massive 90% of real customers give it a glowing 4 or 5 star rating. People especially like the two firmness options. Here are some testimonials from real Sweetnight buyers just like you:

“I did a lot of comparison shopping before buying this mattress. I find it very comfortable and absolutely love it. It’s terrific value”

“Not too plush and not too firm, just how I like it. Glad I didn’t buy the $900 mattress I was considering.”

“I have slept on high end memory foam beds, and the Sweetnight feels exactly the same except the edges are perhaps a little weaker.”

“My biggest problem with previous memory foam mattresses was heat, but this one does not get hot.”

“This mattress has enough support to keep my back nice and straight, and enough cushion to let my hips sink in just enough.”

Best Place To Buy Sweetnight

You can buy your Sweetnight Mattress direct from the Sweetnight website or from Amazon. Rest assured that with both options you’ll get responsive customer service and your 10 year mattress warranty. BUT:

I strongly recommend you buy from Sweetnight. Here’s why:

  • You get a 100 night sleep trial. This is a huge advantage at this price point, and allows you enough time to really give the mattress a good try at home (if you buy from Amazon, you’ll be subject to their 30 day return policy)
  • Sweetnight regularly run sales
  • Sweetnight offer a best price guarantee (so even if you see their mattress cheaper on Amazon, they’ll match it)

Sweetnight Mattress

From $318

Quality Of Materials


Value For Money


Customer Service



  • Flippable For Two Firmness Options
  • Cooling Tech In Three Of The Foam Layers
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial If You Buy Direct


  • Amazon Purchases Only Qualify For 30 Day Returns
  • Firm Side Is Polyfoam With No Cooling


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