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Emma is a European mattress brand which has really taken on the world. Their combination of clever mattress design and aggressive pricing has made them an extremely popular mattress in several countries, and they’ve recently arrived in the USA. The Emma mattress USA is a slightly different model to the one I have in my own house in New Zealand, and I’m a little jealous because the USA model is probably more universally comfortable.

Here’s a quick introduction to this memory foam mattress:

EMMA MATTRESS USA: Great Budget Choice​
  • 100 Night Trial + 10 Year Warranty
  • Free Delivery And Returns
  • Great Combo Of Breathable Foam And Memory Foam
  • Zoned Support Foam Base
  • Moisture Wicking Cover With Handles
  • Regular sales with BIG discounts

In this Emma Mattress USA overview I’ll take you through all the “need to knows” of the mattress, and a whole lot more.

  • What’s The Emma Mattress Like?
  • Is It A Good Buy For The Money? (Comparison With Other Budget Brands)
  • Who Will Love This Mattress (And Who Should Look Elsewhere)
  • My Personal Opinions Of The Emma Brand Based On My Experiences
  • What Other Customers Are Saying About Their Emma Mattress
  • Summary (With Pros And Cons)

What’s The Emma Mattress (USA) Like?

  • Cover: removable and machine washable. It also has handles, which is a really nice touch. The fabric is a polyester and elastane blend: it has a soft and stretchy feel.
  • Blue Foam: this is Emma’s “Airgocell” foam. That basically means it’s a foam with lots of air pockets in it for improved ventilation. It’s also a really fast responding foam so you don’t get that sink in feeling through the top of the mattress. This layer is 1.5 inches thick.
  • Yellow Foam: this is a 2 inch thick layer of memory foam. This layer performs more how you might expect a memory foam to: it’s slower responding to pressure, and gives that deep contouring feel. This works really well with the fast response blue foam above, giving you a super comfortable and supported sleep surface that works hard to keep you comfy through the night.
  • Green Foam: this is a high density polyfoam, like you find in pretty much every other mattress in a box. However, there are three things that stand out about the foam Emma has used here:
    1. Ventilation channels. See how the foam looks like triangles at the top? That’s an extra measure to allow air to flow through the mattress, and is a really nice feature because it means the memory foam (the least breathable layer) is sandwiched between the breathable blue foam and the ventilated channels of the green foam.
    2. Zoning. See those holes at both ends of the mattress? They have a very specific purpose: to allow more “give” around your shoulder and hip area. This is to keep your spine in alignment and prevent sore shoulders for side sleepers.
    3. I’ve seen the Emma base foam, and I feel that it’s denser than the foam other (more expensive) brands use, so it’s amazing quality for your money

Is Emma A Good Buy For The Money?

Overall, I think yes.

Emma consistently runs deep discount sales (of up to 45% off) and at that price point, I think it’s pretty hard to find a mattress that has the features of the Emma. The things that make Emma a standout for me at this price point are:

  • The 100 night sleep trial and 10 year warranty
  • The breathable Airgocell foam in the top of the mattress
  • The cleverly designed base foam with zoned support
  • The removable cover

It’s really easy to see why this mattress is so popular around the world. If you want to take a look at a budget memory foam mattress with a softer feel, however, the Brooklyn Chill Mattress is going to work better for you. Read about it here.

Who Will Love It (And Who Won’t)?

emma mattress USA - slept in

Emma is a softer mattress, with an average user firmness rating of 5 – 6 out of 10 on the mattress firmness scale.

This means Emma will be a great fit for:

  • Side sleepers: the softer top foams and zoning through the shoulder mean you’re the ideal person to enjoy this mattress
  • Back sleepers who like a bed on the softer side of medium
  • Anyone looking for a softer feeling bed
  • Anyone on a budget that does not want to compromise on features
  • Couples where one of you is a restless sleeper: the softer foams in the top of this mattress will do an excellent job at isolating and minimizing motion transfer

I would NOT recommend this mattress to stomach sleepers or people weighing more than 230lb, as I believe you need a firmer mattress to provide you with a level of support that’s going to be comfortable for you. A soft mattress just isn’t going to cut it.

My Personal Experiences And Opinions Of The Emma Brand

Emily With Emma Mattress

Like I said earlier, I own an Emma mattress, we have a single size which we use for our toddler (the removable cover is great for easy washing).

You need to keep in mind that I live in New Zealand, and Emma does tailor their mattress models differently for different countries. Mine is firmer than your’s is going to be (I think it’s about an 8 out of 10 and has a different foam composition), and I wish I could have the softer one!

However, I can see that it’s a well made mattress, and my toddler loves it. We are happy to have it in our house. When we unboxed it, there was minimal off-gassing smell, and it puffed up to its full height within about half an hour, which I was pretty impressed with.

I’ve had no issues dealing with Emma, but sometimes they do get a little busy and can be a little slow to respond to messages. I think this is growing pains in their quest to take on the entire world with their mattresses, but you’ve got nothing to worry about with an Emma purchase.

Emma Mattress USA









  • 100 Night Sleep Trial + 10 Year Warranty
  • Clever Foam Combinations For Your Comfort
  • Zoned Support Core + Easy Wash Cover


  • Too Soft For Stomach Sleepers Or Those Over 230lb
  • Customer Service Can Be Slow When They're Really Busy


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