Winkl Pillow Review (And Comparison With Tempur)

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Winkl claim to make “the most popular mattress in New Zealand” (which it actually is by the way), but what about their pillow? Winkl generously gave me a pillow to test, and it’s claimed a permanent spot on my bed. In this Winkl pillow review, you’ll get my experience of using it (and why I choose to use it over a pillow I only recently bought for $120) and compare it with Tempur, a leading memory foam brand.

Exactly What I’ll Cover In This Winkl Pillow Review:

  • Features Of The Winkl Pillow
  • My Experiences Using The Winkl Pillow
  • Why It’s A Risk-Free Purchase
  • Comparison With Tempur Pillow (Video)
  • Pros And Cons
  • Testimonials From Other Customers

Features Of The Winkl Pillow

The Winkl Pillow brings together some beautiful high quality materials:

  • Inner: Winkl’s signature Winkl Flex Foam. This foam has been engineered for softness but with support, and a bouncy responsive feel.
  • Outer: The case is a beautiful, thick plush cover, and is the same premium fabric you find covering Winkl’s high-end mattress, the Winkl Lux. The cover is removable and machine washable, with a high quality zip.
  • Size: The Winkl Pillow measures 38cm x 70 cm. The width is pretty standard, but I find the 70cm length to be about 6cm longer than a standard pillow. The height of the pillow is not given, but I measure mine at around 12cm, which is comfortable for me.
  • Certifications: CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX certified, for peace of mind your pillow made from safe materials.
  • Warranty: 3 years

You get free shipping and a huge 120 night sleep trial with any Winkl purchase

My Experiences Using The Winkl Pillow

Since I’ve started this website, I’ve tried out a couple of pillows with varying success. When my Winkl pillow arrived, I was using a high/low “ergonomic” design memory foam pillow I’d purchased for about $120 in a local bed store. I was generally happy with it, but it was feeling a little firm and the high side felt too high at times, and the low side was too low. Basically, I couldn’t get it quite right, so I was extremely curious to see how the Winkl pillow, with its one height and bouncier foam type was going to feel.

As soon as I pulled the Winkl pillow out of the box I knew I was going to like it: the bounciness of the foam felt really comfortable and easier to get the right height with, and I could see the cover was a good quality material. My first impression was that it’s a well made pillow that was going to be great to sleep on.

Emily using the Winkl pillow

I found the pillow comfortable straight away:

  • It’s a great height for me (I sleep mainly on my back or side)
  • I really like the bouncy feel of the foam: it’s soft but really supportive at the same time
  • It holds its shape really well
  • I slept well the first night I used it, and it’s been on my bed ever since!

Update after two years of using the Winkl Pillow: I’m still sleeping on it! It’s retained its shape and support, it’s as comfortable as ever, and the wash friendly cover means it still looks brand new, too. I’ve tested other pillows over this time as part of my research and work for this website, but Winkl still comes out on top.

Why It’s A Risk Free Purchase

Pillows are usually non-returnable items. If you go into any physical shop and buy a pillow, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to get a refund purely because you decide the pillow is uncomfortable or does not suit your needs. This means you can’t really experience the pillow until you’ve already fully committed to it, so you better be really sure with your purchase.

That worry is totally removed with Winkl, as they offer a 120 night sleep trial with their pillow (yes, that’s about 4 months of using it during which you’re allowed to change your mind). Delivery (and refund should you choose it) is also free, so there’s absolutely zero risk with a Winkl purchase. I can vouch for Winkl customer service, they’re awesome.

This is great for your peace of mind if you’re wanting to try a memory foam pillow but you’re not sure which one to start with. Start with Winkl, easy!

What Winkl do with items customers decide not to keep?

Simple: they donate them to the Salvation Army (or you can drop off at your local Salvation Army Family Store) so they can sell them as part of the fundraising efforts for their important work. You can rest assured that your change of mind is not going to contribute to landfill.

Comparison With Tempur Pillow (Video)

Here are the main points from the video:

  • Both pillows are around the same height
  • Both have a similar profile: you can see they are one height across the pillow: there is no high and low side like you see with other brands like Ecosa, or the pillow I was using previously (which I have relegated to the spare room in favour of Winkl)
  • The feel is totally different, even though they are both memory foam:
    • The Winkl pillow is made with Winkl’s proprietary Winkl Flex foam, which has been engineered to have a slightly bouncy, super responsive feel
    • The Tempur Pillow is made with Tempur Material, that signature memory foam Tempur made to have that slower contouring sink to it
  • You will probably really like the feel of one more than the other, there’s no “better” or “right or wrong”, just an easier buying decision to try Winkl first with its 120 night sleep trial

Pros And Cons


  • NZ Owned Brand
  • Risk-Free Purchase With Free Shipping + 120 Night Sleep Trial
  • High Quality Cover, Removable For Easy Washing
  • Just The Right Height For Any Sleeping Position
  • Responsive Feel For Comfort And Support


  • Some People Will Prefer The Slow Contouring Feel Of A Tempur Style Foam Instead
  • The Winkl Pillow Is About 6cm Longer Than A Standard Pillow, You’ll Be Stretching Your Pillowcases Onto It

Testimonials From Other Customers

Winkl Pillow Being Used By Happy People

Like I said, I was kindly given my pillow for this Winkl pillow review, but I’m not the only one who likes it. As I write this, the pillow has a strong rating of 4.57 out of 5 stars from more than 80 customers. Here’s a snapshot of some of their comments:

“Best pillow ever. Super soft yet firm, I love it”

“This pillow is great for neck support and overall comfort”

“I don’t get any more neck pain. It’s so comfortable I’m considering getting the mattress next”

“The pillow took a couple of weeks to get used to, but now I sleep easier with it”

“This pillow is great for my back and neck, and is holding its shape well”


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