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In this Noa Mattress Canada review, I’m going to spend only a little bit of time going over the specs of the three mattresses in the range. I want to focus more on giving you my opinion of them, and whether they’re a good buy for you.

After all, you can just get the specs of the mattress straight from Noa, right? I’m here to tell you more about what I think of the materials, which mattress I recommend for which purpose, and which one I would buy for myself.

Spoiler alert: I’d buy the Luxe, since the entire Noa range is so reasonably priced anyway (and I LOVE the microcoils which you’ll only find in the Luxe).

Lets Start With A Quick Overview Of Exactly What Noa Offers You:

My Take On Each Mattress In The Noa Mattress Canada Range

The Lite

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The Lite Is 6 Layers Of Awesome, Including A Silky Soft Tencel Cover And A Layer Of Cooling Gel Memory Foam

The Lite is named as such because it’s the lightest on price and the lightest on features. It starts from just $749 and has one less layer of comfort foams than the next model up (The Noa).

Does this mean it skimps on quality? Absolutely not.

In fact, I’m kind of blown away by what you get for this “low end” mattress. It’s kind of ridiculous, and a lot of the specs are what I’d expect to see in a so called luxury mattress.

It’s the details like the hand tufted finishes, the foam encasing of the coil system, and the big 15 year warranty that are the real stand out features for the Lite mattress. I think it’s an absolute steal.

You’ll love the Lite mattress if:

  • You’re wanting a mattress on the firm side of medium (the Lite is one point firmer than the other two mattresses from Noa, purely because it has one less comfort foam layer)
  • You want exceptional quality for an unbelievable price
  • I’d recommend this one mainly for back or stomach sleepers, I think side sleepers will want a model with a bit more softness in the comfort layers to cushion your shoulder.

Noa Lite Mattress Summary: exceptional quality budget mattress with a firmer feel.

The Noa

noa mattress canada
The Noa Is 7 Layers Of Awesome. It’s Got The Same Quality Touches As The Lite, But With More Comfort Foams Including Latex

The Noa is the middle child of the Noa range. It’s their flagship model, and their best seller. It’s in the middle because it’s got more going on than The Lite, but is not as bling as the Luxe. The Noa mattress starts from $949.

Here’s how it’s a step up from The Lite: 3cm more comfort foams (latex foam, and thicker memory foam)

The Noa has a layer of latex foam in it, which I think is awesome for your money. Latex is my favorite mattress material: it’s durable, breathable, supportive, and bouncy. It also usually comes at a premium price.

It’s easy to see why The Noa is such a popular mattress. It’s got the absolute best of foams in the comfort layers, and with that thicker comfort layer comes a slightly softer mattress. This means The Noa is rated more of a medium, which is going to be pretty much universally comfortable.

You’ll love The Noa mattress if:

  • You’re most people (The Noa strikes a great balance of comfort and support to make it great for any sleeping position)
  • You can’t decide if you want memory foam or latex foam in your mattress comfort layer (have it all!)
  • You want exceptional quality for an unbelievable price

Summary: simply one of the best hybrid mattresses you’ll find from under $1000.

The Luxe – My Top Choice

The Luxe Is My Absolute Favorite. Its 8 Layers Include Those Famous Micro Coils And There’s Zoning In The Support Coils. BLISS.

The two big upgrades you get when you choose the Luxe mattress are also the two reasons why this mattress is my pick of the bunch. The Luxe starts from just $1149, which, in my opinion, makes it the best value of the Noa range and is one of the best beds in Canada.

The two big upgrade features (and absolute game changers) are:

  1. Micro coils. What are these? They’re a small layer of pocket coils. They’re individually wrapped and are kind of like the coils you’d expect to see in the base of a mattress, but they’re much shorter. Forming part of the comfort layers of the mattress, micro coils allow for extremely targeted pressure relief and comfort. I’m not just saying that: we used to have a mattress that had micro coils (and it was many times the price of the The Luxe) and it was the most comfortable mattress I ever slept on. I LOVE micro coils and they are a true luxury feature.
  2. Zoned support coils. See how some of the coils are blue and some are white in the picture above? That indicates zones where some of the coils are softer than others. This means more targeted support, because there will be slightly more “give” around the shoulder and hip areas, to keep you comfortable and your spine in alignment. My current mattress has a zoned foam support, and I can really feel the difference the zoning makes. I always recommend a mattress with zoned support where it’s available.

You’ll love The Luxe mattress if:

  • Again, most people will love it. I think it’s going to work well for any sleeping position, and has a similar medium rating as The Noa
  • You want really targeted support and the best in ergonomic mattress design
  • You want a mattress with all the luxury features you’d usually pay at least 3 times the price for

Summary: the best in luxury features and ergonomic design, making it incredible value for money.


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