Helix Bed Frame – Best Value Frame With A Sleep Trial You Can Buy

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Durable + Affordable
Helix Bed Frame
  • Elegant, Minimal Design
  • Tool Free Assembly
  • Choose Natural Or White Trim
  • No Need To Pair With A Foundation
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial (Rare For Frames!)
  • Made In The USA

Helix Bed Frame – When it comes to wood bed frames, the first two words you want are durability and support. In that respect, the Helix Natural Wood Bed Frame fits the bill and checks all the boxes. It’s sturdy, eco-friendly, chic, and blends in any setting and design in your bedroom.

But that’s not the only bed frame that Helix rolls out. And although we’ll focus our review on the Natural Wood Frame, we’ll also cover the Helix Steel Frame, Helix Foundation, and the Helix Adjustable Bed.

I want to make sure you feel like I covered everything.

Helix Natural Wood Frame

Helix Bed Frame - White

Handmade on American soil, the Helix Natural Wood Frame is sourced from American wood. It’s no wonder then that the bed frame has a sleek and minimalist design and as far as the quality of materials is concerned it’s top-notch. The bed frame comes in two color tones: white and neutral. So what makes this wood frame so popular? The answer might surprise you.


Without the need for a headboard, the stand-alone Helix Natural Wood Frame has a simple design. It looks elegant and doesn’t take up much space. This is quite convenient in small to medium-sized bedrooms where space is important. Another convenience in the design has to do with the way you put it together.

Following a Japanese style, the frame doesn’t require tools to set it up. Rather, the handcrafted pieces fit together smoothly without much hassle. The frame contains four legs, four bed rails, and 12 slats in all. It’s easy to both put together and dismantle it if the need arises. And since each piece is lovingly handmade, the quality of the design and durability of the frame are assured.

The frame comes in two finishes: either neutral or white. The neutral frame preserves the natural beauty of the magnificent Appalachian hardwood. The other option is a white painted frame finish. Both options have a water-based finish that adheres to the safety standards for home furniture.


Helix White Wood Frame Base

When you inspect the pieces of the Helix Natural Wood Frame closely, you’ll notice that they’re made of different types of wood. That’s because different parts of the frame handle varying stress levels and weight. That said, all wood types used to make the bed are sourced from sustainable wood species and from locations certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Here’s the breakdown of the different wood types used to make this sturdy frame:

  • Bed Rails: The bed rails carry most of the weight of the mattress and the sleepers, so they have to be made of hardwood. The 4 pieces can be made either of Poplar, Maple, or any of the hardwood trees that grow in the Appalachian Mountains.
  • Legs: The legs of the bed frame have to be sturdy to carry the bed and the 4 pieces are similarly made of Maple hardwood that grows in North Carolina. If you choose the neutral frame, the natural look of the beautiful Maple hardwood really shines through here.
  • Slats: The 12 slats of this sturdy frame are made of Southern Yellow Pine. Since they’re covered by the mattress, the Pine slats are strong enough to handle extra weight even if they don’t add much to the sleek design of the bed frame.

Overall Benefits

We can sum up the key features and overall benefits of the Helix Natural Wood Frame in the following points:

  • The bed frame has a 100-night free trial which is unusual for frames.
  • Affordable price. It costs $729 for the queen size frame (that’s before you apply my discounts, which you get by following any link from this page)
  • 5 years warranty.
  • Free shipping.
  • Handcrafted in the USA and sourced from sustainable wood.
  • Clearance height is 8.25 inches. This gives you enough space under the bed frame to store your shoe boxes, extra quilts and blankets, and bed sheets.
  • No need for a foundation. The Yellow Pine slats are strong enough to offer support for the mattress and the persons sleeping on top. So you won’t need a foundation with it.
  • Made from different natural Appalachian hardwood to add beauty, sturdiness, and durability to the frame.
  • Minimalist design that doesn’t need a headboard.
  • Noise reduction. The frame doesn’t creak or squeak when you move on top of it. Thanks to the Japanese-style joints, no metal parts go into putting the frame together.
  • Easy to install by hand without the need for tools.

Other Helix Bed Frame Options

The Helix Natural Wood Frame is not the only bed frame that the Helix company rolls out. There are bases for every taste, bedroom size, and design specifications.  Both the Helix Frame and Helix Foundation have a 100-night free trial and come with a 5-year warranty.

Helix Steel Bed Frame

Helix Frame Base

The Helix Frame is made from hardened steel and is built to last. The frame provides excellent support since it’s injection molded and because of the resin that is infused with fiberglass. This allows it to support up to 2,500 pounds. It has zero motion transfer and doesn’t make any creaking noise. The steel frame is budget-friendly but requires a foundation or a box spring. It doesn’t have any sharp edges and the lower leg contours make it safe to be around. You don’t need tools to set it up and it’s easy to assemble in a short time. You can attach it to most headboards without a hassle.

Helix Foundation

Helix Foundation Base

The Helix Foundation offers great support with its slats spaced 5 inches apart to strike a good balance between support and air circulation. The slats are made of birch wood for added strength while industrial-grade round corners provide safety when handling the foundation. The exterior is woven upholstery for extra elegance. It’s 7.5 inches high and is both sturdy and durable. Much like the Natural Wood Frame, the Foundation is also sourced from sustainable American wood and is easy to assemble within minutes.

Helix Adjustable Base

Helix Adjustable Base

The Helix Adjustable Base offers everything you’d expect from a good quality adjustable base:

  • Articulation at both head and feet
  • Massage modes
  • Easy to use presets like zero gravity
  • 20 Year warranty
  • Stackable legs so you can change their height

I have to say that this is actually one of the most modestly priced adjustable bed bases I’ve seen on the market, and is a pleasant surprise from Helix. If I were you, I’d seriously consider upgrading from a standard bed frame to an adjustable bed frame like this one. I use an adjustable bed myself and can promise you it’s an absolute game changer for comfort if you need to sit in bed or raise your legs in bed.

Helix Bed Frame FAQ

Are Helix bed frames good?

Judging by the quality of the Helix bed frames, it’s easy to see that they were built to last. The frames come with a warranty and even a free trial period. It’s unusual for a bed frame to offer a free trial. And since the wood materials are sourced from sustainable American hardwood and only harvested from certified locations, it’s easy to see how the products are both durable and eco-friendly. They are also quite affordable and budget-friendly. The bed frames combine an elegant minimalistic style with strength and sturdiness. So it’s easy to see why people like them.

Do you need the foundation for Helix?

That depends on which Helix base you have in mind. If you’re considering the Helix Natural Wood Frame, then you won’t need a foundation or box spring with it. The frame already has 12 slats made of Southern Yellow Pine that provide support and ensure good airflow. However, if you have the Helix Steel Frame, then you’ll need a foundation with it. The steel frame can support up to 2,500 pounds but it requires either a box spring or a foundation with it. As for the Helix Adjustable Base, you don’t need a foundation for it. The Helix Foundation works well with the Steel Frame as well as other bed frames from other brands.

Can I put my Helix mattress on the floor?

Putting the Helix mattress on the floor would be a waste of a good mattress. For one thing, the mattress will get dirty quite easily which means you’ll have to get it cleaned more often than you’d like to. And with the mattress directly on the floor, there’s no room for airflow. The mattress will get hot rather quickly since the air channels are blocked and the heat gets trapped inside the layers of the mattress. It’s recommended that you keep at least 8 inches of space between the base of the mattress and floor to protect the mattress, improve air circulation, and ensure its longevity.

Is Helix a good mattress company?

The Helix company is based in the USA and only sources its hardwood materials from locations certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The company cares about the environment and makes sure that all wood species are sustainable before harvesting the wood from them. Add to that, the company offers a warranty, free shipping, and free trial to its products. It has excellent customer service and looks after the best interests of the customers both before and after each purchase. So, yes, Helix is a good mattress company.

Helix Bed Frame

Durable + Affordable
Helix Bed Frame
  • Elegant, Minimal Design
  • Tool Free Assembly
  • Choose Natural Or White Trim
  • No Need To Pair With A Foundation
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial (Rare For Frames!)
  • Made In The USA


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