Finding the Best Memory Foam Pillow in NZ: A 2023 Buyer’s Guide

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Choosing the right pillow is a big deal. A bad pillow can really ruin your sleep, even if you’re on the best mattress ever made. You’re looking at getting a new memory foam pillow after hearing or experiencing how comfortable they are.

New Zealand now has a huge range of memory foam pillows for you to choose from and you’re feeling stuck making your selection. I’ve tried a lot of them, and I’ve been using my Winkl memory foam pillow for 2 years now, so I’m well placed to help you out with your choice.

I’ve got you covered from a $20 pillow I bought from Briscoes (on sale of course) right through to Tempur, the world famous name synonymous with luxury memory foam bedding.

Here’s all the pillows I’ll cover:

  • Winkl (my favourite, my personal pillow)
  • Emma (the one I’d use if Winkl didn’t exist)
  • Ecosa (the biggest name in online bedding)
  • Tempur (the most dense pillow of all in this article)
  • Galaxy (this is my $20 Briscoes find)

Why Choose Memory Foam Pillows?

Memory foam pillows offer great comfort and support. These are the reasons why so many people (including myself) choose a memory foam pillow:

  • Pressure Relief: Memory foam pillows conform to the contours of your head and neck, evenly distributing their weight. There’s no sinking right down into it like with a a feather or dacron filled pillow.
  • Personalized Support: The responsive nature of memory foam allows it to adapt to your preferred sleeping positin. You’ll get good support for your neck.
  • Long-lasting Comfort: Memory foam pillows are durable. They maintain their shape over time for consistent support and comfort throughout extended use. My Winkl pillow is still as good as the day I got it, more than 2 years ago.
  • Hypoallergenic Nature: Memory foam is naturally resistant to dust mites and other allergens, making it an ideal choice for individuals with allergies or asthma.
  • Variety in Design: Memory foam pillows come in various shapes and sizes, catering to different preferences and sleep styles. Whether you prefer a traditional pillow shape or a contoured design, there’s a memory foam option to suit your needs. You’ll see from my list that some are even customisable with removable foam layers to get it exactly how you like it.

Memory Foam Pillow NZ – Your Options Explained

Don’t be put off by the prices, online bedding brands are always having a sale. My links take you to the best discount available on any day of the year.

BrandFeelAvg. User RatingPrice Buy
WinklSoft and bouncy, holds its shape. Supports without sinking4.8 out of 5$175 Before DiscountsGet Discounts Here
EmmaAmazing. 3 Internal foam layers allow you to adjust the height and feel4.3 out of 5$239.99 Before Discounts (Emma usually offer the biggest savings)Get Discounts Here
EcosaA “hi-lo” pillow, perfect for those who want adjustable height 5 out of 5$180 Before DiscountsGet Discounts Here
TempurFirm, dense, contouring4.7 out of 5$359 Check For Discounts At Harvey Norman
GalaxySurprisingly similar to Tempur, just a bit thinner3.8 out of 5$119 (I bought it for $20 a year ago though!!)Check For Discounts At Briscoes

Top Choice: Winkl Pillow

Memory Foam Pillow NZ - Winkl Is Top Choice

The Winkl pillow has one thick foam layer inside, and it’s the same lovely comfort foam you find in the top layer of Winkl’s ultra comfy mattresses. This pillow has a bouncy feel and it’s just super comfortable. I’ve recommended it to several friends and family members, and they love it too!

One more awesome thing: the Winkl pillow has a 120 night sleep trial so you can try it out for yourself, totally risk free, in your own home.

  • Inner: Winkl’s signature Winkl Flex Foam. This foam has been engineered for softness but with support, and a bouncy responsive feel.
  • Outer: The case is a beautiful, thick plush cover, and is the same premium fabric you find covering Winkl’s high-end mattress, the Winkl Lux. The cover is removable and machine washable, with a high quality zip.
  • Size: The Winkl Pillow measures 38cm x 70 cm. The height of the pillow is not given, but I measure mine at around 13 cm, which is comfortable for me. I believe it’s the tallest pillow in this article.
  • Certifications: CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX certified, for peace of mind your pillow made from safe materials.
  • Warranty: 3 years

My personal experience: I’ve been using this pillow for two years now, and it’s still going strong. It’s generally recommended you replace pillows after 2-3 years, but the sturdiness of the foam and the thick, easy to clean cover make me wonder if I’ll actually keep it longer!

For me, this pillow is just the right height, and I love how it has more of a bouncy feel than a sinking contouring feel. It’s supportive yet soft, and holds its shape all night. I have a real pet peeve about pillows that go flat in the night, the Winkl pillow is definitely not one of those!

One thing: this pillow is quite thick. Some people do find it is too high for their needs so if you prefer a flatter pillow this is not the right one for you.

Best Adjustable Pillow: Emma Pillow

With three foam layers inside and a sturdy cover, this has got to be the most easily customisable pillow I’ve ever come across. The Emma pillow is made for you to play around with the internal foams so you can change the firmness, and you can even remove a layer (or two) to change the height. After all, there’s nothing worse than a pillow that’s the wrong height!

  • Size: 40 x 70 cm. I believe this is a standard pillow size. It fits all my pillowcases just fine.
  • Cover: 98% polyester, 2% elastane. The cover feels lovely and thick, yet it’s breathable too. It’s got a sturdy zip around one end of the pillow that makes it easy to remove for washing.
  • Weight: 1.3 kg. This may sound heavy, but it’s because of the high quality foams inside.
  • Total thickness: 12cm. Adjust this down if you need to by removing some layers.
  • See the blue in the top layer? That’s infused with gel particles to help draw heat away and keep you cool.

My personal experience: I found the Emma pillow extremely comfortable and nearly swapped out my Winkl for it! My personal preference when using the Emma pillow is to have the soft side facing up. I like a reasonably high pillow so I kept all three layers in it.

I do not find this pillow traps heat at all and would be happy to recommend it to anyone.

Hi-Lo Pillow: Ecosa Pillow

Ecosa Memory Foam Pillow NZ

Ecosa is probably the most famous name in online bedding, thanks to their popular mattress. This memory foam pillow is one of a range of bedding accessories Ecosa offer in New Zealand, and it’s the only one in this article with a high side and a low side. I know some of you will really like the idea of this so I couldn’t leave it out.

While I’m not a huge fan of Ecosa products myself (I just don’t find them comfortable, we had their mattress and it was too firm), they DO make great quality products and this pillow comes with a 100 night sleep trial so if you like the idea of this shape you won’t risk anything by buying it and trying it out.

  • Size: 38cm x 56 cm. This pillow is shorter than others in this article, and you may find your pillowcases flapping around a bit at the edges with extra fabric!
  • Another pillow with a zip cover for easy washing.
  • The Ecosa pillow has a 3D layer inside to help with airflow.
  • The pillow comes with a 2cm memory foam pad and a 3cm memory foam pad, which you can place under the pillow to adjust the height if you wish.
  • Cool feature: comes with a vacuum seal bag so you can pack it down small and take it travelling (your own pillow can be a game changer for better sleep in unfamiliar beds)

My personal experience: this pillow is actually the only on in this memory foam pillow NZ article I haven’t seen or tried in real life. However, I have tried other pillows the same shape as this one, and found the high side was too high, the low side was too low. Ecosa do now offer extra pads with their pillow to combat this, but they sit under the pillow. I think the Emma pillow is a better buy where you can adjust everything internally AND change the softness.

Highest Density Foam: Tempur Pillow

My husband bought this Tempur pillow from Harvey Norman because he had FOMO about my Winkl pillow, but wanted to try something different. Tempur is probably the most renowned name in memory foam bedding worldwide, and were the first to use it.

Tempur products tend to have very high density (read: durable, good quality) foams and have a high price tag to match.

  • Size: 43 x 63 cm, it’s one of the bigger pillows by area of this article.
  • Like all the others, it has a height of around 12 cm.
  • The cover is removable for washing, and has a bit of a softer feel than the others (this doesn’t matter a lot though because you still need to use a pillowcase)
  • The inner foam is Tempur’s famous Tempur Feel foam, which is what gets this pillow its high price tag.
  • If you really really want that slow, heavy, sink in the mud memory foam feel, this pillow is your best option for that experience.

My personal experience: this pillow feels HEAVY! You can tell that it’s a really dense, durable foam inside, which is how the high price comes about. Keeping in mind that a pillow only has a life of around 3 years, I don’t think you need to fork out $300+ for a pillow, the Emma or even the Galaxy below would do the job and offer good support for a better price.

That said, the husband is happy with his Tempur pillow, and wouldn’t have anything else!

Lowest Price (If You Catch A Sale): Galaxy Pillow

Galaxy Standard Memory Foam Pillow NZ

I bought this pillow purely for research purposes, to see if a memory foam pillow nabbed in a big sale could perform as well as some more expensive ones. I was pleasantly surprised, but the regular price has now gone up to about the same as the brands above (when they’re on sale).

  • Size: 40 x 60 cm, so it’s a bit shorter than some of the other pillows in this article.
  • Cover: 100% polyester, feels like it will wash well, but is not as thick as the cover on my top choice, Winkl.
  • It’s got a nice blue trim around the cover, which is easy to remove with a zip for washing.
  • Total thickness: 12cm, which we have seen to be pretty standard. No options for customizing the height here.

My personal experience: I must have caught a great sale that day because this pillow is definitely NOT $20 most of the time. I was surprised by how much this pillow feels like the Tempur to lie on: the foam behaved the same way, the height was about the same.

The Tempur pillow is a LOT heavier than this Galaxy pillow though, so if you’re wanting something with this feel but the most durable foam, Tempur would be the way to go.

Buyer’s Guide – Selecting The Perfect Memory Foam Pillow For You

There are 3 key factors I think you should consider when choosing your memory foam pillow. Here’s a brief guide tohow and why you should take into account firmness, thickness, and your preferred sleeping position:

  • Firmness Matters:
    • Why: The firmness of a memory foam pillow is going to be the first thing you notice about it, and where your personal preferences matter. Do you like a softer pillow? Do you need a firmer pillow for extra support?
  • Optimal Thickness:
    • Why: The thickness of a memory foam pillow influences the alignment of your spine. Back and stomach sleepers generally benefit from thinner pillows to maintain proper spinal alignment, while side sleepers may find thicker pillows more comfortable for adequate neck support. This is why I like my Winkl pillow and others don’t: I’m a side and back sleeper and I like the height of it when I’m on my side. Other people I know find it too tall. If you’re unsure about thickness, go for the Emma pillow with its adjustable layers.
  • Consider Sleeping Position:
    • Why: Your preferred sleeping position impacts the type of memory foam pillow that suits you best.
      • Back Sleepers: Opt for a medium-thick pillow with contouring support to maintain a neutral spine position.
      • Side Sleepers: Choose a thicker pillow to support the head and neck, preventing strain.
      • Stomach Sleepers: Opt for a softer, thinner pillow to avoid excessive neck elevation.

Conclusion – Making An Informed Decision

As you can see, there’s a memory foam pillow for everyone. Whether you want to go for the big brand name or the cheapest in the latest Briscoes sale, there is a price point to fit all kiwi budgets.

I think the most important thing you can do is think about what you like from a pillow and how you sleep, before you hit that buy button. Do you like a thick or thin pillow? What position do you usually sleep in? Do you ever get a sore neck or shoulders? Answering these questions will guide you towards the correct pillow.

If you’re unsure, my recommendation to cover all bases is the Emma pillow because of how much you can customise it and take layers out if you need.

Memory Foam Pillow NZ FAQ

Are Memory Foam Pillows Any Good?

Yes. According to WebMD, memory foam helps support the bones in your neck, to keep your spine aligned and comfortable.
If you get very hot while you sleep, you may want to consider a more breathable pillow material, such as natural latex.

Which Is The Best Memory Foam Pillow?

I think the best memory foam pillow in NZ is Winkl, because I’ve been sleeping comfortably on it for 2 years.
A close runner-up is Emma, with its adjustable foam layers and cooling materials.

What Pillow Do Chiropractors Recommend?

Chiropractors are generally happy to recommend memory foam pillows because they will support your spine through the night without flattening.

How Thick Should A Memory Foam Pillow Be?

The general thickness of around 12cm should work for most people.
If you are mainly a side sleeper you’ll find a pillow on the higher side more comfortable (this is probably why I like my Winkl).
If you’re a back sleeper you may find one on the lower side like the adjustable Emma is better for you.

Top Pick
Winkl Memory Foam Pillow

Winkl Memory Foam Pillow

  • My Own Personal Pillow For 2 Years And Counting
  • Soft & Bouncy Feel
  • Retains Shape All Night, Won't Go Flat
  • Great For Side Sleepers
  • 120 Night Sleep Trial - Try It Risk Free At Home
Get Discount Here
Emma Memory Foam Pillow

Emma Memory Foam Pillow

  • I'd Use This Pillow If Winkl Didn't Exist
  • 3 Internal Foam Layers, Each With A Different Firmness
  • Change The Layers Around To Change The Feel Of The Pillow
  • Remove A Layer To Change The Height
  • Get Big Sale Discounts 

Get Discount Here


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